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Oh, hi again. Sorry, i been traveling for some time and have no time :(

In my test for the spanish version:

Have the rare blue thing. Someone have the fix?

Great news, u can guys hahaha ;)

I'm actually working on the Italian translation as well as the Spanish, French, and German!  Coming soon :)
I think the Spanish version is done... just need to test it.

we test it :D

go Spanish version! hahaha

Oh yes... Vibracion ... along with si and no.  Derp.  I will fix that right away.

"Aprieta!" is only on screen when you trigger squall's Renzokuken and have to hit the 'trigger' button several times in order to score the limit break's "Perfecto!"
The idea of it being a real "trigger" is that squall has a gunblade - and on PSX, you hit the 'trigger' button R2 (or R1, its been a long time.)

Oh yeah, i remember now (was R1 hahaha). Then the "aprieta" it's ok. I like more "Presiona" (like press), but is well anyways. Great work!

Heheh, ok - I'll keep T. Jue and T. Res.  Anything else?

Vibration = Vibracion.
 The "trigger! (aprieta!)" what is the context? it sounds a little weird

But what about the "Time" at the end of the line that means "Time Remaining"?  Could I use Juego for "Play" like they do in the English version? (or "Game" like in the German version?) Then T. Res could be Tiempo.

Does that make sense in Spanish? Or just the English translation?

"T. Juego" could be "Tiempo" and "T. Res" just "Restante", btw T. Juego and T. Res they are not that bad haha


I made a few changes to the translation here.... JeMaCheHi - any suggestions on re-translating?  The T. jue and T. Res seem kind of lame to me... should I make T. Jue into Duracion? and what about Time Remaining? Does any single word work or does it have to be a phrase?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!

T. Juego = "Tiempo de juego", maybe just "Tiempo" (Time).

LoL... don't say that... I'm spending all this time on making the Spanish version...   :?

U are the best!, i'm from Chile btw and yeah, there are plenty of people waiting the spanish version. Thanks for everything!

Hi! this mod is amazing, unfortunately I have the Spanish version :'(. Maybe we can help you?
ESP: A los amigos que también están esperando, ¿podríamos ayudar en algo quizás?
PS: excuse me for my bad english haha

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