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Releases / Re: G-Bike style new model
« on: 2024-04-04 04:14:46 »
Is there any chance to see them as field model too ?  :-D

Also can you share those 3D model ? They look amazing !

Support / Re: FF8 Character battle models swapping
« on: 2018-09-04 18:56:26 »
Yay thank you ! It's working but... there's something wrong haha

I use the d023.mch ;o

Maybe I need to switch the animations too ?

EDIT: Trying to swap Rinoa casual outfit with her party dress (Finally !)

Low poly model is okay, the High poly model have some issues...

So there's no chance to see Squall and Rinoa with theses outfits as battle models ? >.<

Support / Re: FF8 Character battle models swapping
« on: 2018-09-04 17:32:24 »
Can you tell us how can you swap field model ? Cause I'm trying too but my game crash everytime, So I think i'm doing something wrong.
I don't remember that Squall was wearing this outfit in the Infirmary, so I think you used the file from the field with this model, right ?

Teach me how to do that xD

Anyway, I was trying to swap battle models too, especially with Rinoa in her party dress, I almost did the field model (but it crash cause I don't know how to do it correctly)

But in battle it's a total fail.

Okay so, I tried to follow step by step, I extracted the MapData Folder, I found the field that I want, but I don't know how can I open the .fs file from the field.

Actually I was trying to found a solution to use the party dress of Rinoa for Field and Battle, but I don't think it's possible, maybe by changing the texture only ?

Any chance with Cheat Engine too ? Maybe a table can add party member of even change the outfit (for example the seed outfit)

Here's a little tutorial to use any enemies before entering in a battle:

1.) Launch Cheat Engine
2.) Launch FF8
3.) In FF8 go into a field with enemy encounters (but DO NOT enter a battle)
4.) In cheat engine, select the top left button (outlined in red) and click FINAL FANTASY VIII and open
5.) Click the "Memory View" button
6.) In the Memory Viewer, right click on any instruction and click "Go to Address"
7.) In the pop up box, enter 495550 (or 4954A0 for FR) and hit OK
8.) The selected instruction should be a "mov"
9.) Make sure that the instruction is highlighted in blue (click on it) and go to Debug (Top) --> toggle breakpoint
10.) Press the OK button on the pop up to attach the debugger
11.) The instruction should now be green
12.) In FF8 walk around until you encounter a battle
13.) The screen should fade to black, and then the game should stop
14.) In the Memory Viwer, there should be a window on the right now that shows the registers (EAX, EBC, EDX, etc.)
15.) Click on Debug --> Step
16.) The mov instruction should now be highlighted red, and the shl instruction should be highlighted in blue
17.) On the right, click the number next to the EDX register
18.) In the pop up window (Change Register) set the value to the enemy (e.g. 89 for Ultimicia first form) and press OK
19.) Click on Debug --> Run
20.) The mov instruction should again be highlighted in green
21.) Click on Debug --> Toggle Breakpoint
22.) The mov instruction should now be highlighted in blue
23.) Click on Debug --> Run
24.) Go into FF8 and you should load in with an enemy in your party

Unfortunatly, you need to repeat this everytime before a battle...

Is there any chance to make a cheat table to use any enemy as a permanent member ? (for example: Replace Edea with Ultimecia)

Also, I'm trying to replace field models too:

 I'm using the Deling Editor, and I can only use the field model of the same field, I'm wondering how can I found a solution to use models from other fields like the first video (,

I saw in the previous replies that I need the file, but I don't know how to open it :/

Can someone help me ? xD

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