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General Discussion / FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2021-06-27 19:08:47 »
Hello everybody!

After many problems I have been able to finalize the base of the unused field of "Honey Bee Inn", which consists of three field IDs, the main entrance was undoubtedly the most problematic (onna_1), in the other two I had to do some " fixes ", but they work really well and it's almost a miracle that we can enjoy this on the pc version.

Fix list:

-Layers that were broken by the import of PS1 format, they have worked enough to do this, it is clean, the layers that were broken in onna_1 were fixed by [email protected] (thanks friend!)
-Walkmesh, steps on the sides did not exist, they made the field very orthopedic to move
-Errors of animation, text, windows, scripts, etc.
-Map jumps
-I changed an npc because it was repeated
-Code link so that all events are ready, and more inconsistencies
-Some minor memory changes

Below you have the videos, it is in the original version, also with the graphics in hd (links below) I am sorry that it is only in Spanish but a friend will translate it into good English and I will show it to you here

True Honey Bee Inn "Original"

True Honey Bee Inn "HD"


I want to share the honors with [email protected], he solved the problem of the layers that prevented me from working with everything else, also with Satsuki who was in charge of converting those backgrounds into HD, Tsunamods by the FFNx (without forgetting TrueOdin!), Either I forget about Mystare, well you already know that this is my kitchen: P

Mystare (Makou Reactor)

Chibi models (NinoStyle)

Satsuki (Backgrounds HD)

Tsunamods (FFNx)

Finally, I am thinking that we should be able to play this all, my intention was to add it to my FF7OR project, normally I would not want them to use content before finalizing the project, but this deserves to be added also in the original game.

What do you think?

I'll upload these fields soon, but maybe it would be nice to be able to do it as something more of a "catalog" with the mods for example.

If someone wants to translate the texts n good English of the other two fields I will take care of preparing it for the community :)

Greetings and thanks!

Troubleshooting / Quadramagic issue
« on: 2021-02-23 20:40:48 »
Hi guys

Does anyone know the access memory to the multiplier Quadramagic"?

I consider it to be cheat, I would like change the multiplier to x3 or x2  ::)

Troubleshooting / How to remove critical "flash"
« on: 2021-02-13 02:26:20 »
Hi  :)

I have seen a video on youtube where it seemed that critical did not perform flash effect, so I suppose it exists, but I have not found anything in the forum.

I think they didn't think that "flash" effect could be epileptic, so personally I would like to be able to dim / eliminate this.

Thanks in advance.

Troubleshooting / 7hv have error (bug and overflow)
« on: 2021-01-09 02:06:45 »
Excuse me, but I have already tried everything, I will try to explain it briefly, the problem is directly from 7hv and it occurs with my Triple Triad version of ff7, encoded mostly with makou.

Most of the main code, mechanics, optimization, menu, is very advanced, and it was time to load all of them in 7hv, but something very unexpected happened.

I try to load the 10 cards in game (first 5 yours, then rival), to choose between 100 possible ones, I ask in memory the ID and with that I load the corresponding card, to establish the correct order I use new .hrc written in makou reactor, and they will decide:

zaaa ---> letter 1
zaab ---> letter 2
zaac ---> letter 3
zaad ---> letter 4
zaae ---> letter 5
zaaf ---> letter 6
zaag ---> letter 7
zaah ---> letter 8
zaai ---> letter 9
zaaj ---> letter 10

In xml I ask for ten possible positions of the hundred cards, then I will know that ova_cart01 is ID of chosen card one, and corresponds to zaaa, the first card in the game, the same happens with 2,3,4 ... up to 10.

<Conditional Folder = "ova_cart_001 / zaaa">
    <RuntimeVar Var = "Cart01" Values ​​= "1" />

<Conditional Folder = "ova_cart_001 / zaab">
    <RuntimeVar Var = "Cart02" Values ​​= "1" />

(this until cart10, zaaj, and all this repeated until ova_cart_100)

Name of hrc is new to avoid conflict with any other existing model, but I am not sure if this causes some problems, although the created xml really works well in the game (triple triad field), I do not appreciate incompatibility. All cards load their own ID in memory, At the beginning there were +5000 lines in the xml, then the problem was the loading in the game, about 15 seconds to load is too much, but my surprise was that outside of there it continues trying to execute all the instructions of the xml, use other .hrc so that this does not happen, but it still happens even though none exists in any field.

