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Mod to repeat battle w/ Emerald Ruby Weapon

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Hey! I'm new to the site. Playing FF7 on Duckstation PS1 emulator. Wondering if there's any way to modify my game to make it so I can battle Emerald or Ruby weapon multiple times. I have not fought either yet.

I've seen several tools in the FF7 tools section but I'm not sure which one to use or how to get started. I'm generally familiar with mods: inserting files to folders, applying a hack to a rom, using a save-state editor, or a RAM cheat engine.

Hoping someone with more experience could point me in the right direction before I start messing around with and files or programs. Please and thank you!

I don’t know if an editor is in use yet, but the easiest way to make a mod is to modify the world map scripts. As soon as the battle ends their flag for defeat is set and they disappear. Change the script to prevent this defeat flag from getting set and they’ll stay for repeat battles. You could edit your save and reset their defeat status manually. You might not get more than one reward I forget how the reward script works exactly.

Excellent! Modify the world map script and/or a save editor. I'll start working on it and update with the best solution I'm able to come up with. Thanks.

Is there a specific tool you would recommend to do either? I've never used any tools for FF7 ISO's, but once I figure out which ones can modify world map scripts or edit saves, I'll start experimenting and learn how to make this happen.

UPDATE: I tried out the Black Chocobo save editor featured in the FF7 tools section and it worked flawlessly -

After starting the application and selecting the desired Save file, the "Other" tab has 2 tick boxes on the left hand side "Beat Ruby Weapon" and "Beat Emerald Weapon". Simply untick the boxes and the Weapons will reappear on the map. Make sure to reload your memory card save file via "restarting" the emulator as opposed to continuing from a save state. All rewards for either fight are still given every battle. Most notably, you can receive multiple "Earth Harps" this way and the Kalm Traveler will give you 3 Master Materia for every one you give him. Until the Kalm traveler receives all 3 requested items, they will continue to accept multiple "Earth Harps" or "Desert Roses". It works as well as could be expected and I have encountered no issues so far. The only noteworthy occurrence is that Ruby Weapon may still be in the standing position above the desert sand when initially reloading your save. However, when Ruby weapon moves to a different location, the field model will submerge under the sand again.

TL;DR: Black Chocobo save editor works perfectly to repeat battle with Emerald Ruby weapon and I highly recommend those using emulators to do so via this method if desired.

Glad you were able to get it sorted. If you wanted to create a mod where you could fight them over and over and they never died I would suspect that the place to look would be in either the battle or world or world map modules if you noop the part to set it in the save then you just exit the battle and see ruby / emerald standing right in front of you.  I am not sure what battle script or world script editors are around check out the tools area.


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