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How Save The Queen doesn't teach you anything? That is not normal.
Check that "BeatrixMod" is installed properly. In particular, you should have a file "BeatrixMod\StreamingAssets\Data\Items\Items.csv" that makes sure Beatrix can learn everything...

When playing the mod normally from the start, Beatrix should have learnt a couple of abilities but that doesn't apply when you install the mod midway. The equipments should allow to catch up these anyways.

That's unfortunatly not possible using HW. That is too deeply encoded in the battle system.
On the PC version, modding the BattleHUD can be done to do something like that but it's not a feature that Memoria allows (yet).

Another possibility (that works on PSX) is to have "Double Blue Magic" replace either Double White or Double Black. You'll loose one of them but as long as a command takes the natural slot of one of these, it's considered as a double command.

There should be equipments that teach her all her abilities. Maybe you don't have them yet.

Hello g_west,
The .hws for the PSX (US) version can be found in my dropbox mod folder. I have no idea what bug you encounter when opening the modded ISO directly; I never really assumed HW to work on those so I never tracked these bugs.

I made her trance jump deal more damage indeed. It no longer uses the same damage wide range as Quina's attack (which was the formula used in vanilla).

Hi Telverin.
It is possible to rename the spell and change its visual effect into an already existing visual effect. The most straightforward way is to directly edit the modded files in AF's folder:
- for the visual, it's "AlternateFantasy/StreamingAssets/Data/Battle/Actions.csv",
- for the spell's name, it's "AlternateFantasy/FF9_Data/embeddedasset/text/us/ability/aa_name.mes" (replace "us" by another language if you don't play in US english).
These files can both be modified using a text editor. The CSV is a spreadsheet so it may also be edited with a good spreadsheet editor, but you must beware of keeping the exact same CSV format, which some spreadsheet editors can't do.

Another way to do that is to use the tool Hades Workshop. It takes longer to load but it gives a more comprehensible interface, so you don't have to figure out what number you need to input in spreadsheets. For that:
1) Download the tool Hades Workshop.
2) In that tool, "File -> Open -> FF9_Launcher.exe" (in your game's directory), then "File -> Open Mod -> AlternateFantasy_v5.2.hws" (that file is provided in the download link, inside the "Source v5.2" folder), let every available option checked and proceed, then wait for the datas to load (it will take some time).
3) In the "Party -> Spells" panel, search for Free Energy. There should be 2 of them, the first is the non-trance and the second one is the trance version. Change the "Name" and "Animation" of these.
4) "File -> Save Steam Mod -> Raw assets + Spreadsheet" will generate a mod folder comparable to the "AlternateFantasy" mod folder.
5) Merge the folder you generated into the folder "AlternateFantasy":
--- the new files from your folder should replace the files from "AlternateFantasy"
--- but there are also files that are present in "AlternateFantasy" and not in your new folder and it is important for them to be in the result of the merging.
6) That should be good. In case you rename the folder that is the result of the merging (instead of keeping "AlternateFantasy"), you must register that new name in the Memoria.ini in place of "AlternateFantasy".

The two lines in Memoria.ini outside of AlternateFantasy, they should use the default formulae instead of the AF modded one.
- In AlternateFantasy/Memoria.ini: StatusTickFormula = OprCnt * 150
- In Memoria.ini: StatusTickFormula = OprCnt * 4 * (IsNegativeStatus ? (60 - TargetSpirit) : TargetSpirit)

You can either keep the default formulae or delete them from Memoria.ini, it should make no difference.
However, if you don't have the default formulae in Memoria.ini, then that may be a sign there's a problem with that file, because there's no reason for these formulae to have changed if you didn't change them yourself.

No. Unless I'm forgetting things, you only need to edit the file "AlternateFantasy/Memoria.ini": remove the two lines starting with "StatusDurationFormula" and "StatusTickFormula".

Hello Dalkil.
You're missing Long Reach and Half MP for Steiner. Both can be learned on the Protect Ring only (for Steiner).
The Protect Ring is a very common reward for end-game sidequests in vanilla but it is much less common in AF. From the top of my head, it's not a reward of the Mognet sidequest, the Ragtime Mouse or the Chocobo mountain crack. It can still be obtained with Hot&Cold points, the Nero sidequest or synthesizing it with Hades (it doesn't worth it though).

