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Final Fantasy VII PC - The Multilanguage Thread

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i think i successfully make a convertion from FF7 PC Japanese language (released 5/2013) into the FF7 STEAM Japanese language (unreleased)

i haven't tested yet cause i don't have steam version but i think it will works fine.

if anyone want to test it, please share with me the result

https://mega.co.nz/#!RAklADCZ!ettrsWDgQUjRAPGM8qicPGwLE3c9YSKu2j0GbuCqx40 (273mb)

--- Quote ---since i have the offical release languages done for FF7tk translation (black chocobo) . should i make translations for the unoffical languages using  the item/location names and other in games strings need for the translation(s)?
--- End quote ---
sure :) but im not sure if all the translation projects are completed.


--- Quote from: Agahnim on 2014-01-15 00:51:01 ---
if anyone want to test it, please share with me the result

--- End quote ---

I DL'd it and put it into my ff7 steam folder, launched the ff7_ja.exe, however everything is still in english...

Hi Agahnim,

I'm highly interested in this FF7 PC Japanese language (released 5/2013) or FF7 STEAM Japanese language (unreleased) versions mentioned.
I can't seem to find a way to purchase this standard japanese non-steam title on the Square Enix store. Also, the links shared do not seem to work anymore.
Feel free to email me as well. Thanks!


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