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Hello all,

I hope you don't mind if I take this opportunity to promote an FF8 fandub project that's finally come to fruition.  We had over 150 auditions submitted and a full cast of roughly 25 strong, 2 directors and 2-3 writers. We're determined to be the first fandub to make it all the way to the end while maintaining a full cast and high quality standards. We invite you to check it out!


Episode I (Intro):
Episode II (Fire Cavern):
Episode III (Dollet Mission Part 1):
Episode IV (Dollet Mission Part 2):
Episode V (Battle w/ X-ATM092):
Episode VI (Waltz for the Moon):
Episode VII (Laguna and Julia):
Episode VIII (Timber Train Mission):
Episode IX (Timber TV Station):
Episode X (Leaving Timber):
Episode XI (Laguna's Escape):
Episode XII (Meeting Irvine):
Episode XIII (Tomb of the Unknown King):
Episode XIV (Assassinate the Sorceress):


Episode XV (Winhill):
Episode XVI (D-District Prison/Squall's Interrogation):
Episode XVII (D-District Prison/Escape):
Episode XVIII (Galbadian Missile Base):
Episode XIX (Chaos at Garden):
Episode XX (Battle with NORG):
Episode XXI (FH):
Episode XXII (The Concert):
Episode XXIII (Find the Captain):
Episode XXIV (Trabia & The Orphanage):
Episode XXV (Galbadia Garden & Sorceress Edea):

DISC 3&4

Episode XXVI (The SeeD Ship & Laguna's Movie Career):
Episode XXVII (The Road to Esthar):
Episode XXVIII (Final Laguna Dream):
Episode XXIX (Esthar & Lunatic Pandora):
Episode XXX (Lunar Base):
Episode XXXI (Rescue Rinoa):
Episode XXXII (At the Flower Field):
Episode XXXIII (Meeting President Laguna & Assault on Lunatic Pandora):
Episode XXXIV (Ultimecia's Castle):

EDIT: We are now officially partnered with TsunamiX's FF7 Voice mod.  Several VAs will have roles in both projects

Episode II posted.  Link in op.

III is underway...hopefully we'll have it uploaded later this week.

Hey this is going pretty well. Nice one.
How'd you get so many actors so fast? I'm running the voice over for FF7 and it could benefit us both if we each asked our teams if they would like to join each others projects.

Most of mine are looking to make it big and are wanting as much experience as they can. Plus we share views haha

I'm admittedly not the director, I voice Seifer and Kiros and do a bit of audio work/QC/promoting.  Our co-directors were having similar difficulty in the beginning finding people who wanted to do it. They had been advertising mainly on Youtube, DeviantArt and their own warm networks and weren't getting much response. I suggested using a fandub casting call website like or .  They did, and got a lot more hits.

Yeah i'm on casting call. I scout on too. Main difference being was to try keep the population happy i tried to employ actors who sounded like the originals which does make life harder. But in any case if you need a hand lemme know and i can help out too


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