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Hey guys,

I am working on a memory editor for FFX/X-2 to change things such as items, accessories, stats, and so on. It originally started out of a desire for a tool to easily edit creature abilities in Final Fantasy X-2, but I have decided to expand the scope of the app to include a number of other features, editors and cheats.

Version 0.2.2 is the current release, and it supports:

Final Fantasy X

* Party stat and ability modification
* Basic equipment customization
* Debug options (control monsters, max damage, invincible, perma-sensor, etc.)
* Shared AP booster (all characters gain AP after battle)Final Fantasy X-2

* Change current Gil
* Character EXP and stat modification
* Character dressphere completion modification (Only Gunner to Songstress implemented)
* Creature stat modification and ability modification
* Creature creator trapping editor
* Item editor and item cheat
* Accessory editor and accessory cheat
* Dressphere editor (change count)
* Garment Grid editor (learn/unlearn)
* Toggle debug options such as controlling monsters, invincible party, etc.
If you're interested in trying it out, download it here.

If you like the app and can help translate the creature or command names, your help would be greatly appreciated!

* Download the files here:
* Open the file in a text editor such as Notepad, and change any of the names you discover while using the app.
* Send the partially translated files to [email protected], or contact me via private message. Any submitters will get an in-app credit!

Spoiler: show


you have a greata editor there

i like it alot

will the final fantasy X editor have the same options as well

Planned features for the FFX editor include:

- Party stats editor
- Sphere grid node editor
- Items editor
- Key items editor
- Full weapon/armor customization
- Blitzball editor

No doubt some other features will come up as more is revealed about how the game works. That goes for FFX-2 as well. I still need to complete the dressphere ability editor, add support for Key Items and Blue Bullet abilities, Gunner's Gauntlet and several other things I can think of as well.

I have no plans for controlling creatures in FFX at this stage. I haven't looked at it and have no idea if it will even be possible.


will the final fantasy X editor have the debug option as well, with the party members hitting 9999 damage each time and much more


--- Quote from: Topher on 2016-05-28 19:35:56 ---I have no plans for controlling creatures in FFX at this stage. I haven't looked at it and have no idea if it will even be possible.

--- End quote ---
I haven't looked too deply into it but it would appear that monster data is loaded from disk at the start of each battle and not held in a static memory area. It might be possible to find a static pointer and alter it as it is being loaded however, but it seems unfortunately tricky.


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