There really isn't an instruction so that fulfilling condition allows to finish code? (like return)

It looks like a black hole to me, but that's not all.

Finally getting to reduce loading times in my version of Triple Triad, only about 5 seconds to load the game was incredible, but in other anywere site the loading time is exponential.

In field with 14 npc it may take about 40 seconds to load, and I don't understand why, the code is lost? The irony comes later, if I go back to Triple Triad it loads the xml, it takes the normal 5 seconds, and the same thing, you go to other sites the xml is executed again and the eternal load times.

I am doing something wrong?
Is it a 7hv limitation?

I understand that the code is huge, and I have optimized it, it still justifies the 5 seconds to load, but I don't understand why somewhere else without those .hrc it decides to load the xml like ten times, it's completely frustrating.

I cannot put conditions by field ID because I would have to put them in all, and they are a total of a thousand conditions (the ten possible positions of the hundred cards).

You can answer here and in private, any help would be great, thanks in advance.

Troubleshooting / Texture problem, 0 as transparent
« on: 2020-10-19 10:47:12 »
I have a little problem with kimera, option 0 as transparent unchecked, but it doesn't work.

What should be black looks transparent.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Hello guys  ;)

I publish this in graphics support, the main request is about this, but with nuances, sorry if this is not totally for this section (I did not really know where to publish this), if moderator considers a better place, you can move this topic.

I am currently working on triple triad for ff7, finally this is starting to go well, I will include this project in my OVA Remake mod, I will publish this when the game is finished, it will also be in English.

The code is very advanced, but it would be great if someone could collaborate with some visual aspect, obviously it will be duly credited.

-Main reason-

If someone is good with photoshop / gimp and is able to create a new background for me for this (style similar to original), please contact me privately.

If someone can provide numbering font similar to triple triad ff8 (remastered version is great).

This is difficult, but if someone wants to collaborate with the design of specific cards, same case, I say the same about the song of the game.

-Other reasons-

If someone wants to propose a specific rule (don't say impossible things please) I can listen.

Regarding states, I will create a different concept (not only +1 or -1)

Thanks for reading, I will try to upload video when I have something very advanced.

Troubleshooting / Texture mapping problem
« on: 2020-08-30 22:23:32 »
Hi all  ;)

I am trying to create triple triad in ff7, but I have a major problem, making the cards differ from the opponent's (color)

Is there a way to paint only a piece of the model?

I have tried chunk card without texture, but any filter or palette change affects everything.

Maybe solution can be done using the "change state eyes" module, and put here if the card is yours or the opponent's

The problem is that it does not work, it does not show the other texture, it only shows the original texture, the card does not have "bones", it is only a simple 3d model, unique texture.

Any ideas?

Some help or documentation would be great. Thanks  :)

Troubleshooting / Battle model not dissapear later death
« on: 2016-09-11 01:55:49 »
Hello guys !!

I have a very advanced battle with one serious problem, fighting has 3 different enemies, everything seems to work fine, but Rufus model does not disappear when he dies. (not possible site for helicopter)

If he dies (Rufus) maintained normal animation, not disappear with "red" effect, or other, this be a serious problem, looking all own animations, and magic animations, but none do this !!

Also try OPCODES enemies like Rufus case (Sample H0512...), but these seem to have a condition itself to disappear :(

Somebody know solution?

In any case if someone can give me information to find solution I will be very grateful.

Thanks in advanced

Hi to all  ;)

Go back with question, I want to change size of main window battle and position of cursor, to small expand, same case in window size of change or defend, anyone can help to find what file contain this information? Its for US version!

Thanks in advanced  :lol:

Hello people!  ;D

I ask about two locations, these active event "Cosmo canyon" (buggy break) and "Zolom death" (active jump map),  not confusing please, do not want to edit tex or window boxes, I want to move the "line location", just need to know where is values for edit ​​(in hexadecimal I guess), think these values ​​are 32 bits (?) and will be difficult to assign.

