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Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2009-06-04 23:55:18 »
*defeats ultimate enemy* yeah... i killed it! wait... wtf? *a black screen appears, showing the words: would you like to save your game?*

game returns to title screen, and you load up your save... the first double MP battle comes up, and they wipe the floor with you... you just unknowingly activated uber hard mode... congrats :-P.

but seriously, ultimate, harder than the final boss fights should not give any kind of reward other than a type of battle trophy with no real use, since you basically would have nothing new to use a brand new weapon, or super materia against, seeing as you KILLED everything. the only way they should have anything is if they are linked to a harder ultimate boss, kind of like the bosses in the gba versions of the older ff games... give a battle trophy from the main ultimate bosses, and useful stuff from the rest.

the ruby/emerald weapons shouldn't have prizes linked with them either, since they are normally the hardest, and not even really hard at that. it should give a useless trophy item, or else i'd be expecting a harder fight to come up at some point, and would be disappointed if it never happened :-P

you cannot add the possibility of different frame limits (to speed up the game), when you provide changes to the fps used by the minigames and battle swirl effect? i don't see how fps limits are not related to the graphics driver, since fps are related to it. smack me if i am being noobish, but i don't see why it can't be added into this project.

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2009-06-03 15:44:40 »
the northern crater in disk three could be a good place, multiple places in there that would be nice to place a super boss in, but with lack of save spots, that can be a bad thing (or use up the save crystal near the super boss, to make things easier). the back of the forest opened by killing ultimate weapon (where you find the (i think... been a while) apocalypse for cloud), placing it in the end area there could be nice, but requiring you to trek back through the forest.

it also depends on what your ultimate enemy will be... if it is humanoid, you could have it easily fit into towns and such (create an npc that is actually the enemy), then you could do things like place it in the back of wall market, or in the center of kalm, since there is already a quest dealing with kalm. if it were to be something big (like a recreated omega weapon or something) it would need plenty of room, and unless it were to attack a city, then it wouldn't really fit in too well.

a mako created enemy could fit into mt. nibel, possibly in the reactor itself if you can reenter it later in the game, or just somewhere in the surrounding caverns. if you could make it so that the area where aerith was killed was accessible after doing something (possibly a side quest, or just making it able to be accessed at any time after that event (early game ultimate boss possible O_o)), then that little place could be a great spot for the fight, an ancient monster coming out to play. there are many possibilities, but i need to know the type of monster first, and what you are capable of doing >:D.

making the materia accessible earlier can be good and bad, especially since the places are all available at the end of the first disk since chocobo breeding is open then (i think it starts end of disk one, before the second... i have to check on that).having the end game materia possible early on isn't entirely a good thing. i don't know what all is doable with the battle square, but would you be able to add the materia as rewards from there, which are only available on disk two/three (whenever you think it is the best time to have them), and are only able to be gotten one time (like omnislash). this could also be done with the gp (i think?) from the game corner (or whatever it is called with the minigames >_>), but since the guy at the entrance sells gp, it could be done pretty easily if you have the funds, though it could still be worth it if the battle square isn't as easily done.

it would be really nice if enemies could drop materia, but since that isn't done as easily (can be if you edit the field files for enemies that appear on the field, like boss battles and such, or create monster-in-a-box fights which give the materia when opened/enemy defeated, but making the enemy unable to be fled from), it is probably better to do it another way.

thats what i wanted, a "fast" mode ability, similar to increasing fps in epsxe. if THAT is possible (already seen it happen with the gypt patch with the default graphics driver, pressing the movie skip combo (ctrl+s) also turns off the regular fps limit for me outside of battle until the next movie plays, but doesn't happen with the custom driver), then I will be plenty happy, since testing would be so much easier that way (such as scene.bin ai changes, stat changes, etc.).

so far i am loving your custom driver, but was wondering if it would be possible for you to add custom fps limits for the game as a whole, as in allowing someone to play at double speed if they wanted to? and if you could, would you also be able to implement an ingame on/off switch, such as one of the fxx numbers (like f12 for example), so that you could turn it on and off at will (such as turning it on for level/item farming, off for minigames/big boss battles, etc.). sort of adding another config option, 0 (auto) as default, which when changed and f12 (or whatever) is pressed ingame, the custom limit is used instead.

if it had savestate functionality and custom fps, i think it would become superior to the psx emulated version (at least when everything is made to look better, and pc version bugs fixed). but then again, i love savestates :-P. the only one you could probably easily do is the custom fps, since you already added minigame limiting, and thats all i ask for >:D.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-06-02 17:20:57 »
ok, to bump and add some feedback:

some little things i have noticed while using the ai editor is that when adding a new line to it with enter, there is sometimes issues with where the new line is placed.when trying to add code to the top of your ai code, the editor does not want to make a new line appear above the topmost line, and places it below instead, forcing you to rewrite the topline code on a new line, and then adding the new code over the original top line code, where you can then add the remaining lines easily. example:

Code: [Select]
topmost line example:
12   0000

pressing enter:
12   0000
//new line

way to add code above (73's always want to add lines above, so only issue may be when adding multiple ends):
12   0000
//new line

12   0000
12   0000 //rewrite the previous line in the new line

//new code
12   0000

//new code
//new line
12   0000

it doesn't like to add lines above the top line, and this seems to be the only way to work around it.

