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[FF8PC-Steam] Hard Mode and Add-on's Launcher (2017-08-25)

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i got these all to work except for the hp one still sitting at 9999 not to sure whats up or if there is some other method.

Yep... HP.dll does not work for me too... Not even randomly like other users reported...

I noticed that if the window looks like after the launch

All mods work, including HP.

possible to make it so magic.dll only affects edea?

I am going to see if I can fix the HP.dll so that it *always* breaks the HP limit, I'm sure there is a reason, probably even an intentional one ;)

I might try my hand at experimenting with the physical damage to str stat ratio, so that the maximum of 65k can be hit, but also working with the physical damage to vit stat ratio as well, to avoid over-powering certain monsters


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