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Finishing Touch - Automagically get Q-Gears to run the game! (Revision 3)

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--- Quote from: Akari on 2015-10-09 10:03:11 ---Look at the version 0.14 and earlier It uses SDL. It can play movie work with native scripts and so on. It uses PSX version of native data but youcan easily convert to PC version. Some of features support pretty lame but definetly worth looking at. Whole first mission with movie was playable.

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Akari thats exactly what I showed Paul and it would be nice if you could help too since you wrote most of the SDL engine.  If we focus on ffvii only and not spend time on scripting languages/converters and fluff we should make a lot of real progress :)
One of the problems that has plagued Q-Gears is that we lost focus on the real goal of making a replacement ff7.exe and got carried away in making a uber complex engine that requires a lot of conversion to get anything to work.
Another great advantage of using the already existing formats is that we already have a very large library of programs that work and edit them, like Makou Reactor for fields or Kimera (spelling?) for models or Hojo and Proud Clod.

Kimera is crap, you should convert to a mainstream model format

We tried doing alot of fancy conversions last time and ended up chasing our tails because stuff was wrong and animations were messed up and we spent more time working on converters than the actual game.  This time were doing native formats untill everything works as specified and once that is done we can add special sauces ;)
However if you can write a 100% working model converter with all animations (and lighting) you are more than welcome :)

I see what you did there ;)

Where in the pantheon of github is this new proj


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