Happy new year :)

I have no idea about this "dgx". It doesn't ring a bell.

For the rest: the easiest way to do what you did without loosing any non-HWS modifications is to indeed export the Steam mod with "Raw Assets + Spreadsheets" options but then you need to merge the resulting folder with the non-modified AF folder. That way, you'll update the files generated by HWS and still keep the extraneous files that were generated by other means.

In particular, the "AlternateFantasy\StreamingAssets\Data\Characters\Abilities\AbilityFeatures.txt" that modifies the effects of supporting abilities (and was generated with a text editor) will be kept.

It used to work correctly. I don't know why it doesn't work anymore. Maybe I changed something when moving to a format that is both compatible with the PSX and the PC versions of the game, maybe it's something else... I'll have to check.
On the same vibe, changing the script of "Opening-for-FMV" tends to create bugs, so that's also something to avoid with the current version.

The world map "Places" and "Battle Spots" sub-panels bug.
Don't change anything in them. I need to fix that...

Thanks for warning, elberuss. I didn't think I would need to update this tool anymore. That adds to my todo-list.

I don't know.
Do you want to share your .hws so I can check it?

No, I don't know where these textures are stored in the PSX binary files. I don't work on it anymore since a long time, sorry :/

You missed a couple of things but nothing terrible will happen if you continue forward.

Yes, the order matters. It should be that instead:
Code: [Select]
FolderNames = "AlternateFantasy", "MoguriFiles", "MoguriSoundtrack", "MoguriVideo"

It is not a good thing to open a modded game with HW. Depending on whether you have the Moguri/Memoria mod, you should work like this:

== Without Moguri mod or Memoria Engine mod ==
1) Make a copy of the game's (non-modded) folder. This copy (let's call it "FF9 - Copy") will always be used by Hades Workshop. "FF9 - Copy" is the moddable copy while "FF9" is the playable copy.
2) Thus, when using Hades Workshop, always select the file "FF9_Launcher.exe" in "FF9 - Copy".
3) When saving a mod, save it both as a .hws file and as a "Steam Mod" with options "Unity Archives" + "Compiled DLL". The .hws saves are very fast and relatively light in size, so don't restrain from saving often and possibly saving a new file each time if you want to be very cautious.
4) For installing and playing your mod, move the files from "FF9 - Copy/HadesWorkshopMod" (or whatever path you picked) into the related folder of "FF9".
5) When going back to modding, keep opening the non-modded version "FF9 - Copy" and then use "Open Mod" and select your .hws file.

HW *should* be able to open modded games as well but since there are so many things that can happen (like what seems to happen to you), I don't guarantee it to work. Besides, there are other problems if you work that way (the program can't "remember" what has been modded and what has not been changed, from a session to another). The progression bar only shows up during the loading of the game's datas, not the modifications contained in .hws (those are very fast to import as well), so if the program crashes during this progression bar, you can be sure that you open modded game files and the modifications are somehow problematic.

Crashing during the loading of enemies, it can pretty much only relate to the archives p0data2.bin or p0data7.bin (and to a lesser extent, resources.assets). I would urge you to use .hws files instead of modding on top of modded games everytime, but what you can do if you don't have any .hws and don't want to do everything again, it's replacing the problematic archive with the non-modded game's archive (test first p0data2.bin and then p0data7.bin if it still crashes in HW), then open every panel that you have ever modded, then go to "Tools -> Mod Manager" and check all the parts that you ever modded (it is better to tick more than necessary rather than fewer). Then "File -> Save Mod" will generate a .hws containing all the data sections that you have ticked.

You say that the problematic change was a script change "InitObject( 1, 130 )", in which case the problematic file is the p0data7.bin containing all the scripts. But that seems rather suspicious to me and I expect the problematic file to be p0data2.bin instead, containing the non-script datas of enemies. You'll loose your changes in one of these data types in the process.

Then switch to the workflow I described above, or better yet...

