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Nomura comments and breakdowns are dismantled all right, even by himself. In the end he did say pretty much that Nojima would also have to feel this way for this to be true...

My comment came from the guy Nomura passed the torch to, is tasked with (and seems to have sole control) over the direction of Final Fantasy VII. Even Nojima does not openly question him, even though in interviews it seems he wants to. That is Yoshinori Kitase. I could go on, but long story short, if Yoshinori Kitase wants it, he gets it - is an understatement.

EGM: At the very end of FFVII, we see the epilogue to the whole story that takes place 500 years later, so really, you still have another 497 years’ worth of games and movies to fill in....

YK: Ha, maybe I’ll try to do that. In a way, I consider that epilogue to be the true happy ending of FFVII. Well, it’s a happy ending even though all the human beings are destroyed. [Laughs]

I have absolutely no love for Yoshinori Kitase his fingerprints are all over the remake. But every time he speaks it's from a "matter of fact" position, cause he is tasked with keeping the lore intact and consistent. If the ENTIRE original team said humanity lives, and Kitase said otherwise Square would side with him.

But I was not exclusively talking about the comment, as I talked with Covarr-let on discord. There are other references IN GAME that no one seem to acknowledge. Bugenhagen

When it's time for this planet to die, you'll understand that you know absolutely nothing.

Ho Ho Hoooo. It may be tomorrow, or 100 years from now... But it's not long off.

They have come here on a journey to save the planet. - Red XIII

Ho Ho Hoooo. To save the planet? Ho Ho Hoooo!

As we can see, as well as the overall tone of the conversation was that there was nothing they could do, even going as far as laughing at the idea. This in the combination of extended media interviews, movies, games, ect. tip the scales more in favor of extinct. If we were to take Bugenhagen word for word our understanding of how the planet is dying is off. That it wasn't Shinra or Sephiroth related, remember Cloud knows absolutely nothing. 

Even the Shinra Theory still holds water, two years later they are still deciding to hold Shinra financially responsible. Reno and company still seem to be getting supplied, and they are carrying out operations in the northern crater. Sure Shinra is a shell, but nearly every city is still intact, and their president lives. More evidence than not that Shinra has survived.

Well, I disagree with "no matter what the source." Misguided labeling aside, two things can be true at once... The events of the game did not cause the extinction of humanity, but conversely, it did not save it either. Ultimately still leads to my issue.

 “If it didn’t happen on screen it didn’t happen.”
Eastern RPGs generally don't handhold that much, some degree of effort is needed on the reader's part. We are also not explicitly told they live. In this one rare case, however, we do actually have a comment from a man who seemingly has complete autonomous control over the story and its direction. In a company that I am completely convinced would bend to his ideas. Meaning if Square put out a conflicting statement, they would walk it back at his request.

Prior to 2020 maybe your stance would have some merit (discounting the comment by its story director) but we have NEW info, since FF7R is essentially a sequel of sorts Red XIII does refer to the original ending as the "bad" ending.   

General Discussion / Final Fantasy VII is a horrible game!
« on: 2022-04-01 15:19:40 »
Hello all! Spoilers be warned. Clickbait topic aside, and no I'm not lost I know where I am... put away your pitchforks and torches for a second and hear me out - before I throw myself in the proverbial ditch.

I'm mostly through a 2022 run of Final Fantasy VII, as some can attest I'm one of and will always be its biggest fan. That said, the tale of Final Fantasy VII is a horrible one. Filled with sadness and grief only to be wrapped in a bow of sadness and despair. It might even be the most unsatisfying story ever told!

Why do you ask? Well, tl;dr version the bad guy wins. Humanity is extinct, and as far as we know, the being known as Jenova/Sephiroth is still free. This is even made worse when you take the compilation into account. The planet wants to collect the remaining (presumably uninfected) Mako and cut bait. The party stops this in Dirge of Cerberus, effectively stopping what the planet does to naturally defend itself. Making Cloud and company the "bad" guys. But putting the compilation aside for a moment, the original is quite bleak. ALL HUMANITY DIES. that's right according to the original director. Some barebones analysis from the final scene shows that Gaia, can, and still supports life. So did Sephiroth win? Did the planet concoct another Weapon and destroy humanity? After all there were some that lived off the land and did not embrace Mako energy. In the end it doesn't matter, the end result was/is the same. While you are playing FF7 they spend a great deal of effort to try and shift the goals to saving the planet. But it's a zero-sum game, either way, you lose, and we are not entirely sure you managed to save Gaia.

