Author Topic: Triple Triad for FF7, help with background and numerical font  (Read 1264 times)


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Hello guys  ;)

I publish this in graphics support, the main request is about this, but with nuances, sorry if this is not totally for this section (I did not really know where to publish this), if moderator considers a better place, you can move this topic.

I am currently working on triple triad for ff7, finally this is starting to go well, I will include this project in my OVA Remake mod, I will publish this when the game is finished, it will also be in English.

The code is very advanced, but it would be great if someone could collaborate with some visual aspect, obviously it will be duly credited.

-Main reason-

If someone is good with photoshop / gimp and is able to create a new background for me for this (style similar to original), please contact me privately.

If someone can provide numbering font similar to triple triad ff8 (remastered version is great).

This is difficult, but if someone wants to collaborate with the design of specific cards, same case, I say the same about the song of the game.

-Other reasons-

If someone wants to propose a specific rule (don't say impossible things please) I can listen.

Regarding states, I will create a different concept (not only +1 or -1)

Thanks for reading, I will try to upload video when I have something very advanced.