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I have started to work on recreating the first room in the game, the one with the candle. I have got a rough outline of the room and I want to take it into blender to start add tons of detail to it. Problem is I don't have the original camera from the game, or how wide the lens on the camera was. I don't know how people did it with the FF7 backgrounds. Is there some way to get the camera information into blender so I can render it out so it matches the original background?

Photo mathing :)

Try to place the camera and figure out the proper lens by hand, that's a pain.

I gave it another try, it's not practical and probably not even possible to try to match the camera location by hand. Location, rotation, width of the lens, too much stuff to get right. Maybe it's possible to export the camera from sketchup but I don't know how to do that, I guess I'll put this on hold until some other person who's into this kind of stuff gets around to messing around with it, I know you're out there geekily geeks.

Have you tried setting the original image on a plane and positioning the objects and camera in a way that line up with that plane? You know, like how you'd model a character or anything.


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