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Final Fantasy X Media Released!

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The Skillster:
naa, im sure they tuned down the difficulty... thats there trade mark for jap to eng translations.
squaresoft that is[This message has been edited by The Skillster (edited March 12, 2001).]

Hmm... well I haven't played the PSX version much, but someone on another board (FFOnline) told me that the difficulty was the same.Hmm I dunno.  I know they made FF4 way easier over here and FF7 too but I haven't heard much about other games.

What's up guys??? what can I say FFX is awesome...

The Skillster:
FF7 was toned down here, but we got weapons thrown in to measure up
rememebr the clock puzzle in the temple of the ancients? that was supposed to takes HOURS to complete on the Jap version...

Also I read that at the beginning of disc 2, in the snow place, when you're climbing the mountain and have to keep pressing the button to keep youself warm... that was supposed to be REALLY tough but its cheese in the American version.


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