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Sean Schafianski's Disk 2 PCMS:!SVYyyCxR!9nb0okEsbo3N0-e-zSd2ynjqs-FcBfFs1yaCkIVhpyQ


They're made from SoundCloud rips, if anyone can find a FLAC copy, I'll redo them.

Just pop these in the folder with the existing PCM files for the mod, overwrite the old ones, and you're good to go.

Wow, that was fast! I really appreciate it, thanks! Also, a pity that he abandoned this project, leaving even the Opera incomplete.

Guys, I just found out about this mod and was listening to the many remastered editions of FFVI to choose which ones to patch into my game, and I just fell in love with Sean Schafianski's versions of the tracks. Is there any chance you guys are gonna include his unfinished Disk 2 tracks to the mod?

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