other times the program will allow the line to be added above, but not below, forcing yet another method of getting the new line to appear below the top line (making a new line above, then making the new line in between the top and the one below it)

also, when clicking onto a slot to look at it's contents and click away without pressing enter, it displays an error message, even though nothing is wrong. if done in a dialogue box (at least it happened to me with guard scorpion), it may mess up the contents somehow (i did not notice anything different, but the offsets all messed up). this is not a good thing, especially when you accidentally click away then press enter, since the popup box is set to quit by default, so just by clicking outside of a box without clicking enter, it erases all that you had done up to that point if you aren't careful.

i think i am going to step away from ffvii for a little bit, but i will continue soon, and hopefully learn more unknowns :-P. also, you wouldn't happen to know how to remove the pc versions' defense doubling (apparently a global pre-battle that happens before other pre-battle ai are called), since it is throwing the guard scorpion's ai out of whack (my modded version, since it is using relative defense boosting, the psx versions' is very simple, it will never reach over 490 for either defense, even at 255 initial defense and in the laser counter phase, but the pc version's INITIAL m.defense for the guard scorpion is 300 (150 x 2), and since the game sets it to 256 right away, no matter what you change it to, it will not change in game without ai editing (which is why i am implementing this into the ai). using the same ai for the pc as the psx, the guard scorpion will easily cap out m.def WITHOUT increasing from the initial 150, which is why i have a problem. i can work around this by making his defenses /2 at the start, and use the initial ai i have for him (using more room than it already should), but this would have to be added to any other enemy with defense modding in battle.

i know that last paragraph was really long and probably hard to understand, but if you know how to remove the pc versions' innate start of battle defense doubling (scene.bin files have same base defense between versions), that would be wonderful to know.

edit: it appears that the psx version has the def doubling for enemies as well? i tested the damage a lv 6 (start of game) cloud should do with the buster sword against a 50 def enemy (edited MP enemy) using the battle mechanics equations, and found that he should be doing around 37 damage to the MP. when i fought the edited MP, in both versions (using a fresh scene.bin for each, from each specific version, so a pc scene.bin from the install disk, and a fresh scene.bin from an unedited psx ffvii iso) he took ~32 damage from cloud, when he should take ~37. so i went back to the equation and typed in 100 def instead of 50, and sure enough the results were around what i had seen in the game. so, either the game gives an innate *2 defense (both defenses, in both games), or a 100 def mod for both defenses, because either one would result in this. if it is possible to turn this feature off (by removing it entirely, or replacing 82 with 81, or 100 def mod with 0 def mod), then i would be a happy hacker. if you know anything please tell me.

also, how do you turn on the materia menu at the start of the game?

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-31 01:35:59 »
well everybody up to guard scorpion (he would be done but i fell asleep :-P) is working perfectly, and since there isn't a copy/paste function yet, i just manually copy/paste everything with translhextion and repoint the ai pointers. what would be fun is if i could get the going from invisible/visible working, because then a vanish spell could be added, nulling physical hits (since the intangibility opcode makes both miss) and making magic activate the reappearing act (all through the characters' ai, and nulling is the closest to getting it like normal vanish that i can think of at the moment).

gave blind to smoke shot for the sweepers, since their ai is clearly based off of it inflicting it.

thanks for the battle square info (thought it would be there if nowhere else), it will help knowing that for when i get to my mod. and i kind of figured that the variables being wrong was due to the programmers, but it seems not. perhaps it was an earlier version of whatever they were using to write the code, and somebody new to the "language" of vii programmed in such an odd way that it crapped the program out >:D. i noticed 1st ray and sweeper being much different from the previous four, so maybe they were made with a newer version. sweeper had jumps in weird, unused places (72 jump after a previous 72 jump, with nothing pointing to it), which would be consistent with using a program that you could insert regular code with (extra jumps being end brackets). seems they took the easy way out >:D.

finally at guard scorpion, but was wondering what would be more appropriate, having it's def/mdef raise relative to it's current amounts (with error checking to see if it will cap it off at 512 (or is it 510/511?), requiring code to be added, or keeping it as is (bad for anybody attempting to change it's def/mdef in a mod, without editing ai) which sets it to exact amounts? i am probably going to go with a relative jump that will still make the def change to the same number as was there originally, but unless the main can have some reduction, then i am actually making the ai bigger >_>.

hmm... my scene.bin is based off of the psx version (i think... since all def values are half of what they are in the EM guide, and it is based off of the pc one, and i was using the psx scene as a base since at the time i couldnt get the pc one to work), so i don't know whether or not to use the base defense listed in the guide, or halve it and go from there since the enemies are already half def. i also don't know if the pc/psx ai is the same or not, though the only differences i can possibly see are bugfixes in ai, and the def doubling being to try to raise the difficulty (fail), so my version could seem crappily lain out because it is the first version of it (sans jpn one), and the pc one is different in some places. oh well, i will still keep this as the base, and if i feel like it, just double all the enemies' def, though this is technically being done for psx users anyway, so probably not. i'll just compare the def in the ai to the EM faq and change as needed (though my ai will match the pc versions').

apparently there is no need for any error checking, since it will never break 500 for either stat, so that's a relief. max def for those hacking only stats, not ai, will be 490 def, 489 mdef. if its defenses were that high, 800 hp would be painful to rip through.

ok, now i am confused... i looked at the scene from the install disk, and it has everybody's def being the same as the psx versions' so they would seem to be identical. however, when adding 106 to GS's mdef, bolt did ~30 damage instead of ~80-90 it would take with 256 mdef, like usually taken. now i figured that if the game automatically doubles everybody's defense as a pre-battle for everyone, and the psx version doesn't then things will be difficult >_>. to make the pc one correct, i have to subtract 44 mdef, and for the psx add 106 mdef. so if an enemy has 255 defense in the pc version, they will essentially nullify any damage done, and if any are to add defense, then things could be a problem. i am going to check with the scorpion to see what happens at over 512 defense/mdef.

