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FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn

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This topic has been move to gameplays mods, and now have demostration in english, this work can bee finish soon.

This is fantastic work, Cloudiar! Wow.

I like this new lobby a lot more than the one that was used in the game. It feels more realistic and alive.

Hopefully other modders use it! This is the type of stuff I'd love to see in Sega Chief's New Threat Game Type B.

Keep up the great work!

It's obvious, this is a real "Honey Bee Inn" entry, and Sega Chief knows about it, maybe in the future ... in any case this project will start on my FF7OR, if I can have support for the English conversion, also I will work in this coming soon.

Thanks for comment!

 Great job [email protected] and Cloudiar!The layers error was the most frustrating problem with that process!
This is the only map left  to recreate , i think xD

I have precisely told Satsuki that, but we would need a better resolution image to be able to make a true HD, otherwise I think I could assume it.

Thanks for comment!


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