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Releases / MOVED: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-03-05 23:13:34 »

Hi guys.

For those who have problems launching the game, specifically a code 5 error (which may show as multiple attempts to inject), then please do the following.

1 - Navigate to the game installation folder.
2 - Right click ff7.exe and select properties.
3 - Click the compatibility tab.
4 - Select "run in 640x480 screen resolution"
5- Click ok.

This will not actually force that resolution but it is a workaround to the problem, your screen may momentarily go black when launching the game.

Releases / [FF7PC] [7H] Enhanced Stock UI (2.0)
« on: 2019-07-24 19:20:57 »
Here is a public build of Enhanced Stock UI by me and EQ2Alyza

The idea behind this mod is I wanted a high resolution mod based on the stock UI in the game, that had no other functionality attached to it other than modernising the UI, and also not needing a custom executable, so to have least complexity in using it.

Before I started on this Mod I knew very little about modifying the UI in the game, and having been able to look at Menu Overhaul I was able to figure out how to create something I liked.

Tools used for creating this mod were.

Cheat Engine for live hext editing to adjust alignments
makoureactor for extracting texture files from game, and
Omega for converting those texture files to images
Gimp for editing the UI asset files, and upressing them.
I also used some images from the older MO mod such as the menu font.
7th heaven for packaging the mod.

The mod makes the following changes to the stock game.

4x resolution for UI assets.
Adjustable high res materia and inventory items.
New icons for the battle arena reel.
New UI assets for boxes and battle headers.
Additional rows in inventory screen and command menu's.
Many alignment improvements over stock game.
Choice between R03 menu overhaul dialog box style and stock dialog.
Full screen rendering for battle UI
999 hour support on game timer display.

New in 2.0

Additional Battle Themes optimised to be able to view the barrier bars without hiding the menu.
Additional Minimalist Battle Theme for fans of the old Menu Overhaul project.
Better support for transparent avatars, and further alignment improvements.

Thanks to the following people.

EQ2Alyza for helping develop the mod, her beta testing of a MO build kick started this.
Beta testers LordUrQuan, unab0mb, Strife98 and Tsunamix
DLPB and Kramner for the Menu Overhaul project.  As said above MO font assets are been used in this mod and a small part of the hext code is taken directly from MO.
Fewtch for the new logo and his Remake theme

Spoiler: show
To install, download the User Interface mod from the qhimm catalog and activate it.
It is also available as standalone in the MOTR catalog, this build has newer less tested code/features.
Or download the iro, and then import the iro into 7th heaven.

Use "ff7.exe", dont use ff7_mo or ff7_bc exe files, this is very important.

download link

Enhanced Stock UI-rel2

download link legacy version - 28112019 update, no longer supported.


In addition Fewtch has made a new theme for ESUI, based on the FF7 REMAKE.  This should be placed "above" ESUI in 7h load order.  Options are still to be configured in ESUI, but font, borders, and icons can be specified in the remake theme to override ESUI UI elements.

ESUI Remake Theme

Also I have now released a controller addon for ESUI, works with the theme as well, this is designed with modularity in mind, and I am hoping gameplay authors adopt this and add controller icons in their mod's.  I will assist if asked.  This is based on the vanilla game text/scripts.  Also is available in the MOTR catalog, and will very soon be an option in the qhimm catalog "User Interface" as well.

ESUI Controller Addon

FAQ - in progress
Spoiler: show

1 - How do I add the buttons to my gameplay (flevel) mod.

See this file here, open it in a unicode editor to see the symbols, they canbe injected into makou reactor.  I will post another method later.

Controller Characters

2 - I have seen a few posters on discord which seem to have took issue on a design decision regarding the barriers.  I will explain the decision made.

The UI I wanted was not to remove elements I considered important, people testing the mod prior to release agreed with me on this principle, the barriers especially on difficulty mods may be a tool that a player utilises, and been able to see the duration left on the barrier can be useful.
On the nbb theme where the barriers were moved to the far right, they have not increased UI pixel usage, as prior to moving them there the atb and time bars utilised that space, in addition the amount of space as a whole taken up by them is a tiny part of the UI, for a practical benefit, an older UI mod which was popular actually used up "more" room for its UI in that area.  The bar background boxes were kept as the bars didnt look right without a background to them, they had poor visibility.

Any donations are appreciated, donate link below.


Images below comparing stock to the mod so the difference can be seen.