ok, def at/over 512 just sets damage to one, and hitting a weakness does double, so max of 2 dmg a hit :-P.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-30 07:50:26 »
could you just make it a part of the main PrC window, instead of making it a whole new window? i know it'd probably take a lot to change it like that, but it could also prevent the scene change bug, if you make the ai window the only part able to be changed until you close out of the ai editor part, or "cancel" out (since it'd be a part of the main, if you didn't want to save the changes to that ai edit, but wanted to keep changes elsewhere, and since the X button would close everything, a cancel button would be needed). you could make it like a new tab to the main window, but make it ask if you want to keep your changes when attempting to return to the scene section, and the close button wasn't pressed (save button?).

of course finding out how to do what you wanted would work as well, but you'd have to either make the main window unable to be clicked on, or make the scene unable to be changed while the ai window is up.

wow... there is a lot of errors in the main scripting of the game, like anding a number to zero when trying to get a non-zero value... 0 AND anything is 0. i even tested to see if the game somehow used something else for anding, made 0 AND 1, 1 AND 1, and 2 AND 2, and the results were false, true, true, meaning 0 and 1 is 0 (as is 0 and anything), so a lot of the scripting (hell, 90% of grunt's is broken) doesn't work as intended because they start the variables as 0 instead of as 1, which would make the ai work properly.

i am going to make the ai work as intended, using terence's enemy mech. guide as a base for what is intended, and fixing anything that should work one way but doesn't. i tested the grunts in battle, and when they were in the front row, and i was in the front, they did beamgun/handclaw at a 50/50 rate (expected if not everybody was in the front or back rows), and when everybody was in the back, they did a 50/50 rate as well, when it should have been at most a 1/8 chance for handclaw. if i were to change the variables in the ai to start as 1, not zero, then the entire script would likely work correctly (though once again the shoot element beamgun, like the mp's machine gun, is not a ranged weapon).

my rewritten version will work as intended originally, though like most other enemies, it isn't needed (just being done so that people will have a smaller scene as a base working as originally intended, especially for those psx modders who want the original ai in tact, (and since they have limited changing room normally) mine will be that, with bugfixes :-P).

ok... i know how to see if there is any enemy in the front or back row, but not to see if they are ALL in the front or back... to do so, would i have to make an if that checks for (allActiveOpponents.backRow=1 && NOT allActiveOpponents.backRow=0), so that it'd first see if there was any enemy in the back, then check to see if an enemy is in the front, and only continue if someone was in the back but not the front? i do not see any magic function to only return true if all are in the front (mono/guard only use the if any is in the front/back method). i know it will work, but it is kinda big to write, even using variables for the value. meh... it will still make it smaller than the current 850 byte script <_<.

edit: this does work to check for all in the front or back, so i guess i can't complain. i made a test to print 00 (front) if (someone in front && not in back), 01 (back) if (someone in back && not in front), and 02 if neither previous ones were true. the start, barret and cloud were front, and it printed 00, i moved one back and 02 printed, then moved the other back and 01 printed. the original test was only for checking if one was in the front row (seeing if it was true if all were in front), and it printed either 00 or 01, never 02. too bad i don't know of a quick and easy checking method <_<.

ok, the way that i am scripting the ai for the grunt (and will pass over to others if needed for even more space) is making the ai jump to the end when an attack is to be set (the attacks are set at the end), and then finalize there. so what i am doing is going through the regular if statements to find out the target and attack needed to be used, but instead of repeatedly setting a variable for the attack throughout the ai, i am just making it set one time, and the script jumping to the setting whenever it is ready to attack. everything else needs to be set before setting the attack itself, because otherwise it will perfrom the attack early without setting a specific target, but in the case of the grunt enemy, it is pretty easy and efficient to do it this way. but it is hard for the ai editor to show the C equivalent, and somewhat hard to follow (but nowhere near as hard to follow as the original grunt ai... that is a mess >_>).

i was wondering how you have it lay out the code, do you have it just draw brackets and indent based on where the jumps are located, and have it try to follow the jump to see how to put the brackets? if you were to have it draw a left bracket at the start of an if (when a 70 appears), and follow the pointer to the location given and place a right bracket there, and indent everything in between, that'd make the spacing better. do the same for 71, and for 72, actually have the disassembler follow the code and write it right after where the jump was located, so that things were to look more accurate. looping jumps could be a problem in this way, but put the normal LOOP visual after drawing the code once.

ok, this part will porbably be a little big, but should explain what i mean a little bit more (feel free to hurt me if i am just thinking it is easier to do than what it actually is):
Code: [Select]
this is from the beginning of my mono drive code:
0x000   00   0000
0x003   52
0x004   70   003b
0x007   81
0x008   60   02
0x00a   34
0x00b   70   0021
0x00e   93   (Enemy Sighted!)
0x01e   72   0034
0x021   93   (Warning! Warning!)
0x034   10   0000
0x037   60   01
0x039   90
0x03a   73
0x03b   02   2060
0x03e   02   4140
0x041   80
0x042   60   04
0x044   44
0x045   81
0x046   60   03
0x048   34
0x049   52
0x04a   50
0x04b   70   0084

if you follow the jumps, and use the way i said to place the brackets, it would appear like this:

if (Not (LocalVar:0000))
{ //places because of the 70
        if (Random MOD 2)
                Display String: "Enemy Sighted!"
                LocalVar:0000 <- 1 // followed the 72 and placed the things within up until the SCRIPT END
                SCRIPT END
        } //places here because it is the end of the jump
                Display String: "Warning! Warning!"
                LocalVar:0000 <- 1
                SCRIPT END
} // placed here because it is the end of the jump
if (((Self.MP > 4)  And Not  (Random MOD 3)))
{ // goes on, but rather big, so i just used this small part as an example.

now, the program's normal output for this code:

If (Not  (LocalVar:0000) )
If (Random MOD 2)
Display String: "Enemy Sighted!"

