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Support / FF8 some questions about Deling
« on: 2018-02-15 21:12:13 »
So after looking into SeeD and Tonberry and all that stuff and not really finding what I was looking for, I went to Deling and found in Menu.fs a section with the old font and UI elements in a directory with a separate "Hires" folder for their half assed attempts at redoing stuff. (I guess this is where the old PC version would let you switch between fonts)

(I don't like the weird smudging technique they use in the Hires set)

So here's what I'm wondering, if the game is using the UI and font assets in the "Hires" folder, is there a file in all this mess that tells the game to look there, if so then can that be undone so the game goes back to using the old UI and font? I know the old PC version had a switch for this, there must be a way to turn it off somewhere in the files surely.

The other question I had is, since the game has the PSX Buttons included in the UI assets, can they be mapped to a controller without needing to install a bunch of stuff, can they be assigned to buttons? I feel like this has to be the easiest (Atleast easiest to me) way to get the vanilla look of the game back.

EDIT: Some sniffing around with Notepad++ Leads me to believe the FF_EN Exe it's self is being pointed to those files as I saw them specifically listed in their hires path through the .exe, unfortunately editing an exe and such is way out of my depth, but I thought it was interesting none the less, I also found what seem to be PSX Input lists when digging around in there also.

So far I have attempted several things with no results such as swapping the old font file over the hires version which lead to crashing upon loading the main menu so I suspect there is a file size issue the game dislikes. Other things I've tried is deleting the hires folder entirely to see if the game would simply fall back on loading the original font/icon files necessary, this only lead to crashing also.

So overall, no success yet. digging through the exe so far has been the closest I've come to finding anything useful, if I had a way to read that stuff or modify it without breaking the exe I could just redirect it back to the old font file and be done.

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