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[PSX] Image file extractor and related tools (2008-01-06)

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Little update :))

Fixed little bug with pixels in textures (example in 36 scene on the carpet).

Added function for loading other scene by pressing "enter" key.

Fixed bug with semi-transparent objects.

Incresed textures contrast.

+ SourceCode on Blitz

FFIX WorldMap Viewer V1 + SRC. /mirror post/

Fire Dem0n:
Hey Zidane_2,
I really appreciate you creating a application file can extract databases from FFIX...but I cannot seem to figure it out personally. I have tired again and again and always seem to get the same response from your application. Here is what it always says to me:

"Can`t find file, or directory incorrect!
2 parameters:
First is full path to FF9.img file
Second is path to directory for extract with slash at end
Usage: FF9_img_extractor.exe <FF9.img> <Directory/>"

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Can you please help me out?

Thank you for any help given

PS: Here is a link to provide more information on my issue:


--- Quote from: FaustWolf on 2007-12-09 21:20:38 ---Thanks for re-upping those, Zidane!  :-D

--- End quote ---

Thanks alot Zidane

Hi Zidane,

Have you see any possibility in FF9 to extract the dialog and then make a translation?


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