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Thank you very much for your answer. It was naturally a compatibility problem..

I have now messed with some of the modded files to hopefully retain some of the features from Dragon Knight Rising, while making sure Alternate fantasy is not further affected. Definitely not a proper compatibility patch, otherwise I would share, just some patchwork to suit my needs. Hopefully it will work. as I forsee.


First of all I just made this account because I just found out about FF9 mods and I am immediately invested.

Therefore I started with Moguri and of course Alternate Fantasy (along with a few other smaller ones).

I reached Lindblum however, and I noticed a few problems... It all started when I noticed Cotton Robe still sold for 2000 even though the mod supposedly decreased the price.
Next I checked Zidane's new weapons, specifically The Butterfly Sword and... it still listed its original ability 'What's That'!!
Bear in mind that other of the mod's effects where easily noticeable up to this pointy, like spells causing ailments (Fire -> Heat, Blizzard -> Snow, etc).
I got curious to try out the 'What's That' in battle and as I suspected, it had been turned into the single hit physical attack as it was supposed to... While the menus and the explanation box described the original abilty.

It seems then that this could simply be a visual bug, however the cotton robe issue has me worried that other things are not working as intented.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix?

Some extra info: here is the memoria.ini mod list:
FolderNames= "FlattenGrowth", "DragonKnightRising", "AlternateFantasy", "PlayableCharacterPack/ZidaneArmor", "PlayableCharacterPack/GarnetHooded", "PlayableCharacterPack", "PSXButtons", "TweakedPortraits", "MoguriFiles", "MoguriSoundtrack", "MoguriVideo"
Priorities = "FlattenGrowth", "DragonKnightRising", "AlternateFantasy", "PlayableCharacterPack", "PSXButtons", "TweakedPortraits", "MoguriFiles", "MoguriSoundtrack", "MoguriVideo"

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