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Hey people, go to www.planetfeedvack.com  and send square an e-mail, if enough people send one, maybe Square will listen?

Sephiroth 3D:
Srethron: When cHiBiMaRuKo said Reeve, I think he meant Rufus. We see Rufus's last moments, but Reeve is fine. He took shelter with in Kalm or the Slums or something while Cait was with the group.On the FF7 Petition: That guy went WAY too far. All 7 needs is more Cinematics, enhanced in-game graphics, and a fully orchastrated soundtrack using MP3 or some variation of pre-recorded music.On the FF9 PC Petition: Hell yeah! FF9 on PC! With mine, we're at 2037!The sad part is, I just checked Squaresoft.com (Which hasn't been updated since 12/18/00 BTW) and in the FAQ it says, and I quote "Square of Japan has not made any current plans to develop a PC port of Final Fantasy IX." Don't that just suck. Any FF9PC petition has to be sent to Square of Japan!  :xSephiroth 3D"One who seeks knowledge from another person, doesn't learn half as much as the one who seeks knowledge for himself." - Vincent Valentine, The Sephiroth Chronicals, Book 1: Resurrection  [email protected]    
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I got sick of waiting for FF9 PC.  I don't have a PSX so I can't use that....so...I bought the PSX version.  It runs awesome in ePSXe and I don't even have a 3D card, I have to use software rendering.  In fact I get better speeds in ePSXe than I did with computer versions of FF7 or FF8 in software rendering.Oh well.  If they release a PC version now I doubt I'll get it.


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