Making it the ONLY story I've witnessed/read/played where the bad guy wins full stop. "But Mako we defeated Sephiroth!?" Nah, the game makes it quite clear through itself and its extended media you did not. It's also hard not to believe Sephiroth didn't appear when Cloud and company were in assisted living facilities and finished the job.

To be clear it's not bad, it's horrible. Since 1997 I have had no good resolution to the tale. To be fair in ANY story that flashes "and the all die -The End" would feel pretty terrible. Except for Red XIII, he lives... so that's something I guess.

As Red XIII pointed out in the remake, this^ is the bad ending. Meaning your fighting in the original for the worst to happen. This is one instance where I would love someone to prove my own interpretation wrong. As it would only help me fall in love with the FF7 story again... but I don't see how that's possible. I'd have to ignore outright too much. Anyway thanks for reading my long-winded rant. lol


Hello all! Long time user here, sadly I have not been keeping up on things... and sadly I get stuck in my ways. Is Aali's driver still the best way to play FF7 PC? Is the PC port even still the way to go?  I'm so old I remember having to download the duck codec to get the game to boot up. heh

On the social end of things is Obesebear still cool? Sl still grumpy? Covarlett still Covarlett? Dan still well.. Dan? and Sith still the Linux wiz?

I can't for the life of me find a few essential mods Aali's Driver, Reuion, Soundtrack by FFtim. Ether I'm getting too old to use SMF, or I'm blind I dunno which is worse. :(

not straight from Final Fantasy VII Remake.
I hope not, that said it's hard to believe that SE would make a mocap model entirely for universal. Why would you even need motion capture on a still image? I don't like it...


The real question is, why would they feel the need to re-do Cloud? There have been rumors (IGN and other places) that Square scrapped FFVII and started over of sorts. What are you guys thoughts on this? Do you like the new face?

I just love it when someone comes in here trying to tell Dan what to do HIS MOD. :-\

Halo, just move on dude, stop being an apricothole
Cheerleaders really push my buttons. If your reading comprehension skills were good enough you would see that never once have I ever tell Dan what to do with his mod, I quite specifically said I enjoy the best of both worlds, I need him to do absolutely nothing. Nor do I particularly want Dan to do anything. Well release R06 preferably before the remake comes out, but that 's it. I shared my opinion and surprise on his stubborn stance, it is a forum after all, then wished him all the best.

Learn to read before insulting someone. It's very helpful. But judging from you grammatical skills, and your contributions thus far, that is a loooong time off.

EDIT: Out of curiosity I find it highly suspect that someone would only create an account to pop-in every so often to support Dan, not to mention is on a first. Not only that you log in don't look around and just come right in here. You've been here three years and you only chime in to support Dan stance on specifically the menu overhaul. Ether your A) A die hard fanboy of Dan or B) A duplicate account Dan has created. My vote is on B.

Holy bold font wall! Nice work!

Support / A great discovery!
« on: 2018-07-10 10:14:29 »
I'm not sure how many (if any) of you know about this but, there is a way to replace the textures in the PSX version of seemingly unlimited size.

Sort of proof:

In this image I replaced the standard Cloud image with the head of a Chocobo from the pc version. at 8x the size. Due to the way the plugin renders at higher resolution this actually works! I've also tested it on a few font items and icons. But it works! Not only that it handles layers properly.

There is a rub, the current way is a bit... tedious. To say the least, the output folder is dumping hundreds of small images that need to be assembled then you can replace.

As you no doubt figured out it's a plugin for an Emulator.

gpubladesoft to be exact. This is great news for anybody interested. It doesn't seem to be limited color in pallet as well. The only restriction I can find thus far is the image needs to stick to multiples of the original. As soon as get up from my nap I'm going to try and replace the font! LOL

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-07-10 07:57:57 »
These are simply amazing! Very very few mods actually have impact on the overall feel of FFVII I'm happy to say this is one of them. :)

You need to stop bringing this up every 2 or 3 months
Dan what am I going to do with your extreme exaggerations we need to have the talk, look at my posts, none of that is true in the slightest. I do bring it up, but if had to put a words on it, it qualify as "hardly in a lifetime". Or once every half decade.

