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Final Fantasy VII PC - The Multilanguage Thread

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Here, in qhimm forum, the best universal forum about modding ff7/8 i just wondering how you guys not interest a lot about unofficial translating projects of ff7 :P

so here it is: a topic dedicated to all ff7 translating projects
-officials first

#Japanese - 2013
#English - 1998
#French - 1998
#Spanish - 1998
#Deutsch - 1998

-then the unofficials

#Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) - 2006 - link
#Czech - 2009 - link
#Italian - 2003 - link
#Portuguese - 2008 - link
#Portuguese - 2012 - link
#Russian - 2007 - link
#Hungarian - 2007 link
#Korean - 2011 link

so if i missed anything inform me and i will update this post.
i need to notice that almost every unofficial translating group get much help from qhimm forums in the past.

With FF7 on Steam, I was really hoping that they'd let us play in japanese... Is there actually a way to play the english release with japanese text, or is it still a project in the works?

FF7 PC has already been released with japanese text since 04/2013! you dont need to wait a steam rerelease of that

Yes, but SE is a bunch of jerks and region lock their Japanese games.  :cry:

I'm not allowed to send personal messages, so many thanks for sending me that, I could never find it on my own :-D You made me a very happy panda.


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