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Final Fantasy VII PC - The Multilanguage Thread

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add a slash on the end of the url :S

EDIT: DLPB im trying to send you a pm but i can't. so i make it public ;D

hey man. i want to ask you something about japanese version.

the ff7_ja.exe is equal with the ff7_en.exe from the rerelease.

i want to create a new japanese ff7.exe (you know the old one from the 98).

since the ff7_ja.exe and the ff7_en.exe have common hex values with the old ff7.exe PLUS new values (that we don't need them), i thought that will be easy, but it isn't.

the result is a new ff7.exe who can't run.

do you interest to help with that?? i think that would be awesome if we could create a "japanese 98 version" based only on official files

I am guessing that has protection, unlike Steam, that doesn't....

Thanks a lot for that file!!!


--- Quote from: Agahnim on 2013-06-10 22:52:22 ---Here, in qhimm forum, the best universal forum about modding ff7/8 i just wondering how you guys not interest a lot about unofficial translating projects of ff7 :P

so here it is: a topic dedicated to all ff7 translating projects
-officials first

#Japanese - 2013
#English - 1998
#French - 1998
#Spanish - 1998
#Deutsch - 1998

-then the unofficials

#Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) - 2006 - link
#Czech - 2009 - link
#Italian - 2003 - link
#Portuguese - 2012 - link
#Russian - 2007 - link

so if i missed anything inform me and i will update this post.
i need to notice that almost every unofficial translating group get much help from qhimm forums in the past.

--- End quote ---

since i have the offical release languages done for FF7tk translation (black chocobo) . should i make translations for the unoffical languages using  the item/location names and other in games strings need for the translation(s)?


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