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Team Avalanche / Re: Time to celebrate!
« on: 2012-12-24 20:44:26 »
Follow this thread and you'll see there are still a couple models and some field textures left in the repisitory.
I'm happy to have these models available because I'll definitely use them in my game.
But I'm also a little sad to have them outside of the Avalanche project.
I hope these releases serve to jumpstart the ambitious Avalanche project!

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2012-12-24 02:36:04 »
There is a bug in Bootleg .0039 that deletes condor.lgp when the condor enhancement option is disabled.
Replace the condor.lgp file with a vanilla version.
This bug is fixed  for the upcoming .040 release.

Another bug in .0039 sometimes prevents the sound driver from configuring correctly.
Set the sound driver with FF7Config.exe.

The tearing may be related to vsync.
Try enabling vsync in the Bootloader configuration and/or in your video card settings.

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2012-12-23 21:37:00 »
Are you running some type of virus/malware software?
Something blocked the new sound effects patch and resulted in those missing files.
If you can't disable the protection software or add an exception for the Bootleg files, then try installing without the new sound effects.

Are you using the Chrome browser?
Close everything before opening FF7Config.exe.

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2012-12-23 19:58:34 »
Are you using Windows 8?  There are still some issues when installing with Windows 8.

Also make sure that the file .\data\field\flevel.lgp is present.
Sometimes when running the new to old conversion multiple times deletes this file.

Yay, the Reasonable Difficulty bug is already fixed.

The Menu Overhaul option "show all status effects in menu" was called "Status Icons" in the option list.
I changed it to "Show Status" for clarity.
Otherwise Bootleg .040 is code complete.

I have Bootleg .040 pretty much ready for release.
Everything seems to work for whatever that's worth.
In order to stick with  the release schedule (before the end of the world) I had to cut two features: individually customizable music tracks and field weapon that matches the battle weapon.
Maybe those features will stake make it into a future release.

Do any of the testers have any final complaints before this 6!+(# drops?

If publishers found a way to completely prevent piracy then nobody would play a lot of the crappy games they try to sell for $60.
If they made better, quality games then more gamers would happily support the developers.
Would 0% piracy mean cheaper games or simply give publishers an excuse to charge whatever they wanted?

Who hasn't felt burned about spending $15 for some POS DLC?
Some games are so terrible that nobody even wants to steal them.

And with some of the crappy DRM schemes, a person has to crack a legitimately purchased game just to make it run correctly.

So now that UMD's are dead tech, how are we going to play our favorites like CC on the Vita?

Some older software requires a page file.
Sure, setting the page file lower theoretically forces Windows to use the much faster RAM, but it will also prevent a lot of old software from running.

You may need to increase the size of the page file or change it back to system managed in order to run FF7.

What size is your page file?
Are you running any other programs?
Have you recently updated drivers?

64GB ram is still a bit unusual for a laptop or even a desktop.
That's something I would expect more from a server rather than a gaming machine.
Are you sure it's RAM and not an SSD HDD?

What type of error message are you receiving?
Is the game crashing with a specific message?

Post your app.log.

Check the app.log to make sure the game is using the correct video card.
You may need to force the game to run on the NVidia GPU.

Q:I'm experiencing black screens, tearing and stuttering.
A:Bootleg is not compatible with Intel graphics cards.  If you are using a laptop with a Radeon/NVidia card, you may also have an Intel card.
  The game uses the default video card which may be the Intel card.
  Check in the app.log to identify which card FF7 is using.
  To force FF7 to run on the Radeon/NVidia card, go into the graphics settings and "add" the file/app, "FF7.exe," to run on the improved performance processor.

In the United States downloading an ISO is illegal even if you own the original game.
You're entitled to make one backup of your original software.

There is a memory leak with the OpenGL driver.
The game will eventually crash after extended periods of running.
Avoid pausing the game during battles.
Pausing during battles exacerbates the leak.

How much ram is in your computer?
Save often.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Manborg (2012)
« on: 2012-12-18 00:40:42 »
Hmmm .  . . something looks very familiar right at about 6 seconds in . . .

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2012-12-17 00:50:22 »
You must have the Aeris Revival option check in Bootloader before you reach the death scene.
It's best to have Aeris Revival enabled from the beginning of the game.
When Aeris Revival is enabled, using a save game created without it may cause problems.

You can add Aeris back to the party with the save game editor Black Chocobo.

Black_Chocobo-1.9.7_win32.exe                   Sithlord48      Tool to edit save games                 Qhimm HOME FILE

Run FF7Config.exe as administrator.
Select the GRAPHICS tab.
Under the DISPLAY dropdown list, select the correct graphics card.


EQ2Alyza is doing an amazing job maintaining the torrent and installation tutorial.
Check out the thread-- Tifa's Bootleg.

Bootleg .040 has all updated, working links for however long that lasts.

The final RC is available for testing.  PM me for your beta testing opportunity!
If you are chosen as a member of the elite beta testing team, please respond back with your testing results even if you simply say that everything worked flawlessly.