== With the Moguri mod or Memoria Engine mod ==
1) No need for making a copy of the game here. In HW, always open the Memoria-modded game (Moguri includes Memoria).
2) Upon opening it, HW should prompt about using the vanilla "Assembly-CSharp.bak" or something like that; this is because Memoria makes a backup of a non-modded DLL and HW can use that backup. If it really finds no usable backup, you'll have to get one yourself by desinstalling Memoria, then copy the "x64/FF9_Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll" to a safe place, then re-install Memoria, then put the copied DLL next to HadesWorkshop.exe with the name "Assembly-CSharp_Vanilla.dll". Most of the time, though, this step works just fine without you needing to do anything.
3) Do whatever modification you want, and always save them both as a .hws ("File -> Save Mod") and as a Memoria mod ("File -> Save Steam Mod" with the options "Raw assets" + "Spreadsheets (Memoria)").
4) Enabling/disabling your mod is done by adding/removing your mod folder's name in the file "Memoria.ini" (sections "[Mod]", field "FolderNames", having something like the following: FolderNames = "HadesWorkshopMod", "MoguriFiles").
5) When you want to continue modding with HW, still open the same Memoria-modded FF9_Launcher.exe and then "File -> Open Mod" and select your .hws.

I don't accept donations. Here is why:
Quote from: Tirlititi
No, I don't have a patreon and I don't plan on receiving donations for my work in modding. In my opinion, everyone should earn a revenue high enough to live a decent life and possibly work toward their passions. I see donations somehow as a wooden leg trying to compensate for the lack of institutional will toward the rewarding of passion works and securing a decent life for everyone.
Since I am not in need myself and can afford to not use that wooden leg, I prefer not to and hope for a more satisfying framework.

Hello p1w1x.
No, sorry. I didn't make a spanish PSX version of the mod. Even the italian, it seems to have huge dialog bugs.

The PSX version (v3.2) of the mod can be played either in english or in french. Only the PC version (v5.2) can be played in any official language properly (english, japanese, french, german, spanish and italian).

Thanks for the bug report. For Half MP, I thought it was fixed. For the others, I need to search what's wrong.

Not really. Ark can bypass the damage limit because it deals damage twice, and Doom can bypass the damage limit when applied on some bosses, but that's pretty much all.
In term of coding possibilities, I guess that could be done at least in Alternate Fantasy without bugs. I'm not sure if/how/when I'll let this happen though.

Usually, I say "everything can be done without grinding except maybe for Ozma and Necron". Although both can be beaten at lvl 1 (but that's a real and really difficult challenge).

He doesn't cast Water/Wind elemental spells, so the Ribbon is not that interesting. I would say they can be replaced with Rosetta rings with benefits (or even Madain/Coral Rings). Having ATB on wait mode and keeping the ATB frozen whenever you can is important as well. If you have Eiko, Carbuncle and Reflect-Null can be effective early battle (before he absorbs all the elements) and Dispel is usually more effective than Reflect if you time it right. If you have Vivi instead, Return Magic + Magic Elemental Null can be effective if he has some survivability (so he must have enough stones to equip important status protections on top of those). Other than that, his stages are 30 000 HP, which means that you would aim for dealing massive damage quickly with 4/5 attacks (in one or two turns ideally) so you end the stage and then take some time to heal and get control over his turns, then repeat. The only way to reduce Meteor's damage is to have Shell, either Auto-Shell or Quina's Mighty Guard, but you can decide on trusting Auto-Life instead when you get unlucky enough to get attacked by it. He will use Neutron Ring as a counter-attack after Grand Cross, so better spend a turn fully healing the status ailments. You must have a grasp on his turn orders: he has 4 ATBs, 2 of which are casting damaging spells, 1 is healing/protecing him and the last one is the fastest and always apply the same pattern: Blue Shockwave, Blue Shockwave, Grand Cross. Also, if Blue Shockwave is a problem for you, you can work towards evading it (it can be evaded with Magic Evasion, and Shell also decreases its hit rate).

Yes, Necron is a hell of a boss.
He has 30 000 HP that are refreshed everytime he absorbs an orb, which makes 120 000 HP in total. He also gets even less forgiving after absorbing these orbs. The struggle to keep on living while damaging him is intended (that doesn't mean it's fair ^^" but I wanted the player to be forced to save some turns to heal what he's inflicting to you). If it wasn't the final boss, I would consider him to be unfairly hard but since that's a final boss, I consider he's worth the challenge. I can understand he can be extremely irritating though.

