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Hello I have a little trouble with this program when re-doing the menus for 33 levels of AP
It is new menu.

All attributes is good work, level 2 AP to level 6 AP is work too, level 22 AP to level 33 AP is work too but other is not going work !

Why does not it work well, someone can tell me what he is not going!
Also the programe only handles the first six invocations?
it's normal ! ?

thanks to help me ^^

Note'' Finaly i am the all menus for 33 level is work good perfect
Change it possible more equip effet, statut bit, element bite and type for more option.

Exemple: Materia Mage it is use all element magic level 1 + Magic booster + Mana booster and summoner low power.

Look Max five option possible.

It is some good idea ?

FF9 Gameplay Releases / [PC] Me mods Hard Journey 1.5.5
« on: 2018-04-21 16:05:33 »
The mod is other version for Final fantasy 9 Ps1 but it is small There are things that look alike.

Possible change the picture for next version.

The fund, comes from one of my drawing and 100 hours the work..

Version 1.5.5

Change HP 10% to 22%
Change HP 20% to 44%
Change MP 10% to 22%
Change MP 20% to 44%

Change Magic power 1/4 more power.
Beatrix in avaible !

Th max Exp to version is 55 000 000 and past level 99 is 3 500 000 million.

Hp and MP max is 9999 But it is impossible to past 7000/7000  or more.
Exept Unless you made a verry low level challenge.

Is possible learn the Synthesis Excalibur 2, only use Excalibur and Save the Queen.

The weapon, armor, and items add 15% to price the orginal

Weapon, armor stats is - 1/4 the base stats.

Max bonus possible is +14 and +12 to 4 variety Gems stone, find begin the CD 3.

Possible buy the Gems stone to Cleyra begin CD2

Gems stone is possible able learn the cool skill, eidolons,Blue magic,Passive skill and other good skill.

All skills learn 111 AP only.

Items add change- Potion (450 HP heal) Hit-Potion (1500 HP heal) Ether(450 MP heal) New items Hit-Ether(1500 MP heal)
Ether and hit-ether is possible bonus stats add magic, Siprit ,equipe Items Accessory Writs location, Elixir add + 4 all bonus.
Ore add +2 bonus and abillity +10 HP% +10 MP% and long reach.
Phoenix Pinion add +1 all stats, half Fire, ice, thunder magic and learn Phoenix, MP attack, High Jump.
Gysahl Greens add +2 all stats and learn Regen, Might, Jewel.
And other new items...

The commande is change.
1- Zidane use commande Steal and Skill hero
2- Vivi use commande Mage Int and Focus
3- Dagger use commande Mage Help and Mage Int
4- Steiner use commande Mix Art and throw
5- Freya use commande Jump and Dragon Wht
6- Quina use commande Jump and Blu Act
7- Eiko use commande Secret X and Mage Help
8- Amarant use commande Chakra X and Throw
9- Cinna use commande Jump and Mage Help
10- Marcus use commande Steal and Secret X
11- Blank use commande Throw and Mage Int
12- Beatrix use commande Dragon Wht and Chakra X

1-   Mage Help   26 spells  Magic: white mage /  black mage / summoner
Shiva, Ifrit, ramuh, atomos, odin, leviathan, bahamut, ark, cure, cura, curaga life, full- life, scan, panacea, stona , esuna, holy, fire, blizzard, thunder, shell, protect, fira , blizzara, thundara.
2-   Secret X   26 spells    Magic white mage /  black mage / summoner
atomos, odin, bahamut, leviathan, ark, fenrir, carbuncle, phoenix, madeen, thunder, blizzard fire, doomsday, break, death, comet , demie, drain, osmose, bio, jewel, focus, panacea, scan , life, cura.
3-   Mage Int    28 spells   Magic Blue mage /  black mage / summoner
fire, fira, firaga, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga, thunder, thundara, thundaga, osmose, drain demi, comet, death, water, meteor , doomsday, Pumpkin head, 1 000 needles, limit glove, Bad breath, Lv3 def-loss, lv 4 holy, lv 5 death , odin, ramuh, ifrit, shiva.
4-   Blu Act    26 spells     Magic white mage /  blue mage / black mage
shell, protect, haste, silence, mini, reflect, confuse, berserk, blind, float, dispel, might, magic hammer, mustard bomb, frost, vanish , white wind, frog drop, angel’s snack, earth snake, twister, night, pumpkin head, 1 000 neadles , limit glove, bad breath.
5-   Skill hero  18 spells    Magic Thief /  Hero male/ Monk
Flee, detect, What’s that !? , soul blade , annoy , sacrifice , lucky seven , thievery , free energy , tidal flamme , scoop srt , shift break , stellar cicle 5 , meo twister , solution 9 , grand lethal , chacra , spare change , aura .
6-   Dragon wht   21 spells   Magic dragon /  warrior / white mage
lancer, reis’s wind, dragon breath , white draw , luna , six dragoon , cherry blossom , dragon crest , chakra , no mercy , revivre , power break , armor break , mental break , magic break , cure , cura , regen, life , panacea ,esuna .
7-   Chacra X   19 spells .   Magic warrior /  Command / Monk
climhazzard, stock break, thunder slash , charges ! , steel , jump , defend , flee , mug , spear, focus , lv 5 death, lv 4 holy, lv 3 def-loss , chakra , no mercy , aura , curse , revive
8-   Mix art   18 spells   Magic warrior /  Hero female / ninja

