Author Topic: [FF8-Steam] Any way to not be forced to use keyboard and mouse?  (Read 4763 times)


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The Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII has some annoying features, that force you to use keyboard/mouse also when you use a controller.
- Just after you push "play", you have to skip an epilepsy warning screen.
- When the game is launched, you have a screen about control binding, and you have to press X on keyboard to go into the game.
- To quit the game, you have to press ESC on keyboard

Is there a way or a mod, to avoid these screens or just bind a controller button, without use external tools like xpadder etc..?


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I am looking for the exact same thing.
Problem is, I bought the Steam version to use Lunatic Pandora and stream it downstairs to the Nvidia Shield.
Which makes it very hard to press the X key on the keyboard.  :lol:

The launcher I've been able to disable with a patched one so that one doesn't come up.
But the X button and escape is a different matter.
There is one option I found which sets the controls for your controller to keyboard ones, so that they behave like that. Not sure if X works that way. Still not to make some time to test that out.
Forgot what it was called.