Display String: "Warning! Warning!"
LocalVar:0000 <- 1
SCRIPT END} // goes fine until here, and then the indentation craps out for whatever reason
If ( ( (Self.MP > 4)  And Not  (Random MOD 3) ) )

from what i have seen, it is mainly the indentation going wrong, which should be pretty easy to fix (again, hurting is
allowed :-P), the addition of the code from a jump on (as seen with the message then variable/end statement) would
just help things be easier to follow for mass jumping programs. the only problems i see with this jumping idea is possible
looping errors, where it keeps trying to make a loop repeatedly within the same loop (like writing infinite if's instead of a
 while), instead of writing once and printing loop at the spot it would return, as well as it taking a while to render the C
code from the hex, since it would take a good bit longer depending on the coder's format.

but if these were implemented, it would make following your own, and others' code much easier.

if someone just looked at the disassembled version of my grunt ai, it would appear to have multiple empty if statements (what happens when it is true, no the actual statement itself), when it is just jumping elsewhere in the script to save space.

oh, and where are the battle square battle formations located, because they are apparently not normal formations?

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 22:14:49 »
unless 41c0/41a0 have some special value to ho512, then it is useless for it to have the 2120 of it's minions as it's own. 2120 is a magic counter (how many times you got hit with magic, which seems to only like to be anded to 02 or higher), so unless the other two are dependent on a counter, such as a random or some status change, i can see no reason to have it in it's script. one unknown when solved leads to other unknowns <_<.

any other unknowns you want me to try to figure out?

ok, a bug that has been bugging me is where the ai editing will not open up, requiring a restart of PrC. occasionally, the ai button will just stop working, and no matter which scene file within the scene.bin is looked at, the button remains dead, until the scene.bin/another scene.bin is opened up. correction... until a new PrC is opened up >_>. seems to be when i run ffvii that it acts up, since i leave it open... must be a sharing problem then, or a coincidence :-P. also, the character ai tab on the task bar doesn't appear anymore... i don't know if it is just my computer or if you meant for it (or bug), but it was much easier to keep track of when the tab was on the task bar (may actually be the cause of the "bug" i am getting... the editor is up, PrC is calling it, but since it isn't visible, it is as if it isn't appearing though it is actually here). if you meant for this... i have to say that i preferred it the other way, especially since i cannot set it to "always on top" either <_<

i tried 402A to see if it was status immunity, but it was not... i was able to poison an mp with the bio spell with it active. whatever sephy uses it for, it isn't for status immunity :-P.being immune to magic should prevent most of the statuses anyway, only if they are on a weapon/phys attack would be able to get past magic immunity, but he has both, so total immunity anyway.

4025 is definitely defending check, so you shouldn't need the ? anymore >:D

no more time to check stuff for today... i will continue checking tomorrow, if i can get any sleep with these damned cats  :x

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 20:49:57 »
also, if you were to have a status effect (good or bad) and then be given immunity to the status/statuses that remove it, would you be able to get rid of the status if it wasn't temporary? i know giving yourself fury/sadness and equipping a ribbon, then trying to use the opposite status giving item in battle, it doesn't remove it, because you are immune to the "toggling" of the stat on or off.

You mean like that bug in FFVI? I don't think there's a way of knowing except forcing a character to have a status they are supposed to be immune to and trying to cure them of it. Since all the statuses go away after battle (and nothing prevents Fury/Sadness) there's really no way to know.

actually ribbon prevents sadness/fury, so yes i can know. i did give myself fury outside of battle, equipped the ribbon, went into a battle and used a tranquilizer, and my limit gauge was still red from fury.

update: yes, if you are immune or absorb (guessing on it since it is healing as damage then) the healing element, phoenix downs will not work to revive you. so, if it is possible to call status/elemental resistances from the ai, things can be made pretty cruel.

for the 2120 thing, it is also used in the sample:ho512 fight, where it's 2120 becomes = to it's children when one dies, so maybe it has something to do with that? i could fight a x4 thunderbird fight and set their main to output their current 2120 (from 0-2, which should be high enough hopefully) and try things out to see what raises it.

edit: i think that it is a magic counter, i used ice on one, it did a normal attack, and right after it attacked, i used ice again and it countered with it's lightning attack when it obviously wasn't it's turn (meaning it was turly a counter attack). i tried the same thing with physical attacks and nothing happened (have 255 speed, and set my attack low, and hit three times before it went with no counter). 2110 could be the physical counterpart of this, and maybe 2130 a universal one? just speculation at least, but i know that 2120 is definitely raised when being hit with magic (that they do not absorb), and if i remember correctly from past playthroughs, zem did usually fly up after i used magic on it.