Anyone know where can find these coordinates?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, first want congrats specially "Ficedula", "Covarr" and "DLPB" for big contribution to play in this game with external and HQ music :)

I read a lot pages of FF7 Music Patch and try change configuration of FF7 Music but not solution...for this reason decide comment in here, also topic FF7Music Installer is closed, the problem:

Example, I playing in makou reactor and listen music, finally go on to battle...go back to makou music and this is "reset", restart to 0, not continue in before moment of song...I think this cause FF7MUSIC and be impossible continue with previous state of music, but can see some people can play without this problem, for you understand better can see the video.

I in same case not continue the music, try a lot battles but finally always return restart to 0, in video this person play all bomb mission without problems, and I have this problem in others scenes, in rare chance save moment of song to later continue.

What is possible solution? I try change configuration of FF7Music but never good result...I try in ogg but same case in psf...

Tested in Windows XP 32 Bits with ff7_opengl-0.7.10b, and use FF7Music 1.51.13

Sorry for molesties and thanks in advance :)

I want try porting unused scene of FF7j to FF7 pc, special case "onna_1".

Its the current possibilities of project:

Original field code -> OK (porting)
Fields DLC-> OK
Walkmesh -> OK (also camera range/doors/arrows/gateways/camera range/miscellaneous)
Music ->  OK (original or external load)
Background -> OK (original or external load)
Field ID -> OK (using new ID, unused or reused debug rom)

Actual problems:

Layers -> Assign layers of original "TileMap", specially for hide models
Background animations -> Porting of this animations to PC field, or creating this exactly sprites in and assing in Field ID

The issues

Most necessary modifications can be made successfully, but main question is to know how the parameters of the layer port to FF7 PC, same case about adding background animations in their proper place.

I was looking where be the code that handles the parameters and assigning the layers for example, contain this in .MIM of FF7jap, and you can read information in wiki:

The big question is...really possible port layers/background animations PSX to PC ?

Not really knowing where to start being compressed file. LZS ... maybe be impossible to decompress.

Its possible load layers/animations externally?
Any suggestions?

Thanks for read!

General Discussion / Unused jump map
« on: 2013-05-10 12:37:04 »
Demostration of unused jump map in Final Fantasy VII:


General Discussion / Sage chocobo glitch
« on: 2013-04-18 19:32:35 »
I recently discovered this glitch and want to share with everyone, made the video of the exploit in both languages​​, I hope you like it!  ::)

English ->

Spanish ->

Gameplay / The first auction in Final Fantasy VII
« on: 2013-03-14 18:13:31 »
Hello ;D

I want to present the best event created for me, want also of course I want to add it in the OVA Remake (but in finally, I do not want that some person to steal  :-\), the money use in auction Loveless is "GP", the event is totally real-time (but some special case, can see in video)

¡I hope that you like!

Gameplay / The BIG secret of Shinra soldiers
« on: 2013-01-19 11:23:04 »
The very BIG secret of Shinra corporation hahaha, in this case I think not a problem the languaje all is easy to understand, to see the result of this scene go to minute 5 in video, is event in my mod FF7 OVA Remake, also upload video to show again but who is the real "author" of this and many other scenes.

Gameplay / Caith Sith Death
« on: 2012-12-29 00:06:27 »
This death its dream for somes players ::)

Hi everyone!

To begin, I'd like to say that I don't want to create any controversy,
 but I'd like to discuss an issue which is important to me.

The community is here to sharing, thanks to their members we have a lot of tools to edit FFVII, the work of the people is amazing in practically every aspect, I have to say I'm proud of it, because I can make a very complete mod thanks to this people, but Is really right that you publish a demo of my own mod (which cost hundreds of hours)  for another who steals my hard work and days later publishes it without my permission?

I'm annoyed not with the community, but with a member,  he makes me think about what's the limit of "sharing, I'd like to protect future mods to evade problems like my mod.

If any admin doesn't take actions I'll stop making updates, but the problem doesn't end here, in the future this will be happening.

