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Hi Again guys, at Armorvil's request i am releasing this,
this is a Trainer that will allow the user to teleport anywhere (technically, i haven't found a way of making it so the user is teleported onto a walkable area yet so some places you can teleport to but you cant move, if your wondering why make a teleport code that makes it so you can teleport but cant move the reason is because it works fine at events like where you meet yuffie or when you get to the end of midgar on disc1)
This trainer also allows the user to battle any enemy at anytime (as long as your in a field map and NOT on the world map) and

And anyway here are the features, it will allow you to do any of these things as long as you are in the FIELD and NOT on the WORLD MAP or IN BATTLE
Instant Battle
View the Ending movie and credits
Rename Characters at anywhere
PHS anywhere
Shop anywhere
Access in the in-game menu (so you can access the menu's while people are talking)
It also allows you to play the minigames anywhere but its very glitchy

To use it read the TXT file included and put the desired control in the first box and then any value in the 2nd and 3d box
So for example if i want to teleport to Kalm on the world map enter
1 in the first box, 2 in the second box and 0 in the third box, then press SHIFT+1 to teleport,
The battle one works the same so you would do this to battle sephiroth
2 in the first box, 159 in the second box and 3 in the third box, then press SHIFT+1 and you will battle sephiroth

you can get it
This is a BETA so it will have problems. For example sometimes it will enter the wrong battle, this does happen from time to time due to all 3 address's using the same button so sometimes you will need to try twice to get the desired result.

Also i have included a list of teleport locations,
The list was made on CD3 and it does appear that some of the locations change depending on your games progress so the list is not accurate, so for example if entered
1 42  0
on CD3 this takes you underwater but if you use it on CD1 it puts you in control of "The Key Of The Ancients" underwater.

I haven't finished the list of Instant battles, i have only done a few so far so if anyone wants to make a complete list please feel free.

a fix for the problem about sometimes getting the wrong battle.
BETA2 get it here
in this new version you still fill in all 3 boxes then you press "SHIFT + 1" to set the location first then wait a second or 2 then press "SHIFT + 2" to go into the battle or teleport.

EDIT- here is a version for the french version of the game by request of Diaz06

Also to get out of instant battle set the control box to 9 then after the battle is over the in-game menu will appear, close the menu like normal and the back should go back to normal.
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Re: [REL/BETA] Teleporter And Instant Battle Trainer
« Reply #1 on: 2010-07-30 23:30:02 »
very cool program, works well and will definitely help with testing.
Is it possible to add an option that allows you to select which battle arena you fight in? That would make the current round of battle scene redux's much easier in the testing phase, since multiple arena could be tested without quit/load times.


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Re: [REL/BETA] Teleporter And Instant Battle Trainer
« Reply #2 on: 2010-07-31 01:12:45 »
Nice program man. Definitely going to try this. :)


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Re: [REL/BETA] Teleporter And Instant Battle Trainer
« Reply #3 on: 2010-07-31 08:54:49 »
Thanks, it works great ! This is some awesome work you did there ;D

I admit that I had some trouble making it work at first. Since 2 is instant battle, I kept trying to press the keys "Shift + 2" or "2", when actually you always have to press "Shift + 1" ; 2 being typed in the first box. Silly me...

So yeah, I could recruit Yuffie very easily with this new trainer :) You just have to think about teleporting right after naming Yuffie, because if you don't, you'll be stuck in the top-left corner of the World Map, unable to both move and teleport.

As for the Instant Battles, they work but they seem to also call a second enemy formation. For instance, trying to fight the Guard Scorpion makes you fight a dummy ennemy (the good old test triangle) first. And when I tried to fight formation "2 - 67 - 1", I first fought a Zemzelett + 2 Nerosuferoths, before fighting 2 Grunts. Any idea why ?
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Re: [REL/BETA] Teleporter And Instant Battle Trainer
« Reply #4 on: 2010-07-31 10:33:06 »
@pyrozen - Thanks, I dont think its possible with this to select which battle arena fights you fight, i have tried to get the battle arena working myself but even if i use the address's from the battle arena in this trainer all that happens is i get that fight outside the battle arena (so you basicly fight the same monster but not in the arena), there is probably another address somewhere that decides which set of enemies you face in the arena, i may try looking deeper into this at some point but i am working on a few other things right now.

@Armorvil - Thanks, ok well i was aware of the problem about it sometimes giving you the wrong battle (i did mention this at the top) so i have created a 2nd beta version which hopefully fixes this problem, in this new version you still fill in all 3 boxes then you press "SHIFT + 1" to set the location first then press "SHIFT + 2" to go into the battle or teleport, you can get this new beta in the first post.

Also if a Mod or Admin reads this post i am sorry for putting this in the wrong section (i only just realised), and can i ask if you can move it to the "Tools" section please.
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