2120 is definitely a magic counter, but there doesn't seem to be a physical one, at least in either 2130 or 2110. possibly elsewhere though

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 19:15:29 »
i will try that. i did manage to make my MP's die the first time without a death animation, and then die the second time with the animation by turning on/off the 402c variable. trying to see what i can do to make the death animation play multiple times. for the turning off of the 402c variable, it will likely have to be as a post attack/general counter, if they can still activate after the death counter, that is.

yeah... i was going to ask about that, but it seems you are way ahead of me >:D

meh... i still can't get them to turn visible again... but at least i know how to get around the invisibility so that they at least can come back to life once.

It is a bit value, but you'll need to unset then set 4020, 4023, and 4022 (usually in that order) so they'll "come back".

is it turn them each off then on (i.e. 4020 off/on, 4023 off/on, 4022 off/on), unset them all then set them all, or something else, because them staying invisible is annoying, and having invisibility as an ai script instead of an animation could be useful.

also, if you were to have a status effect (good or bad) and then be given immunity to the status/statuses that remove it, would you be able to get rid of the status if it wasn't temporary? i know giving yourself fury/sadness and equipping a ribbon, then trying to use the opposite status giving item in battle, it doesn't remove it, because you are immune to the "toggling" of the stat on or off. if there is a space in the ai for elemental resistances (giving temporary elemental resistances in certain situations) as well as status resistances, things would be very interesting. an enemy could give you a piercing status ailment (ignores immunity) and lock you with the immunity to the status on, keeping you unable to heal it (like giving death sentence), and if having an immunity to healing element meant no resurrection/healing (since you can revive with death immunity), they could essentially lock you from helping your ally who is bound to die. kind of a delayed quicksand attack that ruby uses, but much more evil (especially if final attack+phoenix can't rez you >:D). but i don't know if there are such ai possibilities, and am not sure if rezzing can be prevented through the health immunity (i am pretty sure it is, like with the bone mail of ffv).

is it possible to have a battle lead to another (battle chain) without needing to hex edit, as in calling a new fight from the ai? because that would be a great help (or having PrC have it added in >:D), since it would make testing easier (without having to extract and rebuild the scene.bin file to change battle formation data).

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 17:39:55 »
i made a simple little pre-battle script to print out the current values for 4020-4022, and the guard hound (since it is the only back attack in the first area) printed out 4020/4022 as 1, and 4021 as 0 in a normal fight (possibly 4021 is any special formation, not just side attacks). will see what is printed on the back attack battle as soon as i encounter it.

edit: bah... when i found it the text didn't show up since back attack took priority to show, so i would need to transfer it all to the main script, or counter script >_>. im not too worried about them right now though, but using output lines is a good way to narrow down what possible things the variables can be.

!!! 4020 is invisibility

i made the first two MP's invisible my setting their 4020 to 00

4022 makes them invisible as well, but their location on the field gets screwed up (they move to the center from what i saw) while 4020 does not, they stay in the same place, and it looks EXACTLY like when my dead MP's came back to life

edit: damn... setting the value to 01 after rezzing the enemy did not fix the invisibility issue, and apparently a variable to check to see if they have been revived already (for my auto life) isnt needed, because being killed a second time (while invisible) without the check enabled, it died for good. i even tried to enable both 4020 and 4022, but no success. it must be some other problem then.

though i can make an enemy disappear with 4020, i cannot make them reappear. maybe it isn't a bit value? whatever the case, changing from invisible to visible is linked to 4020 from what i can tell.

edit: 402c is what makes the enemy stay after killing them, for use with special animations for death i assume. maybe combined with 402c i can make the mp's not disappear with the death script

and sure enough, i set it to 01, and they did not disappear after the first death (or the second actually, but that is easily fixable... but probably no death animation would happen), and i am now going to see if the 402c variable will restore the invisible status (just checking, could be dual function :evil:)

Can anyone get the Thunderbird around Wutai to counterattack with lightning? I want to know what 2120 is.


If (Battle(2120) AND 2)
   TargetMask <- AllOpponent Mask
   Perform ("Lightning", EnemyAttack)

So if bit 00000010 is active at 2120, it'll perform Lightning. But what does that bit mean? Zemzelett also has it.


If (Battle(2120) AND 3)
   TargetMask <- Self
   Perform ("", EnemyAttack)
   <Do flying stuff>

It's important somehow.

it could be an attack counter, for how many times it was attacked with whatever, since i know i have seen the zem do the flying crap

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 16:31:24 »
yeah... the moves could be just a way for the game to call to the animation rather than what the move does (possibly nothing), and would require an animation for invisibility. still, i bet that there is something we can use somewhere to set the flag on/off, we just don't know what yet  :oops:. maybe 2f since it comes right after the can't hit flag?

if there is an invisible flag, my bet is that it is one of the ones from 4020-402f, since that seems to be where most of the special battle status things are located (like immunities and such). 20-22 are probably the special battle formations (ambush, side attack, pincer attack, or whatever vii calls them :-P), 2a could be a phys/mag immunity flag, though sephy would probably have used it instead of the two known ones (never know though based on how the ai scripting is), 2c could be long range, which would be very nice, and the 2f being invisible. just guesses, but they do seem to fit in with the surrounding things :evil:

i will test these out and point out what i notice, if anything, after finishing up this current script.

i think 402c is custom death animation (outside the normal boss/enemy death animations, which are generic), even chocobos use them... air buster (glitchy electrical animation), warning board (dont remember :-P), etc. may be just a part of it, but it is definitely related in some way (probably :-P). if it is, then the phys/mag immunity is out the window, and i replace my idea on it with long range (moved over from the possible death animation one :evil:)

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 16:22:44 »
hmm... then it is possible that the invisible thing is elsewhere then? *runs to check ghost's AI*

maybe using attack 014f (appear used by ghosts) and 014e (vanish) will set whatever is needed as an outside of the AI script, at least until we know what the opcode, if any, allows for invisibility (though i think everything appears for ai to use, everything just wasn't used). could you try against MZ to see if it becomes invisible with the vanish attack? i will try if you don't once i finish up this enemy's ai (had to do school stuff :-P).

