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Windows 10 version of FFVII?


Apparently there's a windows 10 only version that was made at the same time as the ps4 version.

This one i expect has xbox button prompts, and has achivements.

Does anyone actually have this, and are there any features it has to recommend it over the steam release?

In particular, do the slots work right (60fps), and do the animated backgrounds work properly?

Okay seems there's some huge 26 meg UWP application. the english exe and jp exe are hidden at


without their exe extensions. they don't seem to actually run, though, wanting some files that are not at all present in this release. it seems the 26 meg wrapper deals with this.

I'm not sure this version can even be converted.  it does have a nice shiny japanese ver exe hidden in it though.

it does seem to have xbox AND ps4 controllers natively supported, with button prompts.  a nice trick.  and if course it has the ogg music, and the new cheats. (3x speed, no encounters, insta limit break, dialog skip)

the button prompt thing and the new cheats are the most interesting feature i think.

Replacing data files with modded versions should still work.  So mods that don't touch the exe should be installable.

it does have the cheats from the  ps4 version.  and some of them aren't in any mod yet.

As for the slots and animated backgrounds, I haven't experienced any issues with them. Everything seems to run smoothly at 60fps, and the backgrounds are just as cool as they are in the PS4 version. In terms of features that might make it worth getting over the Steam release, I'd say that the Xbox button prompts and achievements are definitely the biggest selling points. It's really just a matter of personal preference, though.


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