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Way Of The Lost:
Hi Everyone!

I am finished A.I. Upscaling the FF8 PC FMV's in 8K

I have also previously just finished a project where I did the same with the PSX FMV's (

and would very much like to create a MOD called "WOTL's FF8K Pack" so fans can use these highest quality versions with their own copy of the game,

If any of you have modding experience and can tell me what file format, fps, aspect ratio etc is more compatible then I would be very gratefull!

Thank you all and I cant wait to release this K-U-P-O-!

Here are a few comparisons for you to see;


Best Regards,

Way Of The Lost

Way Of The Lost:

Is it just me, or is some of this borderline sorcery?

TrueOdin probably knows, try messaging him to notify him of your feats.

Way Of The Lost:
Thanks for feedback everyone I managed to join MCINDUS's Discord and username FatedCourage has been helping me out :)


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