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Troubleshooting / Animations Mod no longer available?
« on: 2021-03-03 06:33:06 »
So im trying to install the 60fps mod and i keep getting the 404 error.  Any other mod downloads no problem.  Is there something in particular for why this mod cannot be downloaded?

So i recently tried to set up 7th heaven with the remako mod.  All steps were followed and everything went smoothly. However seemingly out of nowhere after getting about 3 hours into midgar, i noticed that everytime i launch the 7th app it boots up fine and loads my mods, but when i press launch, the freezes and no longer responds.  I open task manager and notice rundll32.exe shoots my cpu to 100 percent useage with 7th heaven / ff7.exe being the culprit.  When i removed a few mods at a time, the game would launch, but every subsequent launch i have to deactivate another mod before it will even launch.  When i was able to get the game to launch, i would then go into task manager and end the rundll32.exe process and the game was fine and did not crash, however the times I try to launch the game and 7th heaven "not responds" i go into taks manager and kill rundll32.exe and 7th heavne gives me a "not enough memory" error..

I am at a complete loss as to what is happening here. Any help or advanced technical insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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