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This version does not seem to support "successful thefts".
I read the comment that 0.6b worked successfully but I cannot find that version.
Anyone can solve this problem?

No, I don't think it ever worked on the steam version. I might be wrong.
There was a rather huge bug in the 1st releases after the steam version. I wouldn't use them, as they could break your game.

Hello everyone,

I have a question about editing the Chocobo hot and cold tab.  This is currently disabled.  How can I enable it?  I play on the steam version with the Moguri mod installed.  It's really great to be able to edit the save file using the Memoria save editor while running a true mod like Moguri.  The file extension is a .dat file, in case that matters.  Thank you!

This is a cool project. Why not publishing it on GitHub so others can help to improve it?


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