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I will try it as soon as the NpC reconstruction patch is compatible with the Hi-res

Sorry, forgot to add i have that installed aswell  :-o

I'm on Vista 32 bit with an 8800. I done a clean install, patched it to 1.02, installed truemotion, changed my fddshow settings to get fmv's working, applied the saints patch, set all to win98 compatability mode and it now works fine for me, any of the above help?

Im in work at the moment, but I've been playing FF7 for the last month on my Nvidia GF 8800 GTX without any problems, I've got the saint's patch and some others installed but it all runs fine for me, and I've got a dual boot Vista/XP and it works on both.

As soon as i get back from work i'll post up my details, drivers, patches, settings etc etc and see if we can get it going for you...

FF7's's FF8 that's shafting me.

[Edit: I just booted into my XP partition only to have it blue screen, cough, fall over and die. Im gonna re-install my XP part and start from scratch again, soz for delay!]

Im right by city center, just near tradeston... lol.

Well i doubt we are allowed to hijack this topic for a standard chat :p

Archive / Re: RELEASE: soldier uniform mod
« on: 2007-09-13 08:42:52 »
He lost his other arm in a drastic "schmelting" accident and got a transplant from a dead white guy. There you go, explained.  :-D :-P

Damn straight.... t'was a horrible accent, where abouts are you from Lex? Good ol' Glesga for me.

General Discussion / Re: Gosh... FF VII FMVs
« on: 2007-09-13 08:31:44 »
That's actually quite impressive.

Have you installed any other patches/mods except the aforementioned Eidos 1.02?

I was sure the "underwater" materia was listed in an "unmissables" guide

Well..... if it's UN-missable....then i suppose he wouldnt have missed it in the first place....

Nope, you need to give the reach around to a spider monkey whilst dancing the Conga before you're allowed back in. FACT.

Completely Unrelated / Re: While browsing eBay...
« on: 2007-09-11 12:15:05 »
The best thing I ever seen on ebay was the "International Can of Mystery" I think it went for about £42 .... bet that guy was pissed, turned out to be a tin of Cambells oxtail soup...

With an on-topic note, someone should get this guys details and put his house up on e-bay, give him a taste of the pain.

Norton is shit.

Now i understand that this may be considered spam or a useless answer, but believe me it's true. It picks up windows default system files up and shouts about them. It is a resource heavy piece of useless crap. Uninstall and get AvG or something.

Or then again, you could have a virus  :-P

Theres a scene in the labyrinth where the little funny guy turns to walk away from the girl and mutters, but if you listen, he actually says "Phwurh Whore!"


Completely Unrelated / Re: Average fanboys
« on: 2007-08-30 14:40:30 »
While that was actually quite interesting it does actually chip another piece of my faith in humanity's ability to not be retarded. I don't understand it... is it to justify to themselves that they just paid crazy money for something that will inevitably die in a short space of time.

What will be interesting to see is if Nintendo make a mistake - even minor - with a patch/firmware/game or anything at all really, these exact same people will be the authors of posts like the following.


And such like.

Archive / Re: [need help] FF7 --- Blocky in-game scene
« on: 2007-08-30 09:24:40 »
Yeah, I was just lucky it was upgrade time of the year for me anyway. If I do find anything out I'll let you know, I've got a friend in the same boat.

Troubleshooting / Re: Errors and Crashes
« on: 2007-08-30 08:19:26 »
hey all Ive been having some problems ...

EDIT ===================

ok more info ...

the game works fine with the normal install off the disc , it is playable tho has a few problems but overall it IS playable ....

when i try to patch the game to 1.02  is when i recieve problems ...

i copy and paste the two files , the exe and the config file over to my ff7 folder , overwriting the original ...

just this being done , once i click on the shortcut the game either does nothing or says please insert cd

however , this happens even when i have the cd in the drive ...

also even when i try and auto play the game with the cd it gives me this message , so i think i can safely say that the 1.02 patch isnt really working for me

can someone please help me with this

First off, is it a legit copy of the game? If not then your onto plums. If it is however then have a look at what compatability mode the .exe's are running after you have patched, as with some games this can make an "Insert Disc" error even if the disc is in, switch between the different modes and see what works for you (generally Win98/ME is best)


if i skip the 1.02 XP patch , and i continue through patching i get various problems ....

when i try to patch the HIGH RES ... i click patch and the message says done , but above it it says nothing patched ...

what is wrong with this ?


