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For a long time I used homemade tools that I will now share. The first one, qt-lzs, is a simple command-line tool to compress/uncompress lzs files.
My implementation is based on Haruhiko Okumura code, which is really fast. But it is also not designed for large files.

I provide the source code on GitHub, and I hope that some people will help.
Contribute on GitHub
Download it on GitHub

myst6re, Can you add a command-line switch to qt-lzs so I can decompress "Another Mind" style LZS files. (The ones with the "CC FF" in the header)

Better yet, if it detects "C3 FF" at the beginning of the file to ignore them and decompress the rest. It's a pain to edit several hundred files one at a time to remove those two bytes.

Yup, some options like "--offset" and "--size", I'll do that!

And it's done! Version 1.1 is released, look at the first post to download it.


To decompress a tiz file, here is the command:

--- Code: ---unlzs -p 2 --no-header-test foobar.tiz
--- End code ---

neato burrito!

Aww, It's not working right :/

I can't do the following...

--- Code: ---unlzs -p 2 --no-header-test *.tiz

--- End code ---

...to mass decompress. Also the output data is not correct. I'm investigating.


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