Fire sword, fira sword, firaga sword, blizzard sword, blizzaga sword, blizzara sword, thunder sword, thundara sword, thundaga sword, magic break, demi shock, countdown , darkside , minu strike , iai strike , power break , armor break , mental break .

Download is  only version

Version 1.5.5

Copie past only the two folder, StreamingAssets and x64 or use .hws.

I am use tool Perfect Compresse.!plBBgJRB!Rq5auVQ3DWHK4sCX4sIVGlG--ZAASzbDkaY8KWS1bTw

Credit is [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop for Tirlititi and Fraggoso for the HD mods.
 Thanx for all so much..
Enjoy the new gamePlay..

Hello i am finish me mod version 1.0 but have not time to test all game...

If anyone wants to give their opinion on getting new mod hard.
Let him be welcome.
In this mods the background colors are modified and retouched or otherwise the same but more beautiful.

The difficulty is longer and harder than the original even only the HP has been modifying and the value of the AP and experience have been reduced from X 3 around.

The color of the monsters have been changed ..
The cost of GFs is only available after learning the ability to call them Level 1.
The abilities of GF now appear with their levels and not once a precise skill learned.

The characters were retouched to be less pixelized.

The magic attacks are 2X less powerful, but for magic, you throw two in a single attack.

The experience is longer for your characters and GF but their exp are now degraded, the levels are longer as the game progresses and not always the same figure exactly.

The text and other original story is not change..(..)
But Picture in game !

Once you have download the file for this mods.
 Long journey of Hard :   File '2.6 G'  Here

Links Removed. ~Covarr

Install the mods.
Go to the folder where you install your FINAL FANTASY VIII on Steam!
Copy all the files in this location except Slot 1 slot 2.
for the saving of the mod. Use the backup on slot 1 and place it in the folder where your backups of this games are placed.
Change the number if you want other than the number 1.

Also change to the prefs file the info you want to use the Textures folder.

Then Happy,  Good luck and good games!

Troubleshooting / Fiie FF8 .x
« on: 2017-10-01 17:49:28 »
There is a possible way to change the scenery of the game and extract them.
These files with their extension .x?

How can read it file

The image is the change in the texture of the forest.

Thanx the help me.

General Discussion / Question about Hades Workshop !
« on: 2017-08-09 05:27:49 »
Is it possible to add more command in the Panel section than the basic one?
Because I have only successfully modified asser well Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, Dagger and Eiko but for Freya, Quina, Amarant it is no longer possible to add other command.

How done to add additional content to the spells and items without modifying the ones that are already basic and is possible ?

Zidane use Actio and MIXFRA

Add  Lancer, Reis's Wind Chacra and Aura But is Double Cast.

Actio Regroups all basic spells

Vivi use Mage UP and MIXFRDA

Add  Cure, Cura, Life, Scan, Panacea, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Float, Dispel, Holy, Haste, Stona, Lancer, Reis's Wind, Dragon Breath, White Draw, Luna, Six Dragon and Cherry Blosom.

Mage UP Regroups all base spells

Steiner, use Mag-arts and QUAM

Add Curse, Revivre, Vanish, Magic Hammer, 1000 Neeadles, Pumpkin Head, Chacra and Aura

Mag-arts Regroups all basic spells

Dagger use Aura Good and MIXVIST

Add  Fire, Blizzard, Slow, Thunder, Osmose, Power break, Armor break and Mental break.

Aura Good Regroups all basic spells

Eiko use Magica and MIXQUI

Add  Goblin punch, LV 5 Death, LV 4 Holy, LV 3 Def-Less, Soul Blade, What's that!? Detect, Flee, White Wind, 1000 Needles, Bad Breath and Mighty Guard.

Magica Regroups all basic spells

Hello friends, I have just finished working on a MOD for Final Fantasy IX on Playstation. I have called it FF9DangerFire. The changes that I have made with this MOD are listed below.

(For the version 1.2, I will change weapons and armors' stats, as well as modify the prices of everything that can be found in shops.)

The Hats and Helmet gives you a 50% reduction of one or more elements. But are low against an item.

The Armlet and Gauglet increases your power of elements but are low against 2 elements.

