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Some mod features not enabling. movies 15fps / backgrounds SD etc


Hi.  I've been trying to launch FF7 with with the satsuki mod.  I enable all the things I want in the launcher but when the game loads up certain things arent working.  Backgrounds in battles are still SD.  Cinematics are running at a choppy 15fps.  Shadows under characters are still large round default shadows.  Some things do work like the character models are HD, the battles are in 60fps.  Although dynamtic lighting wouldnt enable either.

I have Reunion installed in case thats important.  Any help would be really appreciated.

Edit:  I thought I'd try something.  Deleting Reunion made the other issues go away.  Cinematics and backgrounds are good.  But if I try to enable psx shadows for under the characters, I get an ffnx lighting error crash.

Reunion is not compatible with 7th heaven as you discovered.

I'm not using 7th heaven.  Just the self installer for satsuki.  Though I have been looking at 7th heaven to see what else there is since this is giving me some issues.  Seems a bit daunting.


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