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Hi Squall78!

I have a big problem... Please help me if u can!

We have a small team in Hungary because of we want to trasnlate the FF7. We translated the ingame text 85%... But we don't find out how can we traslate the menu and the "under fighting" text... Please if you have any idea please help us...

We use for the traslation a Polish programme, but I will try the Lovless too. I will like it... I think...


Hi Owen_eX !

Well, fflevel.lgp contains only in-game texts. You can't find menu texts in this big file. Unfortunately I don't know where these texts are. I haven't find them in LGP and BIN files (are they in the EXE ? I don't know...). I'm currently working on Loveless 2.0 which will be really better than the 1.0 beta (no temporary file :p and no RAM use :p). But I will concentrate on this problem after that. :)

Thanks the quick answer...

I hope we will solve this problem... I you find out something please inform me...

Thanks awfully!

Ok no problem !

Good luck ;)

One thing!

Where can I find Lovless 2.0?
I tried to find it here... But my french is very light...


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