The break 9999hp mod breaks other mods.
As you have pointed out, there aren't really any mods, and those that are left it wouldn't break, you did point to the one mod it could, but as you said it tried (and does a great job) to incorporate it. My last updated mod release other then R05 (technically that doesn't count) was 2015... that's not progress. I could put money on most users barely have 5~6 mods at most. Out of those mods what would the limit break actually break? None actually I have them installed myself. Let me put it plainly, it has never once "broke" any mod, nor would it ever. If you did manage to somehow find a mod that did (I doubt that you could) it could easily be adapted with the helpful tools you provided good sir.

9999 HP even remotely competently.
How could it be used incompetently? It have to literally break the game for that to be true. I find it works just fine, and BoF is a great example (IV) anyway. If you like a complete list PM me I'm always open.

I have already told you I enjoy the best of both worlds, you went all Dan mode on my opinions and started spouting off nonsense. I meant what I said, it requires no effort at all. You could probably finish before typing your next bash post on SE. Literally requires no effort at all. I was just still surprised you thought that way. Dan... always soooo happy.

Level 99 break is not what I seek, nor do I recommend that ether. There is a very big difference between adding stuff, and displaying what is already there... on second thought it wouldn't be half bad, Star Ocean did it I believe hmm...

It is an addition that wasn't there originally
You admit that this can't really be a talking point right? It's pretty self evident why this logic is flawed.

I'm not sure what point you are making?
Well ya' seemed to get my point and come up with a counter argument didn't cha? Couldn't have been that hard. :P

is limited to 32767 HP, which is again a limit and a silly number
Hey I like that number, and this is going to sound crazy but 32767 HP is greater then 9,999. If your counter argument is "it's still a limit" it's less so, soo yeah.

and does absolutely NOTHING in terms of adding to game play
Anybody ever tell you use the word absolutely to much? It adds the ability to properly see the enemy's HP, not just "out there in the ether" until it hits 9,998. I'd say that's one thing. I'f you'd like more I can surely provide.

mean a LOAD more work for me and everyone else.
When you say load, do you mean hardly any work at all? Aside from a very select few (three by my count) through an entire play through it seems to work just fine. In fact it's so little work I'm surprised your still taking this stance. In comparison I could literally fly to everyone's house that downloaded this mod and set it up for them by the time R06 probably gets here. Not a knock on you, by all means take your time. But someone with your skill could even get it done faster.

Honestly, decent modders should be steering clear of it.   
Been using it I believe for the better part of a decade. At least it feels that way. I'll take your recommendation with a grain of salt, same ol' glass half empty Dan. :P

Ah that was it, yeah all I did was download R05 and the menu overhaul, cut out the text. Seems to me to work perfectly. As for the "Higher Resolution" normally I'd agree (kinda), but in this one case the buttons actually break the immersion already and are symbols displayed to the player on what to press, they already don't 'belong' in the game world as we know it. As a too blurry icon, to tell what it is would defeat the purpose. But same could be said (rightfully so) about all UI elements. They don't belong to the game, and they where never meant to "fit in" the elements exist outside of the game world and are for the sole purpose of conveying information to the player. Your kind of taking a hybrid purist standpoint, but the work done goes against everything a purist stands for...

Ether way it's all good on my front, I am able to enjoy your work on the menu project with bare minimal effort to get it to work with the latest translation, for me its about function, and the menu overhaul was fundamentally better at doing it's job then anything produced with the newer translation. It offered removing limitations put in place by the PlayStation going past 9,999. It took up less screen real estate so I could enjoy being immersed. It displayed information to the player to better understand the battle and enemy HP to adjust tactics better.


It's your work any way you look at it. Congrats! and thanks for the update!

Ant chance we will see R06 this year? Read a thread on another forum (presumably by you) that pointed to a late 2017 release... Are you on track for 2018?

EDIT: Also, unless I'm missing something why not just use the button icons from the Menu Overhaul? They were clean enough and work perfectly?

WIP / Re: [WIP] FFVII and Godrays/Global Lighting?
« on: 2017-01-16 23:15:06 »
Taking a break from the field scene to work on the world map, day I've made pretty good progress. Please read the description of the video.

Also, the bloom effect was increased but it only comes into effect when staring directly at the sun.

WIP / Re: [WIP] FFVII and Godrays/Global Lighting?
« on: 2017-01-16 20:55:54 »
I think it looks kind of over the top.
I don't think anything qualifies as over the top, if your talking about the demo I was just a video created to show light can be generated. My goal was to have more interaction with Cloud such as his model shading green if he's standing next to something that is supposed to be emitting green light. Not just a Character walking through a image...

