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I looked into Ultrasound but it does appear to be a tool for adding SFX exclusively based on the code I saw on github.

The Reunion does sound more like what I’m interested in but I have to chose between that and New Threat. If I don’t find an alternate solution, I’ll probably end up using this.

My main goal is to do this within Makou Reactor, since it seems all I have to do is update whatever database it pulls the music IDs from and add more.

Or I have to develop a script to change music file names when certain “GameMoments” happen.


--- Quote from: Rcarlucci on 2020-05-11 14:51:32 ---The new music your putting into your game I think is awesome, did u not need permission to use it ?

--- End quote ---

Thanks, no I didn’t get permission since the music is floating around on YouTube I just used that so I could teach myself how to mod FF7. I probably wouldn’t be allowed to release these music files in public but I can at least share a video showing what it would sound like

ok thanks for the sure it sounds amamazing


--- Quote from: DLPB on 2020-05-11 18:21:19 ---New Threat can work with The Reunion.

--- End quote ---

Oh! In that case I will wait for that and just focus on looping the tracks for now.

But if anyone knows a way to add to the music list in Makou Reactor, let me know!

Glad to see a project like this starting up! I had hoped for something like this when I heard the remake's music. Unfortunately we'll have to wait quite some time before we have all the music! But excited to see how this shapes up in the meantime.


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