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Title: Wireless Controller Question
Post by: yacopoge on 2022-06-17 11:18:03
Hey everyone,
I have a Xbox One controller (model 1708) that I have been using flawlessly when using 7th Heaven.  But only when it's wired.  When I connect it through bluetooth, it does not register my buttons correctly.  I tried connecting it directly to my computer and using the wireless adapter, but the problem remains the same.  What's odd is that when I open the settings I can see that all of my buttons are being registered as I press them.  I've also used antimicro to map the controller which seems to work, but once I open 7th Heaven and set my controls, the buttons are completely off and get jumbled up, and I find that some buttons don't even register at all.
Has anyone have any success with playing with a wireless controller?