Bootleg .040 should be available in time for the winter solstice.

Have you looked at The Big List of Final Fantasy VII Mods?

I've very close to finalizing Bootleg .040.
I really really hope to have it out before the end of next week.

Here's what's new:
Bootleg .040 Working
Code: [Select]
    Added New APZ Cloud Battle Model in Normal, Dark and Black Uniform: apzcloud_FINAL.rar, apzcloud_DLC.rar
    Added New APZ Cloud Field Model with and without Sword in Normal, Dark and Black: APZ Cloud Field V4.2.rar,
    Added New APZ Chibi Cloud Field Model in Normal, Dark and Black: Chibi APZ Cloud Beta.rar
    Added BlitzNCS New Chibi Cloud Field Model:
    Added ComplexMultiShader:
    Added Omzy's FacePalmer Fixes: Omzy's FF7 Field, FixedLightingTextures PART1.rar, FixedLightingTextures PART2.rar, FixedMissing Files.rar, FixedSpecialCases.rar,,
    Added Minmin's Transparent Avatars:
    Added Zendar's Coin Skill Textures: qsvyig.png, zeni_h_00.rar, zeni_h_00.rar, mj0dq1.png, amz5z5.png, Coin.rar
    Added Zendar's Blue Counter Numbers Texture: 2itfspt.png
    Added Missing PSF Music: ff7 missing
    Added Cait Sith Weapons: cait sith weapons.7z
    Added Cloud Weapon Options-- No Change, Dragon Murasame, APZ Buster, APZ Ragnarok, OmniBuster, Oblivion Lovelace, Oblivion Ultima:, external mods
    Added Individual Customization for Cloud Weapons: slayernexts with compiled
    Added FMV Cutscene option: No Change
    Added Support of Re-Release Version: FF7 PC New to Old Converter By Kranmer FULL.exe
    Added New Track to Bootleg Soundtrack: 4-18 - Staff Roll (End Credits)-rev5-ff7music.ogg
    Added FeliX Leonhart's World Map Ocean Textures: world.exe
    Added Chibi Reconstruction Models: Chibi Reconstruction 1.5.exe, Mxsters Chibi Reconstruction V1.6.exe, CHIBICON.rar, Cloud.rar, clouddress.rar, Jessie Version 2.rar, Red13 Release.rar
    Added NameSpoofer's Cloud Strife ReModel: CloudRemodel.rar
    Added Whiteraven's AC Barret Battle Model: Whiteraven AC Barret Battle.rar
    Added Whiteraven's AC Tifa Models: Whiteraven Tifa Battle.rar, White Raven Tifa Mod.rar
    Added Whiteraven's Vincent Re-ReModel Battle Model: Whiteraven Vincent Battle.rar
    Added Whiteraven's AC Yuffie Battle Model and Fixed Transparent Hair: Whiteraven Yufie Battle fixed.rar
    Added Whiteraven's HQ Aerith Battle Model: Whiteraven Aerith Battle.rar
    Added Whiteraven's Mature APZ Cloud Battle Model: Whiteraven Apzcloud Mature-Rev.rar
    Added Whiteraven's Mature APZ Cloud Battle Model Converted by Buster Swd: Whiteraven Apz Cloud revision for field(adjusted).rar
    Added Weemus' FMV Style Models: Weeemus FMV Mod Beta 2.0d.rar
    Added E1sunz's Cait Sith - Cat Only Battle Model: Battle - Cait Sith Cat Only.rar
    Added JLOUTLAW's Hypersonic Limit Texture: Hyper Sonic Limit Texture.rar
    Added Bloodshot's Re-Animations: FF7 Re-animated.rar
    Added Recko's Gold Hilt Buster Sword Menu Background: buster_00.png
    Added Recko's Transparent Avatars:
    Added Missing Hairstyles for High-us Minigame: Cloud and Tifa
    Added JLOUTLAW's Ruby Weapon Retexture: Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar, Ruby Weapon Retexture, Modified Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar
    Added Bootloader Option to Disable Forced Refresh Rate
    Added Kuugen's Nightmare Conversion: Nightmare Files 1.rar, Nightmare flevel slim.rar, Nightmare OST.part1.rar
    Added PRP, Rebuilded, Chibi Construction and Dahfa's Chibi Field Model Options for Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris, Yuffie, Cid, Red XIII, Vincent and Sephiroth
    Added Bootloader Option to Mount/Unmount a Virtual FF7DISC1
    Added Bootloader Option to Automatically Set the Data Drive
    Added Bootloader Ability to Save Last Run Options
    Added Support for the Standalone OCRemix Soundtrack Pack: ffviiremix mp3's part1.rar, ffviiremix mp3's part2.rar
    Restored Missing Materia Animations
    Restored Missing Menu Background-- Zendar's AC Buster Sword at Midgar
    Restored MinMin's Missing Avatars
    Restored Missing Dahfa Barret Navy Uniform Field Model (AYFB)
    Revised Bootleg.log
    Revised Avalanche and Remix Model Installation
    Revised Base Model Installation to Recognize NO CHANGE Option for Player Models