I support sharing (with the creator's consent, of course), I allow the use of my work in a private form, but if I don't give any permission to publish my changes in other project until I finish my work I think it shouldn't be allowed.

Gameplay / Lose MP with death
« on: 2012-10-09 22:34:15 »
I try the new system for battle, to expand difficulty.

To try character loses all MP in case of death, somes problem but finally to obtain, this change its possible in IA of player!
(run in Death Counter)


    12 2060
    12 4140
    02 2060
    02 4140
    02 2060
    02 4140

-- ASM

    0000:   PUSH (2060) Type (12)
    0003:   PUSH (4140) Type (12)
    0006:   MASK
    0007:   PSHA (2060) Type (02)
    000A:   PSHA (4140) Type (02)
    000D:   MASK
    000E:   PSHA (2060) Type (02)
    0011:   PSHA (4140) Type (02)
    0014:   MASK
    0015:   SUB
    0016:   STRA
    0017:   END


    Self.MP <- Self.MP - Self.MP

The opcodes run very nice, first problem in case lose PM limited to 255, though this problem is solved and can reset PM to 0 even 65535 :-D

The really problem?

Only run in Cloud...try in Barret and Tifa, ¡not effect! death and MP not change :|

Anyone know possible reason? The opcode in other character is some of Cloud.


Gameplay / Break 255 MP cost
« on: 2012-10-08 16:35:47 »
Hello everybody, first of all thank you for your time.
I would like to receive help of someone, because I want to increase the PM cost limit more than 255, I don't need to make it to 65535 (nice to 999 for example), but it's important not only for mine, for everyone that is making a mod will achieve ths goal.
If someone knows the offset to make it, please tell me out.


Gameplay / Index (ID) locations of inventary
« on: 2012-09-25 02:54:26 »

Want to change the positions of the items in inventory, and would like to know how to identify them to exchange for other!




Hero Drink

Looking qhimm wiki but did not find the exact location of kernel (offset) to access and to create new list of the 127 objects with changes

Thanks in advance

Releases / Final Fantasy VII OVA REMAKE
« on: 2012-09-14 16:46:42 »
Final Fantasy VII OVA Remake is really back!

The project never died, and development is very advanced

You can check it in next video  ::)


I want to mention my friend jusete's project, it's absolutely great:


When I publish the game I will give credit to everyone, but I want to mention some BIG programmers:


Thanks to all!

Troubleshooting / Death with lose PM
« on: 2012-05-15 02:10:35 »
Hello friends!

Have a question in FF7 for add...I want a special condition in death's, in time of kill player automatically pm to 0, its really possible add this modify IA of player? I try change IA of Cloud with Wallmarket in death counter (uses for final attack) but can't apply effects :(

Troubleshooting / Sefirot battle reconstruct
« on: 2012-02-23 18:53:07 »
Hello, I'm having problems with Sefirot.
I tried to add him in battles using Proud Clod, with the character ID in $01D4 but it doesn't work. His sword changes to a weird position (see above)
Is there a way to fix the sword's position and also apply original animations? (except in battles with Young Cloud)
Is there a place or something to find information to this?

Have the version english of FF7 pc with 1.02 path and ff7_opengl-0.7.10b drivers

Troubleshooting / Reflect bug in FF7 english version
« on: 2011-11-28 07:47:40 »
In first thinking the problem is my mod, then reset to default options for change this problem, default magic...default accesories...default text...and other's.The problem??? In image can see

In this battle have reflect ring with Cloud, the other problem can't see in image, also failed number of reflect's, it's infinite!!!
In finally later of try solutions failed go to uninstall...Reinstall and add save, new go to cave can see, this image it's of new installation T.T

What's the solutions?
I see in forum but never see problem how this..Not have explanation

Problem in save? (but I try in other's and also failed, my friend try in spanish version but this bug not exist!!)

Thanks (and sorry for english)

PD:Confirmed, the bug is in Reflect rings (infinite reflect) and position bug it's only in your use magic attack reflect in your character,  with normal "reflect" (not ring) this run well number of reflects, but in magic in your character new failed position!!

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