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 14:46:58 »
very nice... i guess it didn't take up that much room after all :-P.

heh... i cheated and copy/pasted the ai of mono drive (since it was pretty big) from scene 78 onto scene 79+80 with translhextion, since the enemies are in the same order in all three, except 1st ray isn't in the 80th, so i just filled it's part with FF, as well as it's pointer :-P. i also copy/pasted the string from the mono ai, since PrC allows for you to copy what is already in a box... just no selecting of large parts of the script to copy. laziness ftw!

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 14:30:27 »
or you could just make one enemy selected from a group at a time (like tabs in hojo), to make the window smaller overall. that shouldn't be as bad then.

i just finished the mono drive ai, and it hit 190, bigger than i thought it'd be when shrunk >_>. it and guard hound are acting perfectly though, and for guard hound and mono combined, that is only 300 bytes, when GH had that (close) originally, and mono had over :evil:. i can tell this will take time, but it will be worth it.

I can help you if you happen to need any.

for now i think i will go solo on the programming, but if you'd like to test my scene.bin as i go along (i am testing as well, but usually only for a few minutes when the ai is complete, though i test as much as i can think of to test), that'd be fine, or any ai help i end up needing, which shouldn't be too much until i finish "compression". i will probably not cover too much ground very fast, but i will be focusing everything on this project before moving onto anything else (i hope), and i have plenty of time to do this. i do have college, but that is easy, especially since i am online :-P. i don't check every different scene with enemies i edit, only a battle in the first one i complete, so it is possible that problems could arise in other versions of the enemy's ai since it is all retyped into each new scene. that is where i need the most testing, but if i had to check each and every battle, i wouldn't be going too far now would i? :evil:. also, if you were able to give any ideas as to how i could compress my code even further by looking at my current version, that'd help as well ^^.

i know it isn't an easy task to fix (not asking you to), and will likely not happen anyway, but the indentation for multiple ifs' is really inaccurate, especially with my ai :evil:. even if it were pretty accurate, i'd still be going through my code manually to check for problems, since everything has to be perfect, so it isn't even that bad. i have not had one made by me that showed the perform outside of an if, even though none have been in one :-P.

i wonder if i can even shrink the 1st ray's ai any? it is kinda puny to begin with  :lol:

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 12:37:36 »
clod is (im guessing) like a big metallic thing, like an iron giant, or really big robot. it could be a misinterpretation of clad, which is what i am thinking, since there are iron clad enemies in some games, and they are all big metal enemies (like iron giants). so i am guessing proud clod means -> proud (prideful... shinra takes pride in their greatest pieces of technology) clod (iron giant/big robotic thing)... put them together and you get an iron giant/big robot that shinra takes pride in. i am just completely guessing at clod though... could be anything, but is likely what i think it is.

on another note, has anybody experienced their config file for ffvii suddenly disappear/not work before (the one for control settings)? mine just randomly stopped working when i ran ffvii, and i ended up hard rebooting, finding out when i tried after turning it back on that the numpad worked (i ctrl+q'd and got stuck there >_>). i did have hojo, two proud clods, and scene reader running, and had my computer on for a few days, so maybe that had something to do with it :evil:. otherwise one of them (or all when working together for long periods of time) cause problems when running ffvii... of course it has to be a very long time otherwise i'd have seen it earlier (what, with at least 100 times going in and out of the game testing things these past two days). but it is still likely just ffvii crapping out under the stress :-P.

also... i cheated in the redone mono drive ai (still under construction) and made it have two script ends, one at the normal end, and one after the warning/enemy sighted message, so that a whole other variable can be tossed, as well as a check for it's value and changing that value, and in it's place just one byte placed :-P. it works though, since i tested it by having it cast fire outside of the message loop, which would happen the turn after showing the message. it showed one message, then on the 2nd turn cast fire (and every turn after that as well), so i know this works. a sneaky way to reduce variable usage, and should be helpful to me many times.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 11:16:33 »
i'm guessing that proud clod is called that because it is a revered (maybe) piece of shinra technology (shinra technology at it's finest :-P) that they are proud to have. or it is a very proud armor... but unless the armor has a mind of it's own, i don't agree with that, because otherwise heidegger would have to be the proud one >_>. kinda like someone naming palmer "the smart one" :evil:. or it is another bad translation...

