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FF7 Tools / Wall Market, FFVII KERNEL.BIN editor
« on: 2009-11-28 05:17:54 »
found some buggage with the character growth page... you can change the upper bounds on the page, but if you change, say str to have a cap of 255, the values displayed for it's min/max will be reduced greatly, ending up at around 38-40 for a level 99 cloud. if you were to decrease the upper bounds to 50 the stats displayed are doubled, and it will still show up to 99 for the stat (another issue, the stat shown will never exceed 99 in the range that changes, the max/min shown at the top of the window displays correctly, even if the upper bounds is changed). my guess is that there is a division taking place using the upper bounds which would explain the doubling at half the upper bound size, and the decrease as it grows :-P. the HP/MP stats are fine though, only the other stats are affected

it also does not seem to save the upper bounds you set in WM, i am not sure if the upper bounds is something that can actually be modified in the kernel, or if it is just for the display in WM (hopefully the former :-D), but either way it is not keeping the changes. and the upper bounds box doesn't like numbers like 99999 in the hp box... it gives an error saying the number is too big, but that one is just me messing around :roll:

speaking of the stats shown per level on the growth page, the values for the stats like strength are listed from max to min, while the HP/MP values are min to max... kinda weird to have them different (small to large looks better btw :wink:). and if you happen to change to HP or MP, it will initially display large to small, but as soon as you move the slide for the level, it will become small to large again... which is kinda weird :lol:.

and another, smaller thing; if you change kernels in WM, the items on the party data screen will disappear (the ones in starting items, and possibly the materia as well), but the quantity will appear if you select a space with an item in it, though the item will stay invisible until changing the item in the slot. everything continues as normal though, and it saves properly as far as i saw, so it is pretty minor :-P.

it has been a while since i have used this (just seeing some random stuff since i have been sticking to the growth page), so some of these may have been fixed already if you are still working on it, but as usual, i like to point the bugs out 8-). i'd post it on your blog, but i cannot post because it always seems to remove my post as i post it... but then again my computer has issues with certain web pages so it could just be me. it's funny though... your only follower cannot comment on your blog :lol:

Edit: to help with my mod, i made myself an excel spreadsheet to calculate the character stats based off of the kernel data (i know WM does it, but mine will end up having a damage calculator integrated into it, based off of my enemy data and updated attack info ^_^), and after finishing it up, i noticed that my HP/MP values are much closer to those in Terence's party data guide than your WM calculates, with MP being 100% accurate to his, and HP being only up to 8 points different by 99, while some still match up perfectly. I looked through this thread and found where you had been talking about it, but you never seemed to get it to look like his HP/MP, so i was wondering... how exactly did you write out the equation?

it seems as if your calculations are not flooring somewhere they should be (i know for a fact that your exp equation isn't flooring right, because i was able to get the same results you have by not flooring at a certain point). i know how hard it can be to keep track of the flooring sometimes, and doing things in a different order can sometimes affect things as well, something i learned from typing my growth formula for the enemies into their AI (doing it in excel makes the equations MUCH bigger than they should be... especially since i have to repeatedly use the lookup function, sometimes within ANOTHER lookup function :-P). it took me forever to get my HP this close to accurate, and i think it will not get any closer to his, since i used the same equation i did for my HP as i did for the MP, just with slight tweaking and changing how the growth was applied... and it turned out 100% like his :|.

General Discussion / Re: Bring it on?
« on: 2009-11-21 16:05:04 »
I am guessing that you still do not have the time to test any of these? I am planning on starting back up my mod and continuing on to the next section (yay for air buster >_>), but I do not have any opinions on my reactor one, so I am unsure whether the reactor still needs tweaking or not. I may even just start back over again, but redoing all of the character stats first for a better character balance/uniqueness, instead of waiting until later.

you wouldn't happen to be planning on having a way to dump single enemy AI sections, would you? that would be a very nice thing to have (especially if it can import them as well :-P), and is something i have been wanting for a while :wink:.

ok, the way i had written it, you would not have gotten the remaining attack chance used, and it would just skip it's turn if none of the checks activated, but if you just remove the check from the final attack, it would absorb the rest of the chances to go. i just didn't notice that NFITC1 had removed the check from the final attack, so if you want less than 16 attacks, remove all that are not used, and also remove the final attack's check if you want to make the last attack possibly have a higher chance to activate by increasing the random at the start.

there is a lot to learn about AI editing, but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes much easier, and you also notice how badly the original AI was for most things (if you couldn't tell already :roll:). it has been a while since i have done anything for ffvii, so i am kind of rusty, but if you have any questions, i will try to answer them the best that i can  :wink:.

