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FF7:Remake OST in FF7 PC proof of concept

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Here's an interesting thought: FF7 keeps track of field music playback in order to return you to the same sample after you're interrupted by a battle, instead of playing field music again from the beginning. I wonder if it would be possible to hook that same value in order to segue the field music into the battle versions of the track. You'll find when analyzing most of the Remake music that both the "field" and "battle" tracks are the same length so the game can switch between the two seamlessly.

I’ve looped all of the relevant tracks for the Midgar portion of the game except for Infiltrating Shinra, Trail of Blood, and Red XIII’s Theme. I also looped J-E-N-O-V-A.

I don’t think Barret’s Theme and Honeybee Inn Theme are in the remake outside of the jukebox???

Regardless I’ve replaced all instances (in flevel.lgp) of Barret’s Theme in Midgar with the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme, since that seems to be what the remake did. I’ve thought about doing the same for all the populated areas of Midgar sectors.


--- Quote from: DLPB on 2020-05-12 14:09:43 ---the field music doesn't play from beginning with Reunion - that bug was fixed a long time ago.

--- End quote ---
You misunderstood my meaning, I was not inferring that at all, quite the opposite. That being said, to your knowledge, could the game hook that playback position from field music and apply it to battle music?


--- Quote from: Meteormancer on 2020-05-09 21:12:29 ---Hello,

I took it upon myself to make some loopable ogg files of certain songs from the FF7 remake so that I could play FF7 PC with that music. I also want to play with New Threat mod so I installed that first so I could modify the files necessary to have the music play when I want to.

So far I have done the following oggs. I would upload them somewhere but I imagine that might not be allowed to post a link like that.


Basically the music played during "the demo." I used comical.ogg to insert a track that's not in the original: the sentinal scorpion battle music.

For the opening movie I had to basically edit the movie's audio track to insert the FF7:Remake version. I also had to cut that track to size so it sounds a little rough. If I had the audio track of both the opening movie with just the SFX and a track of the music WITHOUT the SFX, I could smooth it out.

Here is a proof of concept video. Sorry the bottom is cut off I can't use OBS properly.

I guess my number one question is can I expand the music list in Makou Reactor so I can add the "environmental battle music" that's present in FF7:Remake? Also, is comical.ogg the only unused ogg in the game that can be referenced?

Thank you for taking the time to check this out.

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gained a subscriber. Perhaps you'd share your full list of identificated tracks here?

I requested permission to use the offical tracks in my mod, chances are not good but gave it a go anyway..will see what happens.


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