Couple of images from the remake theme below

Gameplay / converting exe to hext addresses
« on: 2019-07-23 10:17:46 »
Is there a formula for this, since I dont want to not patch my exe anymore, I need to convert some addresses I was using to hext format.

Interestingly I originally got all these addresses from qhimm but now cannot find any posts at all related to people sharing addresses.

The addresses I need are.

Each individual result of tifa's wheels.
Vincents kill divider for his ultimate weapon damage.
Speed adjustment for speed square aimer.

Any other address's people willing to share would be nice also.

I get the death animation and his second form briefly appears then I get the prompt to do an emergency save and it will crash.

This is 100% repeatable, any ideas on how to discover whats breaking it?

General Discussion / mod to adjust chocobo racing prizes
« on: 2018-02-02 17:18:16 »
Is it possible or one already exists?

In my balance mod, I have the precious watch and chocobracelet modified so they increase AP growth, so I have an armour with 4 triple grow slots, and one with 8 double grow slots.

These are rare, but I think they too rare, they can only appear as the rare prize and that prize very rarely spawns on a 1-2 result.

I want to remove stuff like potion as a prize from S class, and make it so either the rare prizes only rotate between a few items, or allow these 2 armours to appear as more common prizes.

Troubleshooting / need standalone 60fps mod
« on: 2018-01-25 00:28:59 »
This one if possible please.

I really dont get the idea of forcing people to use a big mod just for one feature.

1 - I dont want to use reunion.
2 - 60fps battle mode works using the option from faster animations in 7th heaven, however this requires a custom exe, both custom exe's provided by 7th heaven have issues, detailed here.
3 - 60fps activated via ochu trainer speeds up the game to 4x speed.

#2 is promising but unless someone makes a fixed exe its a no go for me.

I will pay someone to code a new solution if noone is able to share the original 60fps patch, thanks.

7th Heaven / menu overhaul exe mods materia stats
« on: 2018-01-24 23:52:38 »
the ff7_mo.exe seemingly is only supposed to be for the menu overhaul, but it actually makes balance changes to the game.

Very disappointed, but I guess this is what happens when people make "one big mod" and then it tries to be separated.


Steal materia stock increases dexterity by +2, no other stat changes.

When using the ff7_mo.exe the steal materia increases dexterity by 10, decreases luck by 10 and decreases max mp by 4%.  All the materia follows a similar pattern in they have much more extreme affects on stats.  Seems kernel.bin gets ignored.

Nowhere in the 7th heaven FAQ and guide does it state this exe modifies game balance, also the menu overhaul in 7th heaven app does not mention this either.

Can this please be fixed?

If I use the other alternative exe provided which is ff7_bc.exe supposed to be only used when enabling the retranslation feature, the stats are "not" modified, but various descriptions are changed which I prefer not to have.

Gameplay / balance changes I made, anyone interested?
« on: 2018-01-22 04:15:42 »
If anyone is interested  I will share the files I modded (assuming no copyright issue)

Mob monsters have the following changes in general.

Massive increased dexterity, so more likely to go first and more frequent turns
Moderatly increased Magi/Str so attacks hurt more
Some enemies now deal ailments on attacks
Steal rate is massively increased so stealing isnt a grind, but not 100% chance. soft steal isnt increased on the enemies that drop valgyre claw, so those claws do not become impossible to get.
Item drop rate significantly increased, so if you farming for items, you less likely to get overlevelled in the process. typically rare 3% becomes 10%, otherwise drop rate is around 50-60%. More so it should hopefully mean anyone is happy to not farm for items at all.


Usually 4x increase in HP so they feel like a boss, and can survive things like omnislash, some bosses may have lower increase (very early game in midgar), others may have larger increase.
Massive increase in Str/Mag so attacks really hurt, some battles you will need sadness to survive.
Significant increase in dexterity.


Various accessories are boosted.


Some balance changes to potions

Potions - restore fixed 300 hp
HI Potions - restore 50% hp
Elixir - restore 50% hp/mp
Megalixir - restore full hp/mp ONE character only

The only way to recover all mp/hp on entire party in one go is aerith limit break, so megalixir no longer cheaps out her ability.

Life - restores 33% instead of 25% hp
Life 2 - grants death force as an extra, also MP cost increased as well to balance out.
Pheonix downs, grant wall, I plan to make phoenix downs only have a 66% chance of working to encourage magic use.

