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Kudistos Megistos:
This may seem like a silly question, or be a question that has been asked already, but does anyone have an idea what the system requirements might be for running FF7 in higher resolutions when the project is finished, and is it likely that FF7 modding will ever reach the point where more than a small number of people will need to update their graphics cards?

I don't play graphically intensive PC games, so I don't know much about this kind of thing, but I wondered whether the amount of detail being put into the models and textures would make it taxing for lower end graphics cards (i.e. ones that currently sell for about $50) to play at resolutions like 1280x960 or 1600x1200.

Of course, I wouldn't want anyone to worry about this; making FF7 look so good that people once again have to think about their systems when choosing which resolution to play it in would be quite an achievement for Team Avalanche :-D

Well we could always set up a team to use the Crysis dev kit to remake the game.  That could make a ton of people upgrade their graphics card.

But with Aali implementing a cache system in the custom driver, you would have to have a really old card to not be able to play the game in high def.

With the texture cache it all really depends on the file size of the final project. I would assume that anyone with a 512mb+ card would be able to run the game just fine with all textures preloaded into the video memory. But that is just a rough guess at this point.

I would be *very* surprised if a card was able to, say, run the SOURCE engine without running the 'new' FF.


--- Quote from: Bosola on 2009-12-30 20:05:42 ---I would be *very* surprised if a card was able to, say, run the SOURCE engine without running the 'new' FF.

--- End quote ---

yeah, lol

--- Code: ---======================
1. System Requirements
Final Fantasy VII has the following minimum system requirements:
Pentium 133 w/ supported 3D accelerator card (4Mb video memory or greater)
    or P166 w/out supported 3D accelerator card (see below)
Intel or 100% Intel-compatible CPU
32 Mb RAM
4x CD-ROM drive
Windows 95
DirectX 5.1 (included on Installation CD)
DirectMedia 5.2 (included on Installation CD)

--- End code ---


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