The Armor, Robe and Clothes you immune against certain elements but are weak against three other elements.

The Add-Ons absorb certain item but are low against two items.

Only weapons and Gemstone have no positive and negative effects of elementals.

Equipment with Bonus is only weapon and add-ons and Gemstone.

Some Gemstone can give you a bonus of +14 and +12 on 1 stats

All items in store and synthesis is increased by 30% of the normal price.

I will change, Also the watches have more stats than in the original game.

Every normal enemy of CD 1
Adds + 3 to all stats except HP and MP.

Each Normal Boss on CD 1
Adds + 5 on all stats except HP and MP.

Every normal enemy of CD 2
Adds +6 to all stats except HP and MP.

Each Normal Boss on CD 2
Adds + 10 to all stats except HP and MP.

Every normal enemy of CD 3
Adds + 9 to all stats except HP and MP.

Each Normal Boss on CD 3
Adds + 15 to all stats except HP and MP.

Every normal enemy of CD 4
Adds +12 to all stats except HP and MP.

Each Normal Boss on CD 4
Adds + 20 to all stats except HP and MP.

Version 1.1

!The commands list for the following five characters has been modified.

- Zidane
a) The command 'Skill' has been replaced with 'Actio' which allows for the use of many more abilities, some of whom could only be used in Trance state before.
b) In Trance state, the command 'MIXFRA' has replaced Zidane's 'Dyne' abilities. 'MIXFRA' allows you to use 'Lancer', 'Reis' Wind', 'Chakra', and 'Aura'. Each of these abilities can be used twice in one turn like a double cast.

- Vivi
a) 'Magic' is renamed 'Mage UP'.
b) The command 'MIXFRDA' replaces Focus in Vivi's normal state and replaces 'BLK Double' in his Trance state.
c) The command 'MIXFRDA' contains Cure, Cura, Life, Scan, Panacea, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Float, Dispel, Holy, Haste, Stona, Lancer, Reis' Wind, Dragon Breath, White Draw, Luna, Six Dragon, and Cherry Blosom.

- Steiner
a) A new command, 'Mag-arts', groups together both 'SwdTech' and 'MagSwd' abilities under the same menu. More so, the abilities that used to require Vivi to cast can now be used without Vivi.
b) A new command, 'QUAM', now stands as the third action in Steiner's menu. This command contains Curse, Revive, Vanish, Magic Hammer, 1000 Needles, Pumpkin Head, Chakra, and Aura.

- Garnet
a) A new command, 'Aura Good', groups together both 'Summon' and 'White' abilities under the same menu.
b) A new command, 'MIXVIST', now stands as the third action in Garnet's menu. This command contains Fire, Blizzard, Slow, Thunder, osmose, Power Break, Armor Break, and Mental Break.

- Eiko
a) A new command, 'Magica', groups together both 'White' and 'Summon' abilities under the same menu.
b) A new command, 'MIXQUI', now stands as the third action in Eiko's menu. This command contains Goblin Punch, LV5 Death, LV4 Holy, LV3 Def-Less, Soul Blade, What's that!?, Detect, Flee, White Wind, 1000 Needles, Bad Breath, and Mighty Guard.

- All equipments can be used by every character.

Version 1.0

- Every ability costs 13 ability points.
- All spells affecting your characters or enemies have both a positive and negative effect on them.
- All level 1 spells cost 11 mana, all level 2 spells cost 22 mana, and all level 3 spells cost 33 mana.
- The base power of level 1 spells is 5, the base power of level 2 spells is 10, and the base power of level 3 spells is 20.
- Eidolons have more than one element attached to their damage.
- All physical and magical attacks cause poison and darkness effects on the targeted creature or character.
- All characters start with twenty-six ability points.
- All the base character names have been modified.
- Every ability cost 255 AP to learn.
- The experience required to reach level 99 is now 15 millions-the level curve has been adjusted.
- The limit for base HP is now 5000.
- The limit for base MP is now 700.
- The HP and MP of enemies is doubled.
- You now gain less experience from enemies.
Link to download the patched CDs:

Or use this one:

If you only want the patch, you can use one of these two links

Version 1.2

Password for 1fichier is ff9angel.

Thank you in advance for testing my MOD ^^ I hope that you will appreciate the fact that this MOD make the game longer.

Exemple of the menu for Zidane:

Here you can see that each ability costs 13 MP (so choose the best abilities depending on the situation):

As seen below, your special abilities being available at any time, you will not need to count on the Trance mode. Even though the characters still do more damage in that state.

In Version 1.2 is add new system info.

Example of the new Help menu in the game.

The two letter characters are abbreviated to the elementary words.


Fi = Fire
Ic = Ice
Th = Thunder
Wa = Water
Wi = Wind
Ea = Earth
Ho = Holy
Sh = Shadow

The last Version, is 1.2

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