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[ENDED] Prepare logo for Demaster Reborn mod and win 50$ And 20$ 2nd place

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Uh... Got zero response. Closing contest prematurely.  :'(

Hello everyone!
To push forward the global start of heavy development on new, upgraded version 2 of the demaster mod I'm making a contest to prepare a logo for the mod. The logo that will be finally used will award 50USD on PayPal/bank transfer/PaySafeCard code/whatever to not charge me additonal fees.

It's simple, just prepare a logo with "Demaster reborn" or "Demaster Reborn" or "DEMASTER REBORN" or whatever suits best for you. Logo can be both rasterized (.png/.tga/.dds/.PSD/.whatever with RGBA) or vector (.ai/.svg/anything that I'll be able to open with Adobe).

1. If vector art- the filename should be available to be opened by any of the Adobe tools
2. if it's 3D Art- yes, it's fine - I accept .blender and Autodesk 3DS Max/Maya, FBX and OBJ, just make sure to apply materials)
3. If it's rasterized, please provide decent resolution. I don't want to have it to be put on ESRGAN to make it bigger
4. Please take a note that i should have transparency/alpha channel, or minimum white+black background versions

1. Please DO NOT use copyrighted materials like original art- original Griever design or for example the official logo. SE will be able to sue the art (I think?)
2. Please DO NOT use the official font used in the logo- it's copyrighted as well to SE. If you want, you can use similar one, custom one, but never the official or trayced from original one - actually it looks like the font is Microsoft licensed, therefore go on 😁
3. Remember about the transparency or white/black pre-rendered versions
4. If your art is not going to end up as official logo, I still might be interested to buy it from you for special needs or something
5. The art is going to end up in mod that is licensed as GNU GPL 3.0- which means that the art after I choose and buy it from you will be available globally for remixes and even commercial usage

11.08.2022 20:00 CET (DD/MM/YYYY)

So... let's your fantasy go on! Remember, every art posted is full all rights reserved to you until I'll buy/make you a winner and the rights be transfered for Demaster Reborn usage.

If any questions- go on! Let the tournament begin!

PS> Once again! If you do something cool not sticking to requirements I might be still interested to award you!
PS2> The price can change... but only up!  ;D

Here's the example I prepared with stock art from Envato:

This art is currently all-rights-reserved, please do not copy

Award increased to 50$ from 20USD!

Going further - 20$ for second place for alternative logo design if needed

Also udpated information about font, as suggested by user on Discord (thanks!) - the font used in FF is copyrighed by Microsoft, so go on!
There were questions about usage of griever- as far as you create the new grieve/ alternative one that is not 1:1 to original one and also is not a mix of the original one (like vector trace) then it's totally fine. Also- nah, if you want to do the custom/own interpretation of Griever, then it doesn't really need to face left. Use imagination. It doesn't need to be Griever at all- user on Discord suggested Doomtrain as it's his favourite GF. This is the project that will be published to all of you, so if the design of any GF (including real look as in-game) is totally fine! ❤️

Closing the contest prematurely due to zero submissions for the whole week.


--- Quote from: Maki on 2022-07-09 16:30:24 ---Closing the contest prematurely due to zero submissions for the whole week.

--- End quote ---

i actually had an idea for one mapped out in my head, i was going to have a very blurry graphic of griever/something ff8 related and then some sort of lens or magnifying glass in the middle that gets underneath the blur to reveal a HD clear image similar to what Demaster does for Remaster

...but i havent had the time since you made the thread to work on it at all, dont get me wrong though - even if i made something you wanted to use i wouldnt want your money anyway, so i dont care about your competition thing

i just kind of got the feeling with that last post that you are annoyed with the community by the lack of submissions/posts and if true wanted to tell you not to think that way - you are appreciated


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