WIP / Re: [WIP] FFVII and Godrays/Global Lighting?
« on: 2017-01-12 01:44:39 »
Small update here I was able to today work on how the light effects 2D backgrounds. I can already get the light to shade Clouds 3D model and interact with the light.

So in this scene I worked on just the metal walkway ignore the rest of the scene I was able to get the light to shine through complex shapes I chose this spot for that purpose. I was also able to add a light source not only under and over the layer but base it on the texcoord in that world scene.

I still need to find a way to make the light hit other objects easily. It can be done already but the current process takes way to long.

Well darn... sigh....

Making a patch is very simple, no coding needed. If you need help let me know. As for the copyright stuff that has sort of a history here. It was the result of one moderator at the times knee jerk reaction to protect the site. Since then Admin has thus echoed the same opinions of that moderator and banned all seemingly copyright related material.

In truth if they really wanted to shut down this site they could. Heck even the Admin's Avatar it technically copyright infringement. :P Mass dissemination and distribution of images would be the default thing to point to I would imagine if this place were to get shut down. If you applied this same logic to -any- other modding community it would be gutted, broken, and just plain not productive. I always encourage Admin and staff to take into account their surroundings. When this "rule" was introduced it came at a time of confusion of one site being shut down. Where modding a game wasn't really the norm or even commonplace. Here in 2017 not only is it embraced but encouraged. Even Resident Evil's 4 director says he plays with mods. This is at a time where Square is trying to earn back fan favor, shutting down a long community that they themselves have benefited off of is the total opposite of their goals right now.

Every year I think I plead my case to no avail though. LOL

I use FFTim's complete soundtrack replacement. Get the proper loop version if available. Only reason why it isn't more popular (I think) is because it's still built for FF7Music. You need to go in and manually rename all the tracks... still very much worth it.

WIP / Re: [WIP] FFVII and Godrays/Global Lighting?
« on: 2017-01-11 19:55:32 »
So if we place some invisible objects and flag them with a name which does tell the shader it is a light emitter, we could create light sources? In theory, we could disable the fake global light of the models and let the shader do the light stuff. But Makoureaktor does need the update to place objects on the walk mesh with the background visible. It would be really cool if we could do that.

That's one idea. the current method is to use a very hacky method of loading corresponding bitmaps to field maps like reshade me looking for anfrst_1 folder then loading that individual bitmap.

As for no way to know, just trial and error. Reshade me actually has an option to reload shaders on the spot so that saves going in and out of the game. Just like in this video you can reshade the surrounding area and the 3D model based on the texcoord. It's getting the shadows right that's the real tricky part.

Completely Unrelated / Re: WOOHOO ENGAGED
« on: 2017-01-11 10:44:49 »
Well hello there Cupcake been awhile. haha

WIP / [WIP] FFVII and Godrays/Global Lighting?
« on: 2017-01-11 10:40:07 »
Yup, I've been working a a shader using Nvidia's new SSDO algorithm to approximate global illumination effects to simulate light and the new "Godray" shader. I've got it working to the point where Cloud is the global light can finally be controlled.

Now the global light can be assigned to any character even invisible ones that can be placed strategically. But that's not the hurdle I'm trying to clear. I'm trying to find the best way for the light to effect the 2D backgrounds - and I think I've got it. I can actually single out a very specific color key and tell it one of three things. Does it Absorb Light? Generate Light? or Reflect Light.

Hard to imagine from this crusty informative video but I'm imagining real shadows cast and sun glare on the world map. Glowing objects will now shade the character, so on and so fourth. Anyway progress is slow but I made some headway tonight.

Sorry don't have much more to show y'all. The video depicts Cloud as a global light and you can see the light shifts with him, also the light peaks through the cracks in the vents. Now what this video unintentionally has is light beaming from everywhere that is because I assigned it to colors that are commonly found to test to see if the light was shifting. But with some tweaking to a scene maybe I can show you my overall vision better...

Using Sweet.fx to load a specific tone map when a scene loads seems like one possible way.

Welp  :-\ can you tell me if everything beyond but not including R03e has been script changes? Or are the bugs you are referring to something entirely different?

Is there a change log or list of changes since the menu overhaul?

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