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[FF12] Save editor - Ivalice SE (Final R1)


Yo guys! I wanted to have a save game editor for FF12, (there is one for FFX!) but there isn't one anywhere yet, and so I started work on making one myself.

The editor can change all these data:

--- Code: ---Max Gil
Max Clan Points
Add any quantity of any Item
Add any quantity of any piece of Loot
Add any quantity of any Weapon
Add any quantity of any Armour
Add any quantity of any Accessory
Add any quantity of any Ammunition
Able to unlock any Monster you want, Includes:
*Normal Monsters
*Elite Marks
*Rare Monsters
Change quantity of monsters defeated
AND, fully Unlock\Clear any characters Licence Board

--- End code ---

The download is here

http://www.speedyshare.com/458910938.html <---VER: Final R1

if you can't get this to run, then you might need TAB32CTL, an ocx file for windows. You can either google it, or I uploaded one with instructions on how to register it.


Remember, this can work on Vista but I don't promise anything.

How to transfer your SAVE FILES
You can use a cheat device (Like AR MAX or Gameshark) or an exploit like ULaunchElf to get the saves off of the memory card. If you are using a cheat device, then you need to open that file with "PS2 Save Builder", get here,


Once done, you'll see 3 or 4 files inside, right click on the one that says something like this
"BASLUS-20963FF1201" and click extract. You can open that with Ivalice SE. Once you've finished, add it back to PS2 Save Builder by dragging and dropping it. Say yes to replace, and resave the file back to your cheat device format. If you use ULaunchElf, its 10x easier since you can just copy/paste between your memcard and a flash drive.

This'll be more useful once we can get saves off a USB PS2-PS3 Memory Card Adapter.

Ehm, booting an elf from hdd you can copy Savegames to an usb drive... Works perfectly! :)

Awesome  :-D Once you get around the initial "how do i launch an elf" phase, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it  :lol:


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