The reason for life and pheonix down been buffed is when used in hard hitting fights, with just plain 25% recovery you struggle to keep revived character alive at times.

I may have made other changes I forgot about, I am pretty sure I adjusted limit breaks balance, and summons. (years ago).

I am considering allowing elixir and megalixir to be used on dead characters to revive as well.

Cloud starts at level 1
growth curves adjusted so characters are much more unique and extreme e.g. tifa gets pretty high dexterity, aerith gets very good magic growth but is noticebly weaker physically.
hp and mp can still get high end of game but grow slower at lower levels, and catch up later on.

I dont want reunion version as it doesnt work with normal menu.


7th Heaven / 7th heaven mods that alter exe cause crash
« on: 2018-01-03 18:02:33 »
example "Tweaks and cheats"

The old school patcher can do things like enable all yeah on tifa fine via patching exe, no game crash.  But that isnt compatible with 7th heaven patched exe.

If I install the mod, then whenever the game hits a part the mod modifies, it instantly crashes with errors related to unable to read memory addresses.

I have added ff7.exe to DEP exception list.

any ideas?


If I set the alternative exe's so either ff7_bc or ff7_mo the crashes stop, however the game UI is all messed up, I am not using any of the mods that the guide states these exe's should be used.

General Discussion / psn save game mod request
« on: 2014-02-09 13:14:48 »
I consider the speed square mini game broken, it requires a ridiculous amount of skill to get 5000 points and is a shooter in a turn based rpg so doesnt go with the gameflow.

It seems to mod a psn save file whilst preserving the ps3 signature isnt possible currently without special hardware, so I have a request to anyone who has this hardware.

If I upload a save file can the following things be changed?

Add umbrella
Add flayer (if its possible while I am still on disc 1)

Thats it, thanks.

I am struggling big time on it and my highest score isnt even close, 3400 with normal controller, 3800 with turbo fire.

Please anyone let me know if they can do this for me thanks, will pay for it as well.

I dont want a save file someone has made on a different playthru, I want to continue my own with just those 2 additions.

Troubleshooting / monitor going to standby whilst playing
« on: 2009-06-29 03:36:58 »
Have an annoying problem recently, when playing ff7 my monitor goes into standby and I have to move the mouse to get it back out of standby.

I am playing with a usb gamepad and I am guessing for some reason my pc isnt recognising its activity as use.  But no idea why.

Ok when playing the game and breeding chocobos chloe mentions which chocobo is the fastest sprinter, this is the only hint the game gives you of that ability.  I assume this is the ability that when you press the sprint (turbo) button during a race it affects how fast the chocobo goes.

Most of the time when I breed all yellow chocobos I get (even wonderful ones) barely speed up when I use turbo, only the black and gold seem to do.  But when compared to A,S and the computer black chocobo its bad they sprint much faster.

So my question is, can sprint stat be boosted by certian combinations of nuts and greens?

I have read the mechanics guide here.

It mentions run, dash and acceleration stats, so the chocobos have 3 different stats related to speed? which one out of dash and run is used as the speed stat, and what does accelerate do?


Troubleshooting / sound dying in movie cut scenes
« on: 2009-05-08 02:52:30 »
Problem same as listed here.

Some details.

opening movie plays with sound.
sound is ok in game fights etc. and music.
after escaping first reactor and movie plays when bomb explodes all sound dies.
there is no sound at all until I go to next screen where meet aeris when sound comes back, even sound in menu stops.
I am not using ff7 music patch.
I have no codecs installed other than truemotion and whatever codecs come with windows, no ffdshow etc.

any help is appreciated thanks, googling etc. has only found others with same problem but no solution.

General Discussion / bosses too easy?
« on: 2003-10-28 01:35:25 »
is it me or are the bosses too easy, I tend to do extra fighting which probably puts me at higher level then the average person but I expect bosses to pose a challenge, and going through the game I feel there is only a few that have a chance of killing me.

1 - There hps are way too low I think they should be at least 4x what they are

2 - More of them need to have confusion making it a lot tougher

3 - They should be stronger if character level is higher

Is it possible to make an editor that allows editing of monster stats, so I could make the game tougher for myself, I think the normal fights are ok because they cannot be too hard otherwise leveling up would be a bitch, but the bosses need to be tough enough so anyone not levelled up is a goner.

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