1 - removing the sections similar to the one you quoted will remove excess, unneeded script once you have all of the attacks you wanted in, so for example, you only wanted to use two attacks, your final script would look something like this:

Code: [Select]
12   2070
02   20A0
60   02 //only two attacks are to be used, if it was kept at 10 (16 decimal), it would only have a 2/16 or 1/8 chance to use one of the attacks, or else it'd do nothing.
60   00
71   001A
60   20
61   0100   *
72   0025 // i hope these two jumps are pointing to the correct spot :P
60   01
71   0025
60   20
61   0101   *
92   //no 72 (absolute) jump is needed to go to the end, because the end is right after this

you just remove the extra attack checks, and update the amount of attacks at the beginning, and you have a working script.

2 - those attacks, when called by the enemy AI, refer to (mostly) unused attack indexes, so i am guessing he used it as a sort of placeholder for attacks, since you will be changing them all more than likely anyway. enemy skills are from index 0048 to 005f, and are not called in any special ways for enemies, at least as far as i can tell, so you shuld easily make an enemy use an enemy skill using this template.

yeah but zach fought both sephy and genesis with the buster sword, along with whatever else he decided to smack away at (he wasn't as careful with it as angeal was >_>), so it was bound to have taken some damage by the time cloud got it... maybe not a ton, but it would still have taken a beating.

Releases / Re: Diamond Weapon retextured by Grimmy
« on: 2009-11-03 20:41:09 »
retexturing the lesser models would be a much faster way to go, and would make more look better much faster. It would be a good way to go until there are better models made, and it is likely the new textures could be easily tweaked to fit any new models made afterwords anyway, so it is a win win going for better textures first, at least in my opinion.

just look at the WMRP, the world map has fairly outdated modeling, just like much of the game, and just by making the wonderful new textures, it makes something better for people to use, and at a much faster pace than completely remodeling the map. a full remodel of the map will likely happen at some point in the future anyway (even though IIRC not much is known), so why not just hold people over with something much better than what is already in the game?

maybe at some point a group can get together to retexture the enemies and such, while a separate team (or the same team, just waiting until retexturing a lot) starts on remodeling, and after a model is done, they just make tweaks to the updated textures and be good to go. it would be faster, having more done and released much sooner than doing everything on one model at a time. by the time one decent larger enemy model is completed, a few enemies could have new textures done, to hold people over until the models are finished. sounds fairly good to me, but I am neither texturer or modeler, so I wouldn't know how it would work in reality.

sl1982, you just follow this guy around everywhere, just so you can say no, don't you?  :roll:

we need a big NO stamp, and a way to stamp people's heads with the stamp through the interwebs, but then they'd likely just ask why we put ON on their forehead when they decide to look in the mirror. has this guy even asked about anything that hasn't already been answered a few lines before his question?

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche needs your help!
« on: 2009-10-20 09:52:27 »
no, they are not redoing the storyline, they are redoing the textures/models, to make the game LOOK better. so, they are not doing anything but that: they are not making enemies harder, they are not changing the dialogue, they are just changing the graphical appearance so that the game does not look as crappy anymore.

yeah, the shaded would only look good in a brighter background, and i doubt that many people actually use a bright background in ffvii :P.

hmm... is it only me, or can anyone else NOT see the pictures in this thread?

*looks through page source, as usual*

well, i think the non-shaded icons look better, but it also depends on what kind of background the person is going to be using in-game. i usually go for a darker background, and so something being shaded would be harder to see, so i would go for the unshaded versions. for someone with a brighter scheme, they may want to go for a darker icon, because light on light, as with dark on dark, is harder to see, so i vote for having both in the installation, but the default being the unshaded icons (a separate folder outside of the textures folder, which can just be c/p'ed into the textures folder if they want those instead).

p.s. could you link to the image itself, and not the image gallery, so that i can see them? i would be very happy if you did  :-D

well self made is good then, as long as it isn't ripped from the game, or suing textures/whatever directly from it (now building it by using the CC model for reference works, just nothing ripped :-P).

especially since there is a sticky that talks about how the discussion of or releasing of ripped models is BANNED from the forums. you know, if people would actually look at the names of the first couple topics, they might notice that there is a topic specifically about this issue (that's why there are stickies, so that people can easily see information they need to, before asking questions that have already been answered a million times).

meh... i probably sound cranky (i am  :roll:), but it is mainly because i have seen this so many times now, that every time i see a new one, i feel like just hurting the person that asked the question. that, and maybe because i just sat down and deciphered a ton of hex data from the GBA version of FFVI... either or can work for here :D.

unless they made the background fit the textures they had, not the other way around. maybe they just figured that spot looked better with the texture flipped, and went with it (or someone just fudged up and put the texture the wrong way, but since there are many places where the textures are every which way, i am just assuming they fit the game to their textures).

