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Hey SithLord!

I was wondering if you had a chance to take a peek at my file yet.


Thank-you for taking a peek!

I have created a dummy save (save09) that I've tried editing multiple ways but to no avail. The issue I'm encountering is that I didn't notice that I tweaked Red XIII's name (XII != XIII). What I encounter is that after I open up the save with BC, navigate to the character, change the name, and save. Then I have tried to run the game from the already open launcher and have tried closing the launcher prior to editing, then re-opening after editing. I've also tried running the game from the file folder, but any way I attempt it, all I get is a black screen (or window if not using full screen) that will eventually register as "not responding."

I'm sorry for thread necromancy, but I'm having some trouble with Black Chocobo and the Steam version of FF7. I can locate the save files and edit them fine; however, when I try to run the game after editing, all I get is a black screen and I need to kill the program. I am using BC 1.9.9 and FF7 version 1.0.9 (no cloud saving). I've dug around, but what I've found doesn't seem to relate to what I'm experiencing. If it matters, I'm trying to rename a character to correct a typo I made and change the number of greens I have to catch chocobos (I did manage to move past the Zolom portion of the game, but for breeding this would be helpful).

Thank-you for your time!

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