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[Tutorial] How Palmer works - Get New Fields into game

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Yep. I've even tried loading only 1 of the modified PNG into the Frontend, launching Palmer from it, open the original field file, then Batch Import. I'm probably doing something obviously stupid, or thinking something else than what his instructions really imply. I've tried every combination of options, but all that works is bypassing the Frontend, run Palmer, open the original field file, import each modified layer PNG one-by-one, then Write Modpath Textures. Doing that for many thousands of texture layers makes my head spin  :cry:

Mayo Master:
I know it's not much, but when you "import png files" with Palmer, you can import the whole lot relative to one given scene if all the layered pngs are under the same directory. Likewise, instead of having to import thousands of png, you only have to do this process for about... 650 times  :-\   Hopefully someone will come up with better advice  :-[

Unfortunately, it's still thousands because I have three resolution versions at 703 folders each *cries*


Salut l'equipe,
désole pour mon mauvais anglais. Je suis Belge.
J'essaie d'améliorer mon ff7 en utilisant tout vos mod, je commence a utilisé Blender pour injecter des monstres etc d'autre ff, mais les modeles de combats, je m'en fou encore un petit peu, j'aimerais vraiment modifier les scenes dans le jeu. si j'ai bien compris pour faire vos rendu sur blender, on a besoin de shinratool, mais je ne trouve pas cet outil sur le site... pourriez vous m'aidez s'il vous plait? et puis si je pouvais obtenir un tuto en francais, j'en serais egalement ravi.

Hi Team,
sorry for my bad English. I am belgian.
I try to improve my ff7 using all your mod, I start Blender used to inject other monsters etc ff but fights models I don't care too much right now. I'd really like to change the scenes in the game. if I understood correctly, to do your renders on blender, you need shinratool but I cannot find this tool on the site ... could you help me please? and then if I could get a tutorial in french, I would be quite happy


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