Team Avalanche / Re: [REL] Team Avalanche's 2D Overhaul
« on: 2009-10-13 16:31:31 »
ok, now i know you missed a texture this time, since my textures are in the right folder now :P. leviathan is missing one of the textures, during the little bit of time before he appears. so far though, all of the summons look so much better (sans titan, who hasn't really changed much. you'd have to redo all of the battle textures in the game to make him better, since he uses them in his animation, unless i am mistaken XD), so i think it is worth it to stay up a bit longer to play with all of the summons :3.

i think that KotR is missing an ice texture in there as well (just black, no external texture either), but i have to say... all of the new textures make the summons look hawt :3. i had to restart to fill back up my 999 mp so i could finish seeing the rest though XD.

Team Avalanche / Re: [REL] Team Avalanche's 2D Overhaul
« on: 2009-10-13 16:09:39 »
edit2: you know what? i just had a retarded moment... i didn't move the textures to the textures folder t_t...

and now that i can actually see the textures... they look very, very good... they are making the summons themselves look bad because the 2d is outdoing the 3d XD.

FF7 Tools / Wall Market, FFVII KERNEL.BIN editor
« on: 2009-10-12 21:55:22 »
nah, i have been following your blog... i am your one and only follower :3.

however, i cannot seem to be able to comment there for whatever reason... so i have had to do so here  :|. glad to see that new versions are finally out though :D

General Discussion / Re: new retextured gf's for FF7
« on: 2009-10-11 01:04:36 »
it is confusing for people who only hear the word "yes" to all of their begging... when someone says no, it is like:

"uh... does that mean yes?"


can i have it?


ok, send it to me then


why aren't you sending it to me?

because it is against the rules.

rules? what rules? you sending it to me now?


then halkun ends up stepping in, and locking the thread :|. i think we need a sticky that states the meaning of the word no, and how it is the opposite of the word yes. but then since people apparently do not read the stickies, even that wouldn't help... though it'd be funny to see :-P

then again, a mandatory quiz about the rules would be funny too, you have to get a perfect on the quiz to be able to post, or be branded too retarded to be a member of the forums :-)

FF7 Tools / Wall Market, FFVII KERNEL.BIN editor
« on: 2009-10-10 06:51:47 »
hey... not quite sure when you will be back on here (due to the current stuff you are implementing), but a friend of mine noticed an issue with WM... it seems that when you modify the upper bounds for HP past 9999, the cap either does not save, or is not displayed if it is over 9999, even if it was saved correctly. MP correctly changes, i tested it at 2000 and the graph and the stats correctly changes (didn't test saving it though), but even making the limit for HP over 9999 before saving shows no change, even at 30000.

Archive / Re: Mods
« on: 2009-10-10 05:34:52 »
my english is good, and half the time i don't know what I am writing either... but that is because my mind tends to go away for a bit while i am in the middle of doing something  :x.

i hope you plan on releasing an installer before you go back over all of the already done textures  :roll:.

not that i have even been on the world map in a few years... i have been too busy playing around in the midgar areas  :-P

well i appreciate the cookies... but it is too bad that i cannot oh nom nom them  :cry:.

the only way to really know would be to have a person we know that has the ultima edition install the patch and see if it works (or have someone download it, but that is bad  :roll:), though i don't think that a person we know that has it would be around for long anyway  :lol:. how did you verify that it is the original version? i dont know much about the ultima version, sans that it is illegal, and doesn't work with many patches (and sucks in general  :wink:).

who knows, maybe there is a different ultima edition out there, that looks even more like the original?

hmm... it seems like somebody is just in a demanding mood, with nothing to offer in return. so, i think i will join in on the demanding side of things:


there... now i know nobody is going to give me any cookies, but i think i know why you are having trouble running the game... you say that it is not the ultima edition in this thread, but in a different thread, and only about half a day earlier than this thread was stated, you specifically said that it was the ultima edition. now, i doubt that you were able to get a legit version of the game in that amount of time, so my guess is that it is still the illegal ultima edition, which means that many mods will NOT work, period.

now, i may be wrong, but it seems that you are just on here demanding results, and with an illegal copy to boot, so i don't think you will be getting very far, and will just end up pissing people off, as covarr said.

yeah, if you modify too much of anything it has a chance of doing that... it is because of the compression, so if you make too many things different (or the same for that matter) the size is bound to change at some point :-P.

well prc does not update the kernel, even if you click yes (it creates a test kernel), and massively changing the AI will cause the scene lookup to be off, so to correct it, open it up in hojo and update your kernel that way to make sure the lookups are correct.

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