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Hi There. I don't post here very often so Please excuse me if i have posted this in the wrong area.

I am an FF7 model importer (but not the sort of stuff i can picture here unfortunately) that is trying to edit the Hades Summon. I know how to edit the cauldron and Hades character itself and also the swinging light but am having difficulty finding the pillars that surround the cauldron and the circular section of floor underneath it. There is a file in the magic.LGP called Pillar1.LMD that has a matching RSD file which looks promising but I cannot find any information on this file format, let alone open it.

Does anyone have any information that may help me get this done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there this is the first topic i have ever started on qhimm so hi to everyone here. Select members already know me and what i do from another forum but for those of you who don't i am basically a model importer with little knowledge of scripting or reverse engineering the ff7 game although i am up on the the lgp system because of the many models i have already completed.

What i am trying to do is add an item to the world map so that when you make contact with it a battle commences.....the same way as it happens with ruby or ultimate weapon. I know that field information including scripting resides in the flevel.lgp but what about the world map data? Can anyone tell me where the data i am looking for is stored and more importantly is there an editor available that will allow me to add to it?

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