Author Topic: [FF7] Kernel2 editor - Teioh (Missing Download)  (Read 28007 times)


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Re: Teioh - a FF7 kernel2 editor
« Reply #25 on: 2008-11-17 09:09:41 »
Nice work Squall78 ! (moi je dis : cocorico !!! ;))

Rufus95> I have made an editor for the kernel.bin file (only PSX version is supported),  but I'm now thinking about modifying the interface to be like the one from Teioh, because I think this is really better ! Thanks Squall78 for the lesson ;)


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Re: Teioh - a FF7 kernel2 editor
« Reply #26 on: 2008-11-25 22:06:57 »
I don't understand what the problem is...

I used your editor on my kernel2 bin and now everytime I doubleclick on the ff7 icon to play the game, the game won't even start, it just crashes. I really, really don't want to have to replace my kernel2 with my  old backup of kernel2 because I put like 30 minutes of work into it!! I don't want to have to start from scratch again.

Can anyone be of any help? Or do I really have to start back at square one?

EDIT: File size is 14.7 KB  if that matters at all.

Also I should probably mention that every time I am finished using teioh I will save it, and it will save and replace over the old kernel2  BUT after that happens I get an error message saying

Teioh.exe-unable to locate component this application failed to start because borlndmm.dll was not found. Re-installing this application should resolve this problem.

2nd Edit: Turns out i had to keep the file size of kernel2 UNDER 14.5 or something like that to keep the game from crashing.  someone earlier in the thread said the max was about 27 kb  but  thats not the case for me...

oh and i still get that borlndmm.dll error msg BUT it doesnt seem to matter at all, it doesnt affect anything
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Re: [FF7] Kernel2 editor - Teioh (Missing Download)
« Reply #27 on: 2021-05-17 16:52:02 »
Hi there,

I'm archiving all my old projects (Hojo, Loveless, Teioh) and I'm a bit surprised to see that it seems the last version of Teioh I published here was the 2.1 while I own a 2.2 version. Can someone confirm Teioh 2.2 has never been published ?

Thanks for your help :)
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