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-29 05:43:13 »
last post was getting pretty big >_>.

ok, is it safe to assume that formations 0000-001f, 03b8-03bf, and 03dc-3e7 are able to be removed, as well as all enemies associated with them, for more room/lesser overall scene.bin size? this is based off of the battle formations found at, which seem to be correct. with that much able to be removed, the size of the scene should greatly decrease and allow for much more formations/enemies to be created. not that it is hard to overwrite them... just replace their scene files with an empty one like scene 5 :-P.

edit: copied scene 5 over the following scene files:
1-8, 239-240, 248-250

new scene.bin size - 256 kb

the scenes erased should not have been used anywhere in the game (possibly others, but these seemed to stand out the most, based on the locations and enemy formations), and already shrinkage has been gotten. my future compressed version should definitely be worth the wait/effort then, at least to me :-P

ok, new idea for PrC... make it able to open files that aren't named scene.bin, for people who use multiple scene copies while hacking (like me), so that moving/renaming isn't needed >_>. and if you can implement the copy/paste feature, allow it to be used across PrC instances (for when more than one are running for comparison), maybe by saving to a temp file used by all PrC instances or something similar. that way when taking something from one enemy in one instance, it can be copied to another enemy in the other instance (like copying the MP's ai to other MP enemies, or using the same template for a different enemy)... kind of a time saver so you don't have to move between a ton of different scene files to paste something in.

... typing MP's ai in four times, and guard hound's five times is SO much fun :-P

Gameplay / Final Fantasy VI - Definitive
« on: 2009-05-29 04:35:07 »
yeah... i'd like to get this as well, but i'd actually prefer an edited gba version since i like the addition of the bonus dungeons :evil:. also the layout is essentially the same, it would be wonderful if the ff3usme program would support the gba version, at least for me (be playing on vba anyway, so it wouldn't be as bad as the regular gba version since everything becomes more smoothed out). also, there is much more room to add things into the game for people like me who must have more :-P.

also, if the snes version is going to be the base, i thought i heard of an expansion patch to allow for larger names in the game (16-32 bytes or something), which would be a great boost. most of the stuff would just need to be repointed, and some core parts changed, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem (especially since a patch would do all that). only thing i see is the editor not liking it, meaning everything wanted to be added with the editor added first then the name expansion, followed by hex editing the larger names into the game. i dunno if the name expansion was a rumor or what, i don't remember  :oops:.

Troubleshooting / The APZ Cloud Project!!!!
« on: 2009-05-29 03:22:22 »
He's been assimilated by the Borg.

that was exactly what i thought when i first saw the pic  :-D. the model looks great... will definitely add it when it is complete :P.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-28 18:02:57 »
actually, it has to be flagged as dead since i can use self death <- 00 to make it alive, along with the help of self hp <- max hp to heal it, though the death animation plays afterward. using life did not do this for whatever reason, and i know i plugged it in right, since i copy/pasted the life data over the working fire data, and just switched the pointers and name (including within the script... woulda froze if i didn't) in the enemy data. the death animation is the only thing screwing me over.... if i could stop it, or figure out how to make the enemy appear again, things would be nice. an enemy unable to rez itself in angry mode would require a whole new formation, and that can be bad if the scene is already full, and would waste space adding the same enemy to a new scene just for one fight.

and if i remember correctly for final attack (been a while since i used it) the character actually dies right after using it, allowing for them to be able to be brought back to life, while in the enemy's case, the enemy is gone once dead, because other enemies cannot target them unless stored in their ai prior to their deaths (i think). the disappearing act is the only real problem, maybe whatever sephy (safer) uses for his disintegrating could be somehow used to stop the regular death animation? just a guess, and there has to be a way to keep the character there once dead, or he'd have a normal death animation. bosses also have a special (slightly altered) death sequence, how is that caused? whatever is able to do this should be able to stop disappearing after death (and hopefully be a flag so it can be turned back on after rezzing).

safer's ai is a big mess of stuff though, and i have little idea on what is happening during his post battle sequence... but the answer may lie there (what is the opcode 20 anyway? and what is with the FF opcode? there is a 9b in there too :-P)

a quick question, guard scorpion makes its mdef 384 when it's tail raises up, does it actually make it that high or does the mdef overflow instead? i know that the actual stat cannot go over 255 in the enemy's data in the scene, but if you could make stats go over their max in the ai, that would be pretty fun :-P. just want to know for later when i reach his ai.

edit: ok i just tested him myself (made him appear after the mp fight :-P) and i did ~85 damage normally, and ~35 when he boosted his mdef (counter stance), so it does apparantly break the normal limits. this is good to know :evil:.

edit2: ok i think i am going to lay off of a lot of the editing i am doing now (learning how to do specific things for difficulty changing) and just redo every enemy's ai to be as compressed as i can make it while still doing the same (or as close as possible) thing, so that more room is available, and the scene file becomes smaller (allowing for more room to play with and still be able to insert it into a psx iso at some point, because i like having save states... they make testing SO much easier). once this is done i will continue to edit enemy stats for a more balanced hard difficulty (instead of having enemies just shoot up in power, i will raise levels, speed and such, as a sort of alpha version until i get animation editing to add much more to the game... of course i may still add some moves to enemies that can use them without freezing or animating wrong), which shouldn't take as long unless i add more script from there (likely).

so phase one of my mod is ai compression, phase two much harder difficulty in a balanced nature, phase three massive ai overhaul. doesn't sound too bad, and if anybody wants to test out the reduced ai size scene file, i will gladly up it somewhere and put the link here (or email it to those who want to try it/use it for further modding), since it should definitely be a big help to psx version hackers. it will be based off of a clean scene.bin, so enemies should have no other changes aside from simplified ai, so it should act just like a normal scene.bin ai wise (will probably fix ai errors, such as with the cactuars, and adamantaimai's cure bug, but it would need a change in the hex, no sweat there). the ai will NOT be 100% alike with the normal one, but I will make enemies do essentially the same thing, removing unnecessary parts and allowing bugged things to work, and i will be testing every enemy until they work as desired, so this will take time but should pay off in the end.