    Revised Hairstyles to Accommodate New Models
    Removed Glitched Field Textures: colne_6
    Removed Dependence on The Remix - Bootleg Only Requires The Remix for the Original APZ Cloud and The Remix FMV's
    Updated German Conversion Thanks to Kompass63:
    Updated Gjoerulv's Hardcore Mod to 1.0.6: Gjoerulv-1.0.6.rar
    Updated Kranmer's Trainer: FF7 Trainer 0.7.1v4 By Kranmer.exe
    +Fixed Files Missing From LGP Archives Due to Ulgp Bug: ulgp_v0.7.7z
    +Fixed Translation of DISC_US.LGP
    +Fixed Broken Grimmy's AC Yuffie Battle Model
    +Fixed Grimmy's AC Yuffie always Installs with Grimmy's AC Tifa
    +Fixed Mismatched Enemy Lookup Table when Using Menu Overhaul ReTranslation with some mods: New Spell Names, Aeris Revival, Items Easy, Items Normal and Items Difficult
    +Fixed Crash due to Bootleg Setting Incorrect Sound Device
    +Fixed Crash After Remix When Using APZ Cloud or Timu Sumisu Barret
    +Fixed Missing/Broken Hairstyles for Cloud
    +Fixed Missing Cloud Wields Masamune Models
    +Fixed Broken Timu Barret+Kleyon Field Installation
    +Fixed Missing Summon Menu Command with Menu Overhaul:
    +Fixed Missing Romeo 14 Materia Texture in Normal Mode
    +Fixed Alpha Blending for High-us Models: Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Red XIII and Barret
    +Fixed Missing Sailor Moon Tifa Weapon
    +Fixed Missing Weapon Textures when No Change Selected for Battle Models
    +Fixed Missing Texture Errors
    +Fixed Hair Style Compatibility
    +Fixed Crash Due to Missing Condor.lgp when Not Using Stayoff's Condor Minigame Mod
    +Fixed Mismatched Lookup Table in Remix Remastered Mode
    +Fixed Blinking Head for Megaten's Pimped Barret; Jinkazama2k7's Assault Biggs, Jessie and Wedge
    +Fixed Bug When Creating FF7 Image
    Integrated Mods:, FixedLightingTextures PART1.rar, FixedLightingTextures PART2.rar, FixedMissing Files.rar, FixedSpecialCases.rar, ulgp_v0.7.7z,, qsvyig.png, 2itfspt.png, zeni_h_00.rar, zeni_h_00.rar, ff7 missing, cait sith weapons.7z, dragon buster.7z,, Coin.rar, FF7 PC New to Old Converter By Kranmer,,, 4-18 - Staff Roll (End Credits)-rev5-ff7music.ogg,,, slayernexts with compiled, world.exe, Chibi Reconstruction 1.5.exe, Mxsters Chibi Reconstruction V1.6.exe, CHIBICON.rar, Cloud.rar, clouddress.rar, Jessie Version 2.rar, Red13 Release.rar, Whiteraven AC Barret Battle.rar, Whiteraven Tifa Battle.rar, White Raven Tifa Mod.rar, Whiteraven Vincent Battle.rar, Whiteraven Yufie Battle fixed.rar, Weeemus FMV Mod Beta 2.0d.rar, CloudRemodel.rar, Hyper Sonic Limit Texture.rar, FF7 Re-animated.rar, Whiteraven Aerith Battle.rar, apzcloud_FINAL.rar, apzcloud_DLC.rar, APZ Cloud Field V4.2.rar,, Chibi APZ Cloud Beta.rar,, Whiteraven Apzcloud Mature-Rev.rar,,, Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar, Ruby Weapon Retexture, Modified Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar, external mods, Whiteraven Apz Cloud revision for field(adjusted).rar, FF7 Trainer 0.7.1v4 By Kranmer.exe, Battle - Cait Sith Cat Only.rar

Make sure that the game is actually using the GTX570 card instead of the Intel GPU.
Run FF7Config.exe as administrator and select the correct graphics card.

You can check the App.log to determine which video card the game is using.

The correct link for the .NET Framework 2.0 is --->

Make sure you delete all of the old Bootleg files.
It's best to start with a clean folder when you extract the Bootleg archive.

Do you have the .NET framework 2.0 installed?

Q:Why does BFE.exe fail to run with the error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)"?
A:You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 from:

The bug was in Bootleg.
It was failing to properly install the hardcore mod and the new soundtrack.
I think I've worked all the kinks out now.
I just need to make the Nightmare Conversion visually pop so that the user knows they're in for something unique.

I discovered quite a few bugs in the way RC2 installs the Nightmare Conversion.
Installation of the soundtrack and hardcore models was broken.
There's probably still some way to break the installation, but I think I have it pretty well locked down now.

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