"I don't actually know how to put the ability into the game"
=> Oh, I get it now. You don't need to transpose the content of "AbilityFeatures.txt" anywhere. The game (Memoria Engine mod) will read that text file and use these codes automatically. The only things are: if you edited the main "AbilityFeatures.txt", some of the abilities may be overwritten by Alternate Fantasy's own "AbilityFeatures.txt" (but only those that AF uses and it doesn't use SA 63, and only if you have AF of course), and also the behaviour in case of an incorrect code may vary from (IIRC, it can "ignore the ability", "crash the game" or "prevent abilities to deal damage").

Hades Workshop can't handle the "AbilityFeatures.txt". You edit the features with a notepad and/or edit the ability stone costs and descriptions with HW.

In "Play as Kuja", Kuja shows up twice in scenes where he appears normally, just like you said with Freya. I didn't do any field script modification as it was more of a possibility exhibition rather than a complete mod. It is not possible to restrict "DictionaryPatch.txt" to parts of the game and I don't think it should. For a proper 3D model replacement, I think that you should only deal with field scripts like you did with Freya (it was the tough way but also the proper way). DictionaryPatch can be used for battle models or hacky purpose. I mean, if you care enough about "having 2 freyas on the screen", then you should care about "I walked with Freya to Alexandria's boat deck early disc 3, but then Freya was already there and it's Zidane that arrives instead", so half a measure such as a DictionaryPatch restriction would not be satisfying IMO. If you want things to be handled in a credible way, you need field scripts.

About animations, that's a sensible point...
I made a custom animation format (based on JSON); you can only work with these animations using a notepad (so without preview or convenient 3D editing tools) or by exporting the existing ones with Hades Workshop.
I would have gladly use an existing and compatible 3D animation format but alas I couldn't find any that would be similar to Unity animations and open-source. If you know of any animation format that would be nice, please tell me. I'm not a pro with Blender but I couldn't find anything like that (if I recall correctly, even the FBX that can be imported in Blender lose their animations when doing so).

1) There are 3 types of variable, "local" variables are local to an entry (they are shared between eg. "Blank_Init" and "Blank_Loop" but not between "Blank_Init" and "Marcus_Init"), "global" variables are local to a script (so all the functions of the same field or world map or battle share them), and "general" variables are shared by everything and are also saved in save files.
2) Somehow yes. The overall system is quite complicated but it's mainly coded in EventEngine.cs.
3) The problem is that doing so will change the format of save files, thus provoking compatibility issues. If I try to do that, I'll search for a way to have save compatibility backward and forward (= you can use non-Memoria saves after installing Memoria + you can use Memoria saves after deinstalling Memoria).
4) Since "General_LoadedGame" is a general variable, it can be set to 1 in another script or be 1 in the player's save. For this variable in particular, I think it is set everytime the player has a chance to save, like "set General_LoadedGame = 1 ... Menu( Save ) ... set General_LoadedGame = 0".

@ChikoLad: That's a tough one. Your code looks fine except that setting the target's HP to 1 will not prevent the damage to apply and thus still kill the character. You can either add a code "[ code = HPDamage ] 0 [ /code ]" or replace the setting of HP by a change of the damage "[ code = HPDamage ] TargetHP - 1 [ /code ]".
This system wouldn't prevent a "Death" spell or a tick from poison / venom (as they are not damaging through an ability cast). You could add a way to prevent "Death" but the poison / venom tick seems impossible to prevent this way... (although the Regen effect would make it hard to die from poison).

More importantly, I don't see any way to extend any of the two effects to all allies. You can't currently check if an ally has a SA equipped. I'll try to add that kind of features at some point.

1) Is it what you're looking for? I'm not sure I understand:
2) Yes. You can simply change the destination field of one of the ending fields to the entrance of Memoria for instance (or you can change the destination in Necron's AI as well).
In Necron's "Main_Init" function:
Code: [Select]
RunBattleCode( 37, 2901 )Or at the end of the function "Vivi_Loop" of the field "Ending/AT":
Code: [Select]
Field( 2901 )You may also put the variable "General_ScenarioCounter" back to some early value, like "11100" (the line "set General_ScenarioCounter = 11100" should bring you back to the situation of the start of the disc 4, so you'll fight the bosses again).

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