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Hey guys,

Version 0.2.1 adds some debug options for Final Fantasy X such as true invincibility, max damage, permanent sensor and more. Also it adds an ability editor to the party editor.

hey Topher

will those debug options be for the final fantasy X editor

and when will that version come out for download

Yes, those features I mentioned for 0.2.1 are for Final Fantasy X, and it's your lucky day, 'cause it's out right now!

Hey Topher

the always deal 9999 damge debug option on the final fantasy X editor side makes the monsters deal 9999 damage as well

and when i pray or cure on my party, the cure magic deals 9999 attack damage insted of healing the party

and can you put in a always party member turn debug option as well please

I don't make the debug options, they're leftovers from the games development, therefore i have little ability to change what they actually do. All Farplane does is enable them. I will keep looking for more while i work on the app


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