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Having trouble finding a specific mod.


So I was watching this video (https://youtu.be/os2snB9em-0?t=204) where he plays against the Sweepe boss, I think, and the model is super detailed and cool looking.  He gives a link to another video where he lists all of the mods he's using, and I have a screenshot of the one I think it is (https://imgur.com/a/nFqF1Ut) but searching around has led me nowhere.  I'd love to either find that mod, or any others that redo the enemies that you guys might suggest me.  I'm using Ninostyle for the characters.

That guard scorpion was done by Millenia.  Not sure where to find it these days, but some googling and search bar use should help.   

Looks like this might be it?

This was it, thank you!


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