This is most likely because the High-Res patch was made for the 1.02 patch (i believe) and it wont patch a different size file.



when i go to the higher res cloud , nothing happens well it patches fine but the effects dont change

This one I'm not sure about, maybe when the rest is sorted that will fix itself.



when i patch using the NPC Reconstruction thingy ( which looks AMAZING BY , looking at screenies )

it goes through a long patching process but at the end when the game runs nothing is changed

Did you follow all the instructions on this? Using LGPTools to extract everything from the lgp file into a folder then running the NPC project then using LGPTools to recompile it all again and replace the original? If not, then that will be the problem, I'm sure theres a readme with it explaining everything.


ive been looking everwhere trying to fix this but i cant seem to get any answers

The more pleases you post doesn't make a difference ;)

Archive / Re: STICKY: FF7 Music
« on: 2007-08-28 10:41:36 »
As far as i remember i emptied the awe.lgp then recompiled it and added it back in and it seemed to fix my problems, all i had was the mp3's playing, and they were all in time.

Archive / Re: [need help] FF7 --- Blocky in-game scene
« on: 2007-08-28 10:38:22 »
Truth Unknown

From everything I have read I don't believe there is a fix for the grid lines when using an ATI card. I tried everything a while back when i was using a x850xtpe including the APC and other things learned on these forums and got no results. If anyone else has learned anything new then shoot, but I ended up buying a Nvidia 8800 which sorted things for me.

Jesus, gimmie a break. I thought maybe some people would like the input of someone who has been playing games, and been a major part of the gaming scene for over 10 years, and by passing one comment, which by the way is true as i was following the story AS IT WAS HAPPENING. However, I'll just refrain from posting now as i seem to have been shot down for pretty much nothing.

Check out Vincent Val's new thread above this.

George Harrison of Nintendo responded that he didn't care about Final Fantasy VII, because “most of our customers wouldn't want or appreciate such a slow and tedious game such as Final Fantasy VII.”

Soooo guys, how many times you think that guy kicked himself  :lol:

Completely Unrelated / Re: Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-06-16 02:15:49 »
(sorry, had to revive this, its class.)

Granted, although to unknown but incredibly annoying reasons,  time has traversed backwards to the year 1870. Nine years prior to the discovery of Scandium. Unlucky.

I wish for this wish not to get corrupted.

oh im moist.

FFVII has never been on a Nintendo system before

Well, when FF7 was first being made it was about 85% complete for the N64, then in a last min thing they switched it over to PSX (wasting a boat load of money development wise that had been spent )  and changed it around completely, however when on the N64 gameplay was the same but characters and settings were themed in a completly different style. So i would say there is a small chance they will hit a Nintendo system at SOME point.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What is friendship?
« on: 2006-06-13 07:41:04 »
Well, i'm pretty much new here, however i've read through this thread and im gonna put my bit in.

First off, no wonder you are asking for advice here, you are getting played. Rotten.
All this Yes/No/Maybe stuff is obviously making you go mad, i can't even wrap my head around it, but that's women for you. If the places were swapped and this was me i would have gave up on this Page 1 or 2, however it's easy to say that when you arent in the situation, you obviously feel for this girl bigstyle, wether you know/believe it or not, I can tell from the way you speak about her.

To be honest i don't think this will sort itself out by waiting. The best course of action in my eyes would be a "proper" talk. (you know the one, it's reffered to as "The Talk"). As daunting as it may seem play the cards straight. Tell her what your feeling, and the reasons you have not said before( I.E. the confusing mixed signals that are radiating outta the girl from all angles ) and wait for the reply. If you get what you don't wanna hear then you have basically saved yourself allot of mental anquish.

I know it's crushing to hear someone doesnt want you, if that is indeed the case, but it's allot better than running back n forth trying to just work out where the hell you stand and in the long run you will get to the same result but it may do even more damage as it's been strung out for so long.

As for my experiences (engaged to be married) girls/woman love confidence. Just tell her the script and wait for her answer. Trust me, it will make things better whatever way it goes.

*edit* by the way spyrojyros_tail  , wouldnt happen to have been Donington's download there would it? ;)

Thanks for the reply, So im assuming the Saint high res patch should take care of the ingame AA n AF then? Otherwise turning them off there will stop any AA being shown at all and this is what im after.

*edit* Well, i tried setting them down to the bottom, ticking and unticking "let the application decided" still nothing. Tried pretty much every option in there, including the one stated in the FF8 fix for it, all to no avail. Still have the grids.  :? Thank's for the input, any other ideas guys?

I apologise as i thought the above was a FF8 only fix as i do not know the details of the FF series game engine and did not realise this would work for both,  however if you are saying this will work for FF7 then i will try it now, thank you.


Thanks for the reply, I followed the instructions to a T with Alternate Pixel Center turned on and all FSAA and AF options on and turned right up and i still have the gridlines all over. Any additional help would be appreciated, thanks.

General Discussion / Re: Random Question Please Help
« on: 2006-06-12 20:37:20 »
Well, ignore the URL, as far as i can tell this is not cheats. Just a collection of saved game files from highlighted points of the game, i hope one of these is close to where you want!

Hope it helps! Fantasy 7 Saved Games

*edit* Actually i just checked that one out and i don't think any saves are relevant to what you want, however the best i can offer is this <---- Google is your friend!!!!

Run a search for FF7 PC Save Games and im sure you will find something close to where you are.

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