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FFIX PC petion

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187 Signatures .. Slowing down? I hope not. Spread the word people.. but i highly doubt square would listen anyway
I'm # 2 on the remake one. LoL that ones going places  :) ah well.

About the FF7 remake petition, I found it's hard to agree with some of the points the petition maker proposed. So I don't sign it.

Sir Canealot:
I dont agree to alot of the thing in that remake either.And there about 210 sigs now. Spread the word!
I already posted at all the forums I visit.

But an FF7 remake is already in the works.....but I'm sure the only thing that will change, is the graphics. Hopefully they will add some alternative endings are a more conclusive ending.....

Well, 255 petitions now!


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