of course when i finish each stage of my mod, i will send it out for beta testing for suggestions and such, to hopefully make things better, but i know that there are other mods already out, so i wouldn't be surprised if nobody wants to test mine :evil:. hopefully i can still get help when i need it with ai stuff here, as well as future PrC releases (yes, if you can play with copy/pasting, that would be great! if you can't make it happen without screwing things up, that is fine, but i don't really see why it would cause problems... all it would have to do is emulate someone actually typing in the info.).

i noticed that safer sephy's post battle script has two 73 opcodes and multiple FF as well... is his script screwed up in PrC or is it actually like that? oh and don't worry, i will move all of my mod related stuff to another thread as soon as i make some progress so i don't hog up yours :-P. i will be here a good bit though when i have suggestions/questions, and that will probably be pretty frequently until i begin to understand more about the ai.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-28 15:39:30 »
heh... i didn't even see them in the readme, but then again i have only been looking at it occasionally for a little bit of help. i came up with these on my own based off of normal programming capabilities (i think of something in, say C++ form, and then just translate it to hex as best as possible), as well as some random ideas that just happened to pop up at the time (heat of the moment discoveries :evil:).

all of this hacking is nice experience though... especially since i am going to devry for game programming... only my first year though :-P.

ok, i did make an MP kill itself with a fire spell using it's hurt animation (the idle one didn't work, and i think this way is funny), with no numbers showing damage, which is good, because it can cast life then and auto rez itself without showing more than it being hurt... still kinda weird, but i can't complain i guess.

edit: the casting of life on itself did not bring it back... it still died, and wasn't even alive but invisible this time... the closest i can apparently get right now is alive but invisible, though attackable. any other ideas on how to make them not use the death animation?

heh... i reverted back to the self death <- 0 counter, and was fooling around with the resizing (4098) script, and noticed that when my 12 foot tall MP's were killed and "invisi-rezzed" their size reverted back to normal (could tell by the location of the bullet fire and dust caused by their feet during tonfa attack). i am really starting to wonder what could turn off the death anim. at least for the first time (i am unsure if an enemy is brought back to life if it'd keep the variable's contents or start out fresh, because if it retained them, then that could be a very good thing... an enemy brings back a friend and the friend's ai changes into pissed-off mode), since so much is likely still unknown. i will have to take a look at hojo's sample monster later, sicne it uses reanimagic on it's allies... i could easily test to see if their variables are retained and possibly find the meaning of the main specimen's variables, since they could be useful things. but that will have to wait since i am pretty tired :-P.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-28 15:21:08 »
thing is, i can do that for the first mp's, since there is a free slot, but for other scenes i'd not be able to, especially since they cannot cast life without adding animations capable of using spells, and i do not know how to do that directly. now i could try to make an idle animation attack called life, and see if that works, if the idle animation can be used for an attack. otherwise i'd have to make it rez itself with it's tonfa or gun, which is really weird... idle animation would be the best though, but i am unsure if it works as i said... no harm in not trying though.

FF7 Tools / Official Proud Clod 1.0 Topic
« on: 2009-05-28 14:44:52 »
alright, i will have them up shortly, just another test i want to do first :-P

here is the damage absorption code (note in my original i used 12/02 for the variables which dealt with hp, and that is probably a bad thing :evil:... i'm glad i caught that little mistake)
Code: [Select]
13  0000 // 0000 <- self hp/max hp
02  2060
03  4160/4180 (either works)
13  0020
60  00
12  0040
60  00

sets up the needed variables - 0000 is "previous hp" or the hp that the enemy had before the last attack, 0020 is "current hp" to make later parts smaller (less times needed to figure out the current hp), and 0040 is "damage taken"

general counter:
13  0020 // current hp <- self hp
02  2060
03  4160
03  0020 // if current hp < previous hp
03  0000
70  XXXX (end of script jump)
13  0040 // damage taken <- previous hp minus current hp
03  0000
03  0020
13  0020 // current hp <- damage taken/2 + current hp (gives back half of the damage taken)
03  0040
60  02
03  0020
12  2060 // self hp <- current hp
13  4160
03  0020
13  0000 // previous hp <- current hp
03  0020

this code makes the enemy absorb 50% damage taken, and unlike resisting half of the attack, this WILL kill the enemy if you do more damage normally with one attack (i.e if the enemy had 10 hp left, you deal 10, it dies, while if it had 50% resist,
it would be alive with 5), and you can still add resistance onto this. of course there are different things you can do with this as well, this is just an example.

hopefully i didn't forget anything in the transition form PrC to here... also the amount healed isn't shown, so it gives the illusion that the enemy has more life than it actually has, while reducing damage has a visual representation... a sneaky way to make something seem stronger than it actually is, and makes knowing the actual life (without sense available, or actually looking at the hex, or with an editor) hard to know for sure. in essence it makes the enemy live longer if you aren't hitting it very hard (compared to max hp) by restoring more hp over time, especially with healing abilities as an aid, and live much lesser (still more than max hp if it can survive some hits) if you are dealing more damage.

now the physical status ailment counter is pretty simple:
Code: [Select]
physical counter:
81 // if random (xx) = 0 (actually if random (xx) is not true, but same thing >_>)
60  XX (whatever random chance you want)
70  XXXX (jumps to the end if not true)
12  40d0 // previous attacker poison <- true
10  4003
60  01

pretty simplistic, but it does give the attacker poison (or whatever other status), but i did notice that with poison, the visual glowing green effect doesn't show up until you are attacked, but